Being Single Isn't a Curse

Being Single Isn't a Curse Completed

Published On: 2021-03-08T05:48:22Z

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Sneha Malhotra was fast approaching her thirty years of age, and the pressure to get married was a gentle remainder by everyone she meets in the course of life. From the kind neighbor, to her best friend of twenty plus year everyone keeps chanting the same thing from the time she reached marriageable age including her family. Sneha didn't see being single as a curse and she wanted the world to accept her as she is without expecting her to do or live as the norms they set. Join in her journey to see that while we claim to be more of an open society than our ancestors, still we are reluctant to change or see that not everyone wants the same things in life . Cover Credit :Canva (Play Store App) Disclaimer : The views expressed in the book has no intention to discredit any society or culture or people . Copyright : All Rights Reserved @Nita_Reid .
Author's Note:
And a Big Thanks to @ oye_nakhrewaali for Beta Reading My Work :)

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