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Posted: 3 months ago

In previous season anugun hugged together in the last episode...but in season 2 there will be a big misunderstanding for anugun..it will be pre leap 3 years anubhav and gungun will have a big fight over mystery in kulshershtha mansion..gungun will be seen calling anubhav as cheater over these things...anugun are seen having daughter who is 3yrs old daughter anugun...anugun cried seeing their fight...gungun will tell ks family that she will shift to USA along with daughter anugun..golu chachu and gc gang support gungun's decision except anubhav and ks family..gungun will be seen crying and take anugun out of ks house..gc and gc gang will hug gungun and anugun for the last time..gungun will thank gc and gc gang for their support and love...gungun will tell them that she wil keep in touch with them..they leave for usa

19 Years later


Gungun is seen strict aggressive and strong headed woman..she is the founder of riddhesh networking channel and ceo of riddhima nursing home..she is also back to modern look like old version of gungun bhatnagar.Gungun strictly asks staffs to be alert about office work..

Bhatnagar's apartment 

Someone is telling some maid to decorate the birthday party for our anugun...its revealed that  dr.maya bhatnagar who has changed a lot and became good mother and grandmother and sister in law for anugun,gungun and garima bua..Maya goes to kitchen room..

Kitchen room:

Garima is seen making cheese pasta and chowmin and manchurin for anugun..Maya comes there..Maya tells garima bua not to cook so much..Maya reminds her that she is told not to work and to take rest..garima tells Maya that she couldn't control by making special dish for our anugun...Maya says fine do it for the last time..Maya tells her that she will bake a cake for anugun...Maya and garima bua say that they are Fortunate to have a daughter and granddaughter gungun and anugun..Maya says she didn't think that gungun would accept her as a mother..Maya is thankful to God that she got daughter back because of our anugun..garima starts crying a lot..Maya asks her what happened?garima bua says gungun went through a lot of pain..she has been shattered by anubhav's lie...garima bua says she failed to become good mother for gungun...Maya asks her not to blame herself..Maya takes her to sit on sofa in living room..Maya and garima are talking about gungun's past and life...they say that gungun has become more strong and smart and successful businesswoman..they say that anugun didn't wake up..its already 12pm...they say that anugun is just like her mother gungun used to do like that..they also say that anugun is a party animal person like her mother used to be...

Anugun's bedroom

Anugun is seen sleeping happily and singing English song named my love

I love you soulmate 

My love my love my love

Whatever I do is to love us

Why do I love myself

Why do I love myself

Why do I love myself

Unfortunately Maya and garima interrupt her and asking her to wake up?it's already 12pm...anugun says she can't wake up and ask them to let her sleep peacefully..Maya and garima sign to scare her to tell that mom is in home..they told her that mom is in Drawing room..anugun got scared and wakes up?anugun asks Maya and garima bua if mom is at home?they laughed and told that they wanted to scare her so that she would wake up soon...anugun gets annoyed..they wish her happy birthday our girl..anugun hug them tightly...garima told her that she made favorite food..anugun asks really??anugun says to Maya and garima that they are the best grandmother ever...they get emotional to hear that..

Gungun's office:

Gungun is in deeply lost thought when she is sitting in her office room..armaan comes there and greets her and asks her how is she?gungun greets and hugs him like friends..gungun asks her to come to bhatnagar for anuguns birthday..armaan asks her why are you behaving like guest to me?armaan says I did so much for anuguns happiness..I'm a God father for anugun..anugun is like my daughter gungun says I know..they smile.. 

Lucknow,uttarpradesh india

Kulshershtha mansion

Ks family are seen having breakfast together with kids..they say that we are still same....in anubhav's room anubhav is seen researching and working on laptop..she gets a call from Dean man..dean mam says to him that he got international workshop and seminar..anu asks really?dean mam says yes its true congrats anubhav..its university of Chicago..anubhav gets shocked and starts crying and recalls moments with gungun and their daughter anugun...the screen freezes.. 

Hope you will like it let me know

Posted: 3 months ago

Nice story 😘 but i think 19 years leap is too much and also change the name of anugun daughter , please kuch romance dikhate na anugun ke aur uss ke baad inki beti toh shayad story aur bhi zyada achi lagti . Otherwise your story is much better than the makers😊

Posted: 3 months ago

Ok I will try my best. Thanks for appreciating my story...I will update it very soon...

Posted: 2 months ago

Next update?

Posted: 2 months ago

I will update tomorrow..

Posted: 2 months ago

Please update soon😢😢


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 

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