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Posted: 5 months ago

Since trying to write these story since 2 months but can't able to make it out as my competitive exam are going

SO  the story starts from  ANUGUN lovely meet in hospital after ANUBHAV got shot

After meeting ANUBHAV she makes her way out of the hospital without telling anyone where she heading towards

while walking  all movements they both had spent together each and every second of that movements are fleshing in front of her eyes , her eyes were filled with tears

"ANNU" A voice came in unison 

He kept a  cushion over his head to shut the world out, and the voices calling him to wake up in this cruel universe.

He could hear his own painful thudding heartbeats .The voices, brought it up in his fogged mind that its a new day. A new day without any brightness. A new day without any hope. A new day without...GUNGUN 

He took a breath and stood up from his place to start his day as usual without any happiness.

He make his way towards his bathroom after some time reaches dining table eat his breakfast silently and about leave when, his mom SARGAM called him "ANNU"

Anubhav turns towards her,
S: tu aaj jaldi wapas aa jaana apne institute se,

A: I am sorry maa!! main nahi aa sakunga mujhe apna project finish karna hai aur baaki bhi bohot kaam hai mujhe  

S: Aesa kab tak chalega Annu , 5 saal ho chuke hai 

she come towards annu, while caressing his face

S: bhul jaa sab kuch...

 Annu smirked a little with heavy heart

A:  Maa kya aap saans lena bhul skte ho?

he touches her feet and goes out leaving his family faces in dolomel....


 In this 5 years ANNU didn't let any stone unturned , he tried each and every , rather  say all aspect of oppurtunities to find her when he got to know that GG suddenly got vanished from his world !!!

At firstly he was very much tensed about GG safety , he filed a missing reports , checked in every hotels , called her freinds,  even called dr. maya to find about GG
not only ANNU but the trio is also sad and guilty for letting go her alone that day 

 After around 3 months of constant searching of her from their side,  GC got the call from GG telling him about her whereabouts and asking for a promise from them not to tell ANNU about her exact address
GG called them so they get to know that she is safe and let ANNU know that she is gone 4EVER

But our lover boy is our lover boy !!!!!!

5 years passed but still the hope of returning  his whole bundle of happiness , his lady love back to him is still alive

He still visits bhatanagar massions daily in hopes to find her 
his eyes still lookd for her 

today also as usual he was their standing near the gate


main nahi jaanta hun main yahan kyun aata hun roz  GG , ye jaante hue bhi ke tum wapas nahi aaogi , ye jaante hue bhi ke tum meri life se humesha ke liye jaa chuki ho !!

Nahi jannta hun GG ke tum ne mere saath aesa kyun kiya, yun to tum badi fighter banti thi Lekin humari pyaar ki ladaai me kyun khudh ko haraa diya GG, tumne mujhse waada kiya tha na fir kyu mujhe akela chhodh diya GG 


He took out his specs and wipes his tears and speaks looking towards his ring which is gifted by GG once 
yeah !!!  I know we cannot say togetherness but anyways Happy 5 years !!!
still I LOVE YOU mY ANgLe, my spoil brat  still i misses you soo much each and every second  

and starts his bike make his way towards institute



An irritated girl in her bedroom trying to find her wrist watch since 10 mins as she is getting late   for her office !! 

GG(in screaming tone): MRS. bragenzaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!(BR)

MRS.Branganzaa is GG 's maid but GG treats her likes she used to treat her boo 

BR: yes dear what happened.... and why this room is soo messed up ,
GG: please can you help me in finding my watch i am getting soo late for office
BR: lekin agar wo nahi mil rahi to koi aur pehen lona riddhii
GG: nooo..... aunty wo meri special watch hai
BR: ohh noo that white one ?
GG: yeah!! aunty 
BR: did you cheked your pursue , 
GG: yeah !! already 
BR: here it is...... see,  on your bathroom shelf
GG  jump from her bed in excitement as 40 watt smile came to her  while touching her favourite watch 

GG: thank you aunty  aap nahi hona to pata nahi  mera kya hoga  .... you are the best!!!
while saying she pecked on her cheeks 

BR: Bsssss enough of this butter today , c'mon girl tumhara breakfast ready hai jaldi aau niche 
GG: yeah !!! aunty just 2 mins

GG wears her SPECIAL  watch and makes her way out wearing white shirt and a light pink colour pant with high ponytail looking very elegant as always


Soo it's been a long time in LONDON for GG as in starting she was not so used this city,         though she had her bunglow over here which was gifted once by her father and may be this is the reason she carefreely decided to come here
 it took a little bit time to make her stable and come out of the trauma but now everything is going soo well in her life

She is a COO ( chief operation officer) in ALEXANDER company, which comes under the 2nd topmost company of the country, she had worked soo hard in these all years to reach this position
she  completed his degree in BBA from the one of the topmost university of london 
and now along with her job she is persuing for her masters 
Everything is just perfect 
Only the void pricks her heart is not being with her universe 


BOSS: well done GG!! ( there is clapping all over the office)
GG: thank you sir, but i cannot take all the credit the whole team has done the great job 
well done guyzz !!!!

BOSS: Soo for this success lets enjoy , a treat from my side what say ?
everyone shouted  WOHOOO!!!!!

After sometime GG standing with some files in her hand checking for some papers when someone from behind called her GUNNNN.....GUNNNNN

GG: Turns towards the voice : NOT AGAINNN!!!! 
GG: See Akki i am too much buzyy don't disturb me 

Akhilesh: Shhhhhh......... mujhe pata hai tu MS. busyywomen of the year hai and i am not here to disturb you just thank you yaar
GG with a shocked face: thank you ??... kya main puch sakti hun kis liye?

A: now stop being innocent ke jese tujhe kuch pata hi nhi hai

GG looking at him with questioning eyes

A: tu  jaanti hai  ke project me mujhse kitni  badi mistake ho gayi thi lekin tune bacha liya ,
mujhe bhi aur humare project ko bhi

with putting his hand on her shoulders

GG: it's okay Akki  bade bade deshon me aesi chothi chothi baatein hoti rehti hai... kyun SENN....OOOO..RIII....TAAA !!!!!

A: tu aur tere ye mimics !! ....... Coffee piyegi?
GG: fir kabhi yaar , right now i am going , i have some university related work  
A: okay chal bye
GG: bye
they side hug and GG leaves from there

Sitting on a bench in front of sea 

HAPPY 5 YEARS  AKDUU! I still misses you a lot idiot!! 
Seeing his pictures , she says

Suddenly the phone rangs , the name highlights on the screen , It was from her BOSS
She answered the call apologising for not being present at the party
 But the reply from his side makes GG doubled or say tripled shocked 

BOSS: GG, I just want to inform you that we got a very big project in INDIA as i am busy here dealing with the new project so after me the responsibilities are on your shoulder soo you are flying to lucknow next week  and that is finale
hope you will not disappoint me GG

Her eyes popped up , dull ache in her chest started , GG felt her throat constrict upon thinking how she gonna handle this,  She had no words 


That all for today 

hope you liked it

lemme know about your views in comments

 Also some feelings describing words are taken from Mehr05 story , one of the india forum's member

Posted: 4 months ago

Next update?

Posted: 4 months ago

Where is your next update ? I am so excited 😙 aap plz apni yeh waali story ko continue rakho plz plz❤❤ i am requesting u😊😊

Posted: 4 months ago

dear please check on wattpad, i am  updating my stories over there. 
glad you liked it a lot

Posted: 4 months ago

Plz upload your next update in indian forum because i didn't find it anywhere 😊😊


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 

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