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AGER TUM SATH HO(on editing) ... Completed

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Date-30/5/2008 Last day of college (D.A.V College) in Delhi SCENE-farewell party Boy-Plz don't leave me alone ,I can't leave without you,you know how much I love YOU,then why you wanna to leave me Girl - I know , You love me a lot,more then me,and more then your life ,but I don't love you. (a tear fall from her beautiful eyes but she immediately turn to hide from him) Boy -No you are lying,I know You love me . I have seen love in your eyes for me, then why don't you accept it,that you love me. I can't imagine my life without You. but girl stop him in mid , listen me first, I don't love you. It was only my crush on you , now nothing any more . love is just time pass aur vaise bhi you are not my type , the main and very important things," you are not even my class ". How You full fill my necessaries . after saying this she left the boy still standing there for long time without saying any single word,just watching her is going away like as someone snatching his life.
Author's Note:
hello friend read my suspense and romantic story on Ariya
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