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Sara Sanyal A) has a long-time boyfriend who has just proposed. B) resents her long-lost half brother and her mother for always favoring him. C) is not looking for a romantic relationship. D) All of the above. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ryan Thomas A) has a "no-boinking" checklist that includes no married/committed women. B) has lost his job with zero prospects of getting another. C) is not looking for a romantic relationship. D) All of the above. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Together Ryan and Sara A) sing a duet. B) solve a mystery. C) fall quite hopelessly in love. D) All of the above. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A romance-cum-thriller-cum-drama with original characters, and featuring Ashutosh and Nidhi (AshNi) from the Sony TV show, Kuch toh log kahenge. This story has little to do with the show and is more of original fiction, you needn't have watched the show at all to follow this fic, and characters that spill over from the KTLK universe have been outlined in the list of characters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Rashmi (Haal-e-dil) for the wonderful book cover! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!! - crimes against women/ kidnapping/ molestation/ drugs/ alcohol/ mentions of suicide and self-harm/ claustrophobia and related behaviors/ mentions of drug/sex/child trafficking/ violence/ gore/ trauma/ swearing/domestic violence/child neglect/mental health issues CHAPTER-SPECIFIC TRIGGER WARNINGS CAN BE FOUND IN THE AUTHOR'S NOTE BEFORE EACH CHAPTER. MOSTLY MILD/ SOMETIMES MODERATE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENT WARNINGS!! - 18+ content/ consensual sexual situations / M-F relationship/ sexual themes/situations (not explicit in keeping with IF rules)/ LGBTQ + themes/ language (chapters with such content have been marked 'matured'.) MOSTLY MILD/SOMETIMES MODERATE.
Author's Note:
This story is almost like a part three of a trilogy following up from my AshNi fics “Lovestruck” and “Lost in love”. But it can be read independently of the other two. 'Lovestruck' explores Ashutosh and Nidhi's feelings for each other and how they come to terms with it i.e the 'acceptance of love'. 'Lost in Love' was more about discovering each other, the practicalities of an age-gap relationship and dealing with the skeptics i.e the 'experience of love'. 'Love is all you need' will be all about the actual 'falling in love' except it's not about Ashu and Nidhi, it's about Ryan and Sara who are Original Characters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story (like the previous ones) has a mix of Original characters and characters from the show, Kuch toh log kahenge. The story picks up a few weeks after Lost in Love. Ashu and Nidhi are engaged and are to be married very soon. Wedding preparations are in full swing. This story will have some chapters dealing with AshNi (mainly Nidhi), but it is primarily Sara and Ryan's story. I will use past-tense third-person narrative with chapters formatted as alternating POVs between Ryan and Sara, with little chapter interludes in the form of excerpts from Nidhi’s diary or a first-person narrative by Nidhi. Just to make things interesting and break the monotony. :) Also, fair warning, a lot of this will flow like a stream of consciousness narrative. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DISCLAIMER: The characters from Kuch toh log kahenge are owned by SET and Director’s Kut productions, and the Original Characters are my creation and owned by me. This work is copyrighted ©️ to LizzieBennet. Please do not reproduce, share, copy, publish, plagiarise or reprint it without my permission. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any real-life person or event is purely coincidental. Some content could be inspired by my personal experiences, and others inspired from books/movies/articles/art that I've read/seen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have tried to maintain authenticity in my descriptions and depictions of behaviors stemming from psychologically scarring experiences, and have tried my best to research the various professions depicted in the fic, especially the ones for the leads. Despite this, there may be inaccuracies in the story that I hope my readers will be magnanimous enough to overlook, remembering that this is just a work of fiction and meant to be enjoyed as such, with a little suspension of disbelief!
Graphics credit :
Haal-e-Dil Haal-e-Dil
Table of Content
Synopsis of Lovestruck and Lost in Love (Spoilers)
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List of characters with photos and Author's note
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Chapter 1: Nidhi's diary
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Chapter 2: Sara
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Chapter 3: Ryan
eye243 thumbs-up4 commenting-o 10
Chapter 4: Sara
eye264 thumbs-up5 commenting-o 15
Chapter 5: Ryan
eye248 thumbs-up4 commenting-o 8
Chapter 6: Nidhi
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Chapter 7: Sara
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Chapter 8: Ryan
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Chapter 9: Sara
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Chapter 10: Ryan
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Chapter 11: Nidhi
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Chapter 12: Sara
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Chapter 13: Ryan
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Chapter 14: Sara
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Chapter 15: Ryan
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Chapter 16: Nidhi
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Chapter 17: Sara
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Chapter 18: Ryan
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Chapter 19: Sara
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Chapter 20: Ryan
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Chapter 21: Ashutosh
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Chapter 22: Ryan
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Chapter 23: Sara
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Chapter 24: Ryan
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Chapter 25: Sara
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Chapter 26: Nidhi's diary/Nidhi
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Chapter 27
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Chapter 28
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Chapter 29
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