Blast from the Past Thread #22 !Main Hamesha Hamesha Tumse! p33 ep 224

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Posted: 6 years ago
A curtain fall, for an instant, rabba ve thrives
Chikni Chameli, uninformed a smile arrives
Again, the heart gets to have its say
Cannabis earlier, now in a tragic lover's tale
Mention of death, shakes up the inner core
Feelings of the heart are brought afore
Alas, again shortlived is the bliss
The warring couple are back to another tiff


Welcome aboard to BFTP's 22nd thread
Happy and sad, all feelings are spread
A fancy dress show comes out of nowhere
Just a few moments to cherish, rejoice and stare

when it's really and truly trying and yet we can't let go... it's either terrible addiction or terrifying but gorgeous love. look at asr and khushi. look at us.

all of us coming to this thread know, this point on many things will hurt. pretty badly at that. insides sometimes shudder at the thought, or frustration makes us grit teeth, write off a nasty post or three. yet here we are... because it's not about tho
se things really, it's about a feeling that lingers despite all of that.

just now while putting together this post, i went to episode 218 (posted in thread #21)... the evening of dilli mein bali was coming to an end. the entire bali thing had left most of us in a what the state... no meaning, suddenly plonked in. but there were moments in it that made us swoon. and then while watching i saw the shot below. believe me, i felt dhakdhak. that's it. this is the reason one can't just say, impossible, nothing makes sense... and leave. khushi didn't when asr dragged her off to a temple. asr couldn't when he saw her with shyam. so how can you and i?

many of the threads of their tale were never neatly tied up, but somehow it did not matter. nothing mattered, except that feeling and what it did to one. i stared at the two of them sleeping next to each other the very first time. snuggling. then he moved and opened his eyes and saw her. even without rabba vey notes coming in i knew his heart had leapt. just like mine. perfect communication.

loop closed.

reminds me a bit of "jab jo bura kaha uska koi matlab nahin... jab jo bura kiya usska koi matlab nahin... iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahin..."

maybe we closed the loops really with our response to moments such as these. there was no question of breaking the tie ever. love, hate, makes sense, doesn't make sense, no matter what. welcome to an all new thread, let's go catch some mad rabba veys... he just made her hold her ears and do uthak baithak and i went awww. now all this is either leading to permanent brain damage or prolonged youth (with unwrinkled skin and toned arms). whatever it is, it isn't normal. it's ipk.

and the only thing that means anything is... main hamesha hamesha tumse ...

Credits: DurgaS has written the opening lines and the welcome poem, the IPK banner is by ArshiHamesha, the GIF banner is created by Katelyn, she has also edited the music, the Sleep with me edit and text are by indi52, and supriya.arshi, DurgaS and indi52 have designed the main posts.

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S

A N D  A  V E R Y  H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R  T O  A L L

Please scroll down for Rules, Episodes, Heer Ranjha and more.

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Posted: 6 years ago

8. and 9. remember love hurts but still it's worth every missed cue, muddled up character, incomplete loop, everything... hamesha.

just remembering one of the most lovely days in lucknow... they say khushi kumari gupta and arnav singh raizada met there on a warm june evening. and so began a tale that would never be forgotten. a tale of richness, of splendour, of intricate emotions, this was lucknow after all; a tale that would travel to another city, one of palaces and dreams and regal romance... a city many say has been born again and again and is surely immortal... dilli. a tale of khushi and arnav and that feeling one never found a name for. who would want to forget it... who could ever.

Inside exciting scintillating sansanati dhamakedaar posts...

here's a


Me NO fan of ASR up until he broke off with La actually LOL that was when he won over me with his Sincerity and by being completely genuine. But before that, during my first time watches, I flaked and cursed him during Diwali, Farq padtha hai that Khushi should never come back to him and he should sulk like Rajesh  khanna "Gujar jathe hai Jo makam woh phir nahi aathe"  LOL. But even during those times when his intention was not to hurt her but it happened unintentionally he was endearing. 

Yes that was ASR and IPK.

The Tale Of Heer Ranjha 

Arnav aur Khushi ki Kahani...unki Zubani



"Hum shuru karenge aur aap khatam karna"[I will start and you will finish..] 

This dialogue of Khushi is describing the journey of Arnav and Khushi from the beginning and it is also laying out their future.She is the one who landed in his arms and she is the one who started the "Chakravyue"on Diwali and Arnav brought her out. She is the one who started this whole game of heartbeat from which he was very much unaware of as he says "Mujhe eik bhi line nahin aati hai.."[I don't know one line of this skit of heer ranjah] Just splendid!!! In Sheesh Mahal She was pushed to the stage and dragged by two ladies right in the middle where she remembers DM to help and save her from humiliation and DM sent Arnav to hold her but he did humiliate her that day. Today again she is being pushed to the stage by the stage workers and after mocking by audience she remembers DM, Who sends Arnav to save her from the humiliation as he feels different towards her today. He is the one who steps forward and asks Nani why did they take part if they didn't rehearse and prepare promptly and why did she send Khushi to the stage to face humiliation. Nani awakes in him the "importance of Khushi" which brings him back to the stage with her as she is her wife and he can't stand humiliation from any one towards her.. Here comes La's words "Di keh elawah aur tumhari zindagi main kaun important hai.."[Who else is important in your life besides Di?]...TODAY, it's Khushi who is also important other than Di and his family.

Don't forget, Khushi is the one who entered in his Den ...Raizada house, with her right foot in with the help of Anjali and won the hearts of Naniji and Anjali with her innocence and purity of her heart. After quitting her job at AR, it was Anjali and Nani who brought Khushi in RM as Lavanya's Trainer. Later, after Diwali, it was Nani and Anjali who called Khushi back to RM to help La less keeping her more around in RM. Today again, it was Nani and Anjali's unanimous effort to make Khushi act as Heer and Arnav as Ranjha in the play to bring them closer to brush off any  bitterness between them.The journey of their love with their separation and togetherness started that day in Sheesh Mahal and will be continued after today but Arnav will take the lead to finish it though it is started by Khushi.

Love the scene when Khushi comes out after dressing up as Heer ,the mirror reflection shows Arnav watching her which shows how both of these see each other and perceive as they are true mirror reflection of each other showering love through their eyes which speaks volume without words."Aankhain bolti hain zuban nahi..."[eyes speaks in Love no words]  and those who don't know love they have no clue of this and camera shows Shyam. Love it. Indeed they complete each other and are doing since from the beginning and Shyam couldn't do much just like today. 

This entire Play describes their journey from the beginning to the Khushi's engagement and from Arnav's realization to their broken engagements. Then his realization of his love for her before the terrace scene. 

Her second dialogue,"Aap ki Zindagi ki sabse aachi ghari aayegi, hum mar jayenge". [here comes the moment you're waiting for,I'll die] Here comes Anajli's words to Arnav "Jab woh tumse dur chale jayenge toh tum jee nahin paoge... agar who tumhein naa mili toh tumhari sansain hi ruk jayengi "[when she will go far from you, you won't be able to alive...and you won't be able to breath if you won't have her] ...

That moment Arnav remembered Khushi's words, " Hum Lukhnow jaa rahein hain humseha ke liye." [I m going to Luknhnow for forever] Because, after this Khushi fell down on the ground and Arnav realized for the micro second that he has lost her. It was not Ranjha but it was Arnav. He who felt that he is losing her after finding her engagement and he blurted out "Mujhe Fadak padta hai kyuonkeh..."[ it matters to me because...]" and then the ambulance scene where he almost lost Khushi and he couldn't breathe. That moment he  realized that how her existence is connected to his life. That's why he said, "apne mun ko behla raha tha keh mujhe koi Fadak nahin padtaa...tumhare bina mera koi wajood nahin hain". [I was kidding that it doesn't matter...but I am nothing without you can't live without you] The very same Anjali's words right comes back in the picture for him, "tumhare bina meri saanse ruk jayengi" and also it brings the moment when he realized that his heartbeat is "Khushi". Today he almost confessed that he had loved her as always.. "matlab hai tou iss baat ka keh main tum se ,Hamesha Hamesha.[The only thing it matters that I alwaya...always] he was almost about to declare this at the terrace. Today he is erasing his words of Diwali night "mere liye uss baat ka koi matlab nahin.." [That means nothing to me] and also dismisses his bitterness "jab jab bura kaha uska koi matlab nahin...[Whatever Bad I said it has no meaning] At the end They both ate the poison sweets like they did by marrying each other."Heer main tumhare bina jee nahin sakta"[Heer I can't live without you] will change "mujhe chor keh mat jana ..main tumhare bina jee nahin paoonga..."[Don't leave me..I won't be able to live without you]

"yaha na sahi shyad kahin aura lag eik duniya hogi jahan main aur tum khabi alag nahi hongey..."[There will be a place where you and I will never be separated] and They did find each other for eternity.


Then here comes the last scene. This scene is exactly the same when he picked up the Payal after the Anjali's anniversary party, That day He was falling in love with realizing her importance in his life... Today he picked up the earring and placed it at the same eye level as he did with Payal that day trying to  analyze and feeling the "Heartbeats". He returned the "Payal" to Khushi, by adoring her ankle on Diwali night and today when he raised the earring the shot shows it as her "Maangtika" because she is his wife, his respect which he was saving on the stage.The earring which got stuck to his heart one day, became his heart during Payesh Sangeet, compelled him to remain intact with her during their forced marriage is actually beating in him Today loud and clear undeniably as his own "HEARTBEAT".


On Diwali he told Khushi after she questioned him, 

"It doesn't mean a thing to me". Today again in her question he said, "Don't believe in everything you see" - yeh sab maine Nani ke liye kiya apni family keh liye". Yes, on the Diwali night he was in vulnerable state as he almost laid his heart out in her response and then rejected her queries and today again when he laid his heart out on the stage"main tum se Hamesha Hamesha.." but again denies in rage and frustration. But today Khushi is not buying it "Nahin who ASR thay Ranjha nahin.."[No that was ASR who said all ]as she throws the earring in her frustration after because she knows he is running  away as always.After Holi the equation of their love is different.They both are star crossed lovers , true soul mates, true mirror images.They are growing understanding day by day.If one clue makes him closer to her , then one cue from him makes her connect these dots.She will not sit till she finds the answer. Here comes La's words "tum samajh jaogi...chahe ASR samjhe ya na samjhe". [You will understand whether ASR does or not]

Arnav sees her in the hands of Shyam which will make his belief more strong towards Shyam's deceits regardless he claimed he is a well wisher of Anjali's child.Shyam's grip brings Arnav's possessiveness over Khushi on the surface which ends up bringing them closer. But today Shyam's poison is lessening as "aaj kissi chees ka koi matlab nahin , kissi sach ...kissi jhoot ka...bas wapaas aa jao..."[ Today any truth or lie , nothing matters just come back] this was the intensity which brought Arnav back to Khushi "haan dhoond liya liya tum ne mujhe.."[Yes you've found me] Here comes Khushi's words" "hum shuru karenge aur aap khatam karna..."[I will start and you will finish..]... Indeed Khushi started this in Sheesh Mahal by knocking his heart and it will be finished by Arnav with their "Humari Dhakanai eik ho jati hain..."[Heartbeats become one] as "humesha sanmbhalta rahoohnga.."[I will always be there} Just like today. They are revising these vows over and over no matter what."I'm yours..." ..."you are mine.." For ETERNITY...

IPK banner credit Risha_ipkknd, Rules poster by ArshiHamesha, IPK First Day edit by indi52.

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Posted: 6 years ago

-Katelyn's creation

Blast From the Past #18 Wedding Bells

All the Episodes from 189 to 200 with Sbs segments and Promos can be found in link given above

Blast From The Past #19 !! chill out at 200 !! creations album

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All episodes from 207 to 218 can be found in the link above

Episode 219

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Episode 224

Blast From The Past #23 !Catch Up and some Ott!

Katelyn's Catch

Thread 22

Come A Little Closer

Our IPK world has brought us to an interesting storyline. 

We have seen a forced marriage,

credit ArshiHamesha 

A hate scenario 

and a love by inebriation scenario during Holi. 

It is time now for a Honeymoon trip to the Hotel Bali Shantivan.  The couples will share a night of wedded bliss, at least that is what the Raizada family has planned for the couples to come a little closer.

A night of romance including dancing, fine food, and being locked in their rooms together.

Unfortunately, the lights go out, and a fire has started on Arnav and Khushi's bed so they are now forced to stay together on a small recliner.

Somehow this estranged couple finds themselves drawn together, Devi Maiyya has her tricks. 

Come a little closer...

You on one end, me on the other end of the recliner.

I'll make sure you won't be uncomfortable.

Come a little closer...

We toss and turn and as the hours pass, we end up side by side.

Come a little closer...

As I wake up, I witness a beautiful sight. 

There's an angel lying beside me, my wife.

 My eyes won't leave her...just gazing at her beauty.

Come a little closer...

No, I can't. 

credit muffin and uploader

I try to leave, but my button has become an anchor to your manga sutra, the symbol of our marriage, never letting us drift apart.

As I pull away, it yanks your neck and you wake.

Come a little closer...

Oh, those eyes.

You are surprised, embarrassed, taken back...

It's your fault! She says. I was sleeping up here first.

I look at you like you are crazy!

I try to speak but can't.

The door...someone is knocking, it is Anjali with our "bed tea."

I need to gargle.  I can't speak.

Come a little closer...

But, I didn't know the mosquito repellant coil would do that to you, I apologize. 

There is so much we don't know about each other.


Your sister will make you piping hot ginger tea and I will write in my journal,

"100 Ways to Irritate ASR"

#3. Mosquito repellant from Lucknow makes him lose his voice due to allergy!

Our gorgeous, chocolate, puppy dog eyed man, has his shirt off in this episode.

 Hold your horses girls, he belongs to Khushi.

He bangs on the bathroom door to get her attention and our zany girl is playing games with him.  Oh yes, she will irritate him until he throws her out of the house.

He comes out in all his glorious handsome self and shows her the towel.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?"

He slams the door!

This is going to be fun!


Come a little closer...

The couple is very close, even if they don't know it. 

He is surprised that she knows his thoughts, needs and wants so well.  She has fulfilled his every need at the breakfast table and has managed even to be approved to go to his work as his interpreter for a very important deal.

She can hear him when he speaks her name even in silence.

 She surprises him.

Come a little closer...

She saves his business from thugs but still he punishes her with his actions.  She cures his throat with Buaji's concoction but he doesn't want to give her credit.  She is hurt again.

Come a little closer...

The next coming episodes will do just that they bring our couple a little closer while also pushing them apart. Feelings will be hurt.   Khushi will be the irritating factor and he will become "Swami" for her. 

When he hurts himself, she panics and as she rubs his head, he is mesmerized by her and by the look on his face...

of course he cares. 

credit uploader

Come a little closer...

They will be forced to act out a famous scene of star-crossed lovers who die on their wedding day and he will reveal his truth again.  Was this an act or truth? 

She wonders...

What did he mean? What does he mean?

Tell me.

Khushi will show her determination and fortitude while Arnav will still continue his "hatred" and denial.

Don't believe all that you see... 

oh no, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada we won't, we know how you really feel.

He doesn't want to see her face, his reality and she is hurt again by his actions and words, so she disappears for a bit coming to bed late at night after he is asleep and rising early before he wakes.  He doesn't meet with her and he is bothered, everything reminds him of her.

Where is she?

Devi Maiyya whispers, find her and...

Come a little closer...



credit of all pictures to google images and uploaders

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Posted: 6 years ago
Picture credit: supriya.arshi  
Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
..Anita..'s Index  - For impactful analysis and hilarious comments  
ArshiHamesha's Index  - For detailed analysis replete with symbolisms, connections, pauses
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cinthiann1758's Index  - For detailed takes and interesting titles 
DurgaS's Index - For original poems and parodies
indi52's Index- For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
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sohara's Index - For analysis replete with new words and vms
supriya.arshi's Collages - For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits
wiwy's Index - For some mind-boggling riddles
Some other links
Blasters' Takes Index - Links of Analysis, picture edits, poems, videos, etc. 
Thobda poems - Poems and parodies by the blasters on the thobda
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Engagement Discoveries- A combined post of blasters on the IPK 2nd Anniversary Thread
The Thobda Post- An Entertaining thobda post containing poems by the blasters and picture edits based on them by supriya.arshi. This post is made on the occasion of BS's birthday on Team Sobtians thread.
BS's Birthday post-  The combined post of blasters on Barun Sobti's birthday thread
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AD's Birthday post-  The combined post of blasters on Akshay Dogra's birthday thread
DB's Birthday post- The combined post of blasters on Daljeet Bhanot's birthday thread

* * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
5. Wiwy's dream is fulfilled at last. She met Barun Big smile 
* * *
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Posted: 6 years ago


Warning: Music player is on!  There are 2 tracks: Heer Ranjha and Tu Hi Mera
Music player by Katelyn
Ye laal ishq ... a song that seems to have been written for Arnav and Khushi has taken over the senses of everyone and refuses to leave. Here's Horizon with her thoughts on the song and the magical couple.
Ye laal ishq
by Horizon
Picture edit by ArshiHamesha
This incredible melody is on a replay mode continuously lately in my I can't seem to get over.. this seemed to have been written composed just for Arnav-Khushi..
                                             E laal Ishq  (this RED IS love)


                                    E malaal ishq  (this REMORSE IS love)


                                                E aib ishq (this faulty love)


                                         E bair ishq (this ENMITY IS love)         


tujh sang bair lagaya

raha na main phir apne jaisa..

(I have struck enmity with you in such a way...that I haven't remained myself any more)..




Doesn't it seem just to have been written for these two... especially that man? Why the most flamboyant  of words seem to fit perfectly with rather laconic man...His love saga... a poetry in motion.. a melody on a  someone said "mujhe ishq ho gaya".. "I have fallen in love"..  with this saga and this man as they satiated my thirst  for romance for a life time...

PS: Sohara, thanks once more:) 
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Posted: 6 years ago


Episode 219

Episode 222
DurgaS ... Heer Ranjha
Episode 223
Katelyn ... Promo
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Posted: 6 years ago

Great great looking thread. Floored by Indi's sleep with me edit. Arshi's Heer Ranjha, Supi's High def collage, Kate's music  are just stupendous.

Yet to read the write ups. Thanks a lot for including that post of mine from last thread. Some day hope to write exclusive for the first page.
Arnav and Khushi's Heer Ranjha- an ocean of emotions... looking forward to some  breathtaking dips!
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Posted: 6 years ago
redit to the uploader Credit to AstrusTalent (Twitter)

Also posted in the earlier thread

Anyone DroolingWink

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