Drabbles: 30. Episode XXXI- Return of the Jallad (Pg 95) [Note Pg 98]

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Paro gritted her teeth, blood pounding at her temples, roaring in her ears. Her ragged nails dug into the chapped skin of her palms. She nearly gasped at the alien emotion surging through her veins. She had never felt like this. Never known this uncontrollable urge to destroy, to rip, to break something.

That's ENOUGH!'

It was such sweet relief to say the words out loud. The momentary look of astonishment that replaced the sneer on his face was even sweeter.

"You ask why I came back? Why I chose to return to captivity? It's because you've left me no option. It's because I no longer control what I do and where I go. It's because I saw you following me, and I heard you talking about why you'd let me go. And it's because I'd rather return to a jallad like you than betray my loved ones. Even accidentally."

The stream of anguished words laced with bitterness flowed unchecked. After relentlessly picking at it for days, he had finally managed to tear off the scabs from the heart that had just begun to heal. And even he had been unprepared for the torrent he had released.

Paro slumped back against the wall he had pinned her arms to, the flame of her rebellion dying out as exhaustion and despair set in once again. Her eyes stung with tears that she refused to shed. The droop of her head told him that she was done.

Done? Not a chance in hell.

For the first time in ages, he'd found an adversary who seemed to be every bit as stubborn as him. Underneath the ashes of her uncharacteristic outburst, Rudra had detected a hint of the same steel he had been forged from. He hadn't recognized it earlier-- had underestimated her. Not that it was his fault. Her facade of weakness and vulnerability had disguised it all too well. But he wouldn't be making the same mistake again. A burst of adrenaline made his heart pump faster, his breathing almost as unsteady as hers.


This was just the beginning.


2. A Spark-- Page 2

3. The Remains of the Day I-- Page 5

4. The Weight of Questions-- Page 7

5. Of Realism and Illusions-- Page 8

6. Uncertainties-- Page 9

7. Something Borrowed, Something Blue-- Page 11

8. The Fickle Nature of Labels-- Page 13

9. The Merits and Demerits of Salt-- Page 15

10. Manmarziyan-- Page 17

11. On His Blindness-- Page 20

12. The Importance of Being Aman-- Page 21

13. Homecoming-- Page 24

14. What Sunehri Wants-- Page 26

15. In The Pursuit of Hypnos-- Page 32

16. Ishtiaq-- Page 35

17. Parvati Ke Nuskhe-- Page 39

18. The Lady Who Wanted To Be A Tramp-- Page 42

19. Madness is like gravity. All it needs is a little push.-- Page 46

20. Baawariya-- Page 52

21. The Tempest-- Page 55

22. The Folly of Fools- Page 59

23. Ek Tooti Huyi Choodi Ki Keemat- Page 64

24. Iss Martaba- Page 69

25. Knowing Me, Knowing You- Page 72

26. What's In A Name?- Page 76

27. Means and Ends- Page 85

28. Cracks- Page 88

29. Unraveled- Page 90

30. The Remains of the Day II- Page 93

31. Episode XXXI: Return of the Jallad- Page 95

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Wow! A well written piece!
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Awesome ..
Do write more dear :)
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Beautiful beginning...
keep writing dear
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Good one Clap
Pls write more Smile
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Great writing. It's so nice to see so many good writers being inspired to write by the show.
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awesome continue with the next part please!
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