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Posted: 2 months ago

Hi All,

First off, a huge thank you to each one of you! Your active participation and enthusiasm continue to shape our community into a vibrant and engaging space. It's your contributions that make India Forums the exciting and dynamic place it is today.

We're all about growing and evolving, and that's where you come in. We're dedicated to improving your experience here every day, and we're excited about the journey ahead – a journey we're thrilled to be on with you.

Here’s what’s happening:

Share Your Feedback

  • Your opinions and ideas are invaluable to us. If there's something you'd like to see on India Forums, let us know! We’re all ears for your suggestions and feedback.

Report Issues Here

  • Encountering a glitch or a bug? This thread is your go-to place to report any technical issues you face. Our tech team will be monitoring this thread closely, ready to jump in and resolve problems.

Stay Informed on Updates

  • As we make changes and introduce new features, we’ll keep you updated right here. Expect to hear about all the exciting developments we have in store for you! Well if it is a big feature we will have a dedicated post but for smaller changes we normally share it on this thread.

Your voice is a critical part of our community’s growth. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts or report issues. Together, we’ll continue to make India Forums a fantastic place for everyone.

- India Forums Team

Posted: 2 months ago

Thanks for being dedicated to solve our issues for yet another thread

Posted: 2 months ago

Okay. Can you give me your 0% WL status and take my 80% as a return gift? In the spirit of Christmas?🎅 

Posted: 2 months ago

I do have some opinions will post them soon. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Thank you dear Vijay for this new thread . 

I am praying to the lord to resolve all your issues so that you can be here with us in full force. 

Posted: 2 months ago

I'm sorry to hear that vijay has to deal with something in real life. All my best thoughts for him to overcome. I hope it has nothing to do with news articles that are unflattering to India appearing on India Forums for however long it takes to ban the brave Newbies who are your lifeline to the outside world.

When I mouse-over or click on Like below a post, the reaction options disappear before I can select one, as soon as I move the cursor. I can only select if I drag from the Like button to the option.

Posted: 2 months ago

I can see links to Related Topics that I'm forbidden to enter. For example, under the Christmas sheep game topic, I can see a link to the Christmas Prep topic, along with the identities of the topic author and last reply. I have reported this a few times before. Whoever thinks that invitations to auto-join a private forum aren't "respecting privacy" should feel more concerned about this actual breach of privacy.

I am copying my suggestions for improvement from the previous thread. Let's see how many of them get approved and implemented by the time this thread reaches 150 pages.

1. At the top of any page in a topic, the buttons for NEW POLL and WATCH seem unnecessarily fatter than NEW TOPIC and REPLY.

2. When one views a forum, My Posts or My Watched Topics, or any similar pages, there are links under each topic to pages 1 (appearing as a blank page symbol), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and then only the last page (let's call it number n). Could this be changed to display links to pages 1 ... n-6, n-5, n-4, n-3, n-2, n-1, n?

One doesn't usually want to browse the earliest pages of a topic repeatedly, other than the first page. When a topic is very active, one might remember the last page number that one viewed, and one would want to pick up again on that page, and browse ahead. Clicking on only the last page, one can get distracted by something there and forget to navigate back to all the pages of interesting posts.

3. When I mouseover a Member in a forum topic, the five options "Profile, Scrapbook, Slambook, Testimonials, Message" don't reflect the currently most popular features of India Forums. I suggest the options "Wall, Posts, Fan Fictions, Library, Message" instead.

4. Please give each member profile a My Comments page similar to My Posts, viewable by everybody/buddies/nobody.

5. In the top-right drop-down menu, instead of Scrapbook, Slambook, and Testimonial, please display Feeds, My Comments, and My Forum Drafts. I would like this one-step path to My Forum Drafts instead of having to enter a topic and scroll down to see the buttons below the Reply field.

6. On Private Message pages, please add a Message Drafts tab at the top, next to Inbox and Outbox. This would be more straightforward than having to expand the Drafts tab in the left-side panel to find Message Drafts under Forum Drafts.

7. There should be a Scraps I Wrote tab similar to Testimonials I Wrote. If it no longer makes sense to separate Scrapbook/Slambook/Testimonials, just put everything on the Wall as Incoming Feeds and Outgoing Feeds?

8. On my profile's Following tab, the Following button is appearing to the right of each member's box. Each Following button is hidden by the box on its right, and the right-side Following button is outside the page, in white space. Please fix this.

9. On my Friend Requests Pending List page, any member name that is ≥13 characters long may be too long for the first line, so it appears below "IF-Sizzlerz" and superimposed on "1 years ago" - a bug that you may wish to fix.

10. I would like notifications that "MEMBER voted in your poll" so that I don't have to keep checking whether anyone is interested in the poll. Ideally, the poll creator would be able to mouse-over or click the bar for each option and see a list of members who chose that option. It would allow the poll creator to reach out and start conversations.

11. When an Entity tag is used on a topic, why doesn't that topic appear in the list of topics for that Entity? For example, a Celebrity Fan Clubs topic tagged with three TV shows doesn't appear in the topics list for each of those TV shows. However, the Person tag on that same topic puts it in the list of topics on the Celebrity's page.

12. When a post is edited by someone other than the author, India Forums automatically adds an "Edited by ___" footnote. Please automatically add a footnote when a post/topic is moved to a different topic/forum: "Moved to this topic by ___ ."

13. Please keep the green Reply button always active on all Help topics, so that neglected old questions can finally be answered and out-of-date answers (e.g. link to old thread number) can be updated.

14. Could the IF Staff please create a drop-down list of closed forums on the Forums page? That would allow us to browse and react, and to continue discussions by PM or private forum.

15. Please allow fan fiction displays in locked forums, e.g. Punjabi Channel.

16. Private forum topic links should be displayed like this: This link is to a topic in the Saṃskṛta Text Discussion private forum. First click the forum link if you wish to join. If the forum accepts you as a member, the topic link will work. If a private forum is invite-only, clicking the link to the forum will tell us so. However, many private forums are auto-join or readily approve requests to join. We could flourish if links to our topics identified which private forum.

17. Activity in private forums could be stimulated if all members saw a prompt to Invite others. For example, when they check the non-edit Members page to see which people they know, if everyone saw the Invite feature with Tag field and Tag Buddies button, they might fill in usernames from their Buddy lists and expand the membership.

18. Please explain the procedure to report a private forum abandoned by its Creator and Manager, request to take over, and request merging of private forums. What happens to a private forum when its Creator is banned?

19. To prompt Creators/Managers to restart conversations in private forums, please have the system send them an alert that "Topic X has become Locked due to inactivity. Posting in the topic will Unlock it for the next # months."

20. When forum topic Reactions get migrated into Fan Fiction section Likes, they shouldn't all turn into AWESOME! Corresponding migration would make more sense:

Like = NICE

Love = LOVED


Haha = LOL

Shock = OMG

Sad = CRY

Angry = ANGRY (instead of FAIL)

Notifications that someone Liked a chapter should tell us what type of Like it was.

21. Whenever chapter/book/comment migration automatically makes a Follower out of someone who reacted/commented on a forum topic, that member could be notified: "FFEditors added you as a Follower of AUTHOR and BOOK" and offered these options:

a) "Follow BOOK and AUTHOR"

b) "Follow AUTHOR for these Entity tags only"

c) "Follow BOOK but unfollow AUTHOR"

d) "Unfollow BOOK but follow AUTHOR"

e) "Unfollow BOOK and AUTHOR"

Instead of separate Follow (Author) and ADD TO MY LIBRARY (Book) buttons on a fan fiction book, there could be one button that allows readers these five options.

Posted: 2 months ago

In any website, focusing on an encouraging mood for discussions is very important, and that often relies on the leader's interaction with members. That's always helpful for both members and the administrator as well. This thread improves intrateam cohesion and creates a positive vibe in our  India Forums.smiley10

Thank you, Vijay, for opening this thread for us to directly share our views and issues with you. smiley27

Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by BrhannadaArmour

I'm sorry to hear that vijay has to deal with something in real life. All my best thoughts for him to overcome. I hope it has nothing to do with news articles that are unflattering to India appearing on India Forums for however long it takes to ban the brave Newbies who are your lifeline to the outside world.

When I mouse-over or click on Like below a post, the reaction options disappear before I can select one, as soon as I move the cursor. I can only select if I drag from the Like button to the option.

Everyone has to deal with something or the other in life. I dont know what you are referring to.

Posted: 2 months ago

I am answering your "I dont know what you are referring to" openly because I got a Warning Level increase from the Debate Mansion DT for PM'ing a similar concern to you on October 12, 2023.

I am referring to a pattern evident in the Current Affairs forum: Newbies who share news articles about the Indian government's hiring of hitmen through a drug trafficker, threats to religious minorities in India etc. get banned and their total of ~1-2 posts get erased or deleted.

Maybe you would like to check these profiles and find a reason why they would be banned?

Quotes of their posts invariably show that these Newbies used polite language, didn't excuse any criminal activity, and didn't get personal, while those disagreeing with them are cheering for murder and imprisonment without due process, name-calling and slandering foreign leaders and forum members (as terrorist sympathizers, drug users, fake Hindus, fake Indian citizens etc.), and swearing without anyone editing or removing their posts.

DT members are laughing about how much they enjoy taking punitive action and find it amusing that their targets are suffering.

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