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Walking through the memory lanes of the secretive doors of our remembrance, looking for forgotten benchmarks of our lives, we can find unexpected escape hatches opening into memorable moments. 

The unforgettable moments.

Some details in life may look insignificant but appear vital leitmotifs. They may have the value of the "Rosebuds" of Citizen Kane or "Strawberry fields" of the Beatles. People regularly walk down memory lane of their early youth or even the events of their daily lives. The paper boats of their memories are constantly floating on the waves of their mind, bringing back the mood and spirit of their livelihood. These memories enable us to retreat from the trivial, daily worries and generate delightful bliss and true joy in a sometimes frantic and chaotic life. 

IPK carries that phenomenal power.

It is a phenomenon itself. 

There’s something beautiful about reviewing pictures from decades ago and saying, ‘Remember?’ Ah! What were the days? There’s nothing to remember more than this... I wanted to remember all of it—the first kiss, encounter, first fall-in-love moment, the denial of love, the pull of attraction, the desires,  the forced wedding, confession, acceptance, and much, much more... 

Over the years, I enjoyed renewing these moments in my ways at different threads. Today, at this grand moment of 12 years of IPK anniversary. I am meeting my own memories with this show and taking you all down this memory lane.

A show which came to my life from this point where he didn't hug her. What on earth made him not do so? This question made me land on a Youtube channel, and since then, there has been no turning back.


It made me land here in one complete night of watching all the love scenes, and later that scene connected everything to bring these two lovers together. It started under the stars, near the poolside and got close in Gupta house under the hanging stars of Khushi's beliefs.


He proved his love for his women, who became everything to him. Ana to tha!...well, he came and conquered hearts.


The show ended abruptly for us, but after three years, the same hand appeared with a rose for his rose...IPK ek Jashn brought smiles and laughter around.

Happy 12th Anniversary...


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 True Love That Lasts Forever...

My relationship with IPK and BLAST ....2013


The Show ended but ArshiHamesha's craziness increased due to deprive of this daily dose and she just started her chase on IF without knowing what is she looking for. She found ...Doc... post, for counting the ppl like me to join in her new journey Blast from the past. I surfaced the pages, I found my first crazy crew member ..Katlyn on Page 9 and the next two crazy ones...BarunDiwani and Horizon.. on page 24 of Thread 1.

You must be thinking... I knew them...LOL then you are crazier than I am...OK, as emotional as I was, I took my oath on Page 29...

Here I am, a regular surfer of IF, had no clue and had no friend, just post my craziness whenever and wherever I feel like, but here I am taking an oath of what??? ...No clue.Confused

Ok, Epis started falling down every day, and my hopeful eyes got darker each day by this thought; this is a chatting Thread as I saw pages over pages just chatting about everything and very little what I was looking for. Then One day, I started seeing Drooling Pics with some thoughtful notes, and I was, YES, as I like reading, so my eyes got that bright crazy light of hope, and then Our Guruji Indi came along, Uff...small pieces with ballistic powers, and I was hooked. She is a true inspiration of mine as she was the only one who knew my old ID...as we connected via chatting somewhere...

Now I had no friends and didn't know who I was supposed to bribe to tell me how to start.Confused

I started with small pieces and got small likes ...but those were genuine as they didn't know me, and my journey started from there with no end. Indi and BD gave me instructions on how to take snapshots...and my small write-ups changed into 100 pages story with pictography without any boundaries to make ppl bored as I still have the same likes. Yet, my spirit got a free sensation which doesn't need any, as my urge to explore grew more and more each day..Smile

Today I have friends who know me more than I know myself,Heart 

Today I have the company of words, which shows my compassion more than ever knew about...

Today ArshiHamesha is what she is and always was, yet hidden 


On Blast, we have crossed milage...as we are here celebrating Holi...yet Holi's Dhakan will be heard loud enough with full faith during kidnapping where this will travel distantly to find its destination because of full faith. Very similar to all of us here on this thread, and IF we are from all directions, but our love and Faith are uniting us here as we have known each other for years, or some of us are connected forever...

Age has crossed the limit as there is no boundary between friendship and being supportive of each other. We celebrate with each other the very same way as in IPK. We laugh, we cry if we don't get what we want...Wink

That's a mere power of the love of this show and our compassion which, at the end of the day, brings us here, no matter what...

We are a small and proud IPK Family that shares the most sensuous and heartfelt moments of ARSHI. ArshiHamesha has found something in years to be a part of something so special that she can't tell you how immensely happy she is. The push and pull of daily life give her rest here, right here, nowhere else. I love all of my crew who work so hard and do without their part out of love, love of this show which brought all of us together on one platform...Blast from the Past... 

Special Thnx to Doc and Amethyst, who started joining this alien family under one roof.

Thnx to Captain Indi, who is sailing this ship so smoothly and calmly.Hats off to you

Thnx to Co-captains..Durga, Katlyn, and Supriya are making it a shining star over this forum day and night...

Thnx to readers who take their precious time to spend some time with us and appreciate our efforts every time and every day.

Thnx to Silent and occasional visitors who were with us every step of it and made it successful in each and every way

Here is the toast to this success...

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                                                         By Mysticaldivine/ Old ArshiHamesha/ 2014


~~~~Nafrat Paas Aney Na De~~~~

How did the Hate try to keep them apart...


IPK is a story of a Thorn who loves caring for Roses [All mothers, Payal and his Khushi] with his own bleeding heart.A heart which had lost it's own beat within wounded war of his childhood and adulthood's perceiving notions of life.A life full of pain , regression and loss.A loss of his Rose, his mother who was the brightest star in his life with a canvas of full of colors.Her guiding light was always with him and directed his heart to perceive another and bigger light of the Moon to diminish all the darkness within and around his life , to spread all the colors of the rainbow around him ,to make him happy and laugh forgetting all the pain and the regression.

Her guiding light open his eyes to show him the Red Rose in that dark night where that Rose fell in the arms of this thorn.A thorn felt a small jolt in his heart first time as someone opened the jammed doors with a key but he rejected it with the same jolt by punishing the Rose to lock it with the same key , to control these prohibited and abandoned feelings.


"Arnav Singh Raizada ko kissi Ladki se koi fadak nahin padta..." and here starts the journey of a Thorn whose cravings caressing that rose turn into rage of scrunching that Rose under his feet for making him feel and sense what he never allowed to even think of .His reflex under the receptivity of innocence and love always punish that Rose but unintentionally he fed that Rose the life of eternity with his own blood.Arnav's love for Khushi increases with each pain he transferred her but his own hate also got cloaked under the fragrance of purity and innocence and he couldn't stop submerging in the fragrance of this Rose totally unaware of that Evil eye has chosen His Rose to pluck and to wake him up from a slumber.


Fate played it's own tune and Khushi ends up working for him but her determination and stubbornness made him halt to see his own reflection in her.He put her through the intensity and harshness of all weathers but in return get rained with the bolt of thunder too.His fuming exasperation put her life in danger and the first time he felt a strong jolt which left a mark for eternity in him.She made a crack through the shell of ASR and suffocated Arnav breathed fresh air of love in years.He caressed this Rose with delicacy and craved for more but Rose detached herself from the pinching cruelty of this thorn without realizing the pain of his bleeding heart without giving him a chance to explain his state.

Destiny did play the game of it's own and Rose couldn't pluck out thorn from hers either.Arnav and Khushi got their first knot under the sound of shunk with their mothers' blessings under the star, the Sun and at the top it made Khushi back to her wriiten fate, Next to Thorn's heart who beats for her but gets rejected from Brain.

He smashes the petals of Rose throwing her out but again forced to protect her and ASR reached her home to bring her back to him in his home.She asked to train someone else to beat his heart the same way as she does but during that process she lost her heart and he heard her erratic beat too which stirred his passion to caress her lips with his... but his bitterness took over to smash her with another jolt of rejection which  bleeds her heart to mix with his blood but this time again Arnav couldn't stop it either but ASR within did "iss baat ka koi matlab nahi"...and he threw her out without his protection to be very vulnerable which made evil to claim her as his...But Destiny brings mother to join hands and make another knot in their relation under the bells of blessings and this time Evil remained unaware that She already has been not only marked by her owner but again has been under his safe heaven.

Naniji and Anjali bring Khushi back to make La his bride but this time he gets smashed by Khushi's engagement and that make him roar to claim his Right on her but this time she makes him taste his own meds."Humain koi fadak nahi Padta"...

Destiny couldn't see the silent tears and Rose gets smacked by the bitter truth of Evil but this time she wanted to save the thorn , his Arnavji from the agony of Fate by putting her in all weathers by herself.Fate gives her a chance to spread smile and happiness among all without knowing the true face of evil.Her murmuring heart delivers a silent message to him to make him realize his true Love for her.

Both get a chance to be with each other and thorn does open his heart to adore and replenish this Rose with his visage and leaves no stone to caress her, to devour her ,to inhale her, to capture her essence with his lips , with his touch , with his passion and burning desires.

He wants to awake her desires, to awake her heart notes to mingle with him again which he rejected on Diwali .Arnav did open his bleeding heart to let the essence of this Rose feel him and let him feel her.During this ,he feels his stone heart can beat only for this Rose"Khushi" ..."Farak padta hai dammit Kyuonke..."but still a hesitancy makes him stop confessing his true feelings...

Fate plays another game and  Evil burns the hope of thorn with his ugly and nefarious acts which make Thorn to burn the Rose with his acrimony.His passionate hate still couldn't remover her from him and Destiny made them knotted together for forever but in front of mothers under the star with the bells of blessings by screaming out pain and convulsion over thorns way of squishing Rose again without telling her the reason of his asperity"Aaj se tum meri patni ho...".

Evil got defeated but he did get success tearing apart two hearts for a while yet Love finds it way back in there...and two hearts confess their Love on a colorful day of Holi..."Humari dhadknain eik ho jati hain" as Khushi never failed to put this thorn in challenges and smacking him with her innocence "aisa kyuon hota hai"...to make him human again...

Their pull and push within not only make them understand each other but also make them to feel the Need and dependence on each other till Khushi brings him to the edge where he tells her the reason of his burning her like that.He throws her under the fire again by marking her with someone else with his bleeding yet roaring in Love...

Thorn goes back to his impassive state but this time Rose doesn't let him...All the Hate and Evil couldn't stop this Thorn and Rose from being one with Love blooming with divine powers...


How this love will keep them together...see in Part two

SCROLL DOWN...Smile for PART 2



~~~~Mohabbat Door Jane Na De~~~~

How does Love keep them together...

Continue...from Part 1

Khushi first time understands the depth of his pain and take oath to remove all the thorns in their way to reach her destination...his Heart telling her that you are the only one for whom her heart beats..."Fadak padta hai kyuonke baat apki hai..." and his heart wants to hold hers but Evil snatches the moment and abducts him by putting em apart...Rose might gets away from him but the message of her bleeding heart and the fear of being away from hers made him confess his heart to hers"Khushi! I love You..."... and again Evil gets his defeat being unaware under his reign...

All the Hate and Evil couldn't stop this Thorn and Rose to be one in Love and blooming with divine powers...


How can a thorn be separated by a Rose when Fate has written them stay and breath together.Khushi gets bleeded by many unwanted thorns in finding her life.She made Evil's plan fail to save Arnav and did find herself in Arnav's embrace..."Akhir hum ne aapko dhoond hi liya.." and this time Thorn embraced her claim on him too..."haan! Dhoond liya tum ne..."...but the moment he wants to claim his divine right on her , Evil snatch their bliss of union and sends Arnav in darkness and away from Khushi.

Arnav's yearning for his Khushi brings him closer to her in a unique way and both cross the boundaries of frames to bein one through their hearts...During this intense, deep delving pitch darkness, their heartbeats find each other miles away."Baat yaqeen ki nahin vishwaas ki hai..." [Belif is what matters the most] and destiny brings these two closer than ever...Both defeat this darkness and find each other but Evil hands snatch his Khushi from him , and Thorn hearts bleeds enough with rhythmic tone to bring the color of his Rose back , his life back in his arms.

They both remove Evil from their surroundings and find solace in each other's arms, but Thorn's fate is still not done with him and to protect his Khushi and the fragrance of his life his  Mother like Rose, his sister creates wall within his territories.He manages to keep both in his protective shell and happy and take oath to remove all hurdles to be with Khushi for forever..."main tumhain apna banaoonga hamesha hamesha ke liye..."...His touch, his care, his affection, his yearning, his passion, his devotion, his warmth does melt her and make her breathless moment by moment and she starts feeling the same zealous love of him but Anjali breaks the spell.Arnav makes her understand and confesses love for Khushi in front of her.It hits Khushi a lot and she leaves Arnav for his di and for his happiness but if the hate never lets Arnav stay away from her how come Love would ever let him.He enjoys his Mrs and her antics with smile by making her smile with orders But during this process this thorn loses it's roughness and gifts her HIS heart.

He tries his best to earn his Rose with honor but Khushi's stubbornness makes him go under the cloak of ASR and wins her forcefully.That makes Anjali realizes Khushi's importance in her brother's life.He burns her with his penetrated gazes and wants to devour her with pride when another blow hits him and throws him back under many thorns of his bitter past.His Daadi comes with a mission to separate them again but this time Arnav covers his Rose from all across with his own Shell "jahan meri patni nahin aa sakti mujhe nahin lagta wahan meri koi zaroorat hai..."[I don't think I am going to be welcomed where my wife can't enter] ...He showers his immense love and care for his Khushi who makes him to find solace in her arms by showing her open wounds of his past, telling her how his precious Rose, his mother left him.."my mom committed suicide..."...Khushi not only get successful blooming smile in his dark nights but also embrace Anjali with care.Arnav reaches to the edge where he wants to break all rules to claim her soul to be soul mates for eternity but Khushi's hesitations make him lose all of his walls and he uproars his claim on her..."I love you Dammit"...and that assurance which she was looking for so long makes her to claim him as hers..."hum bhi aap se I love you Dammit..!!!.."

They get separated to be together, All the rituals which they did finish by Fate make them renew their vows in front of whole world to claim each other right under Evil's den but Evil played fatal and perilous twist to make this Thorn bend in front of divine forces and a man of writing other's destiny bows his head down in front of cruel fate but this time his Rose keeps his head up by transferring all of her strength.She not only make him stand tall but also give his strength , his di what she wants to stand on her feet, his husband, the Evil planner Shyam...It does the shake a bit of him and he shakes her core with his rage but soon they go forward with their rituals to complete their oneness.Shyam the Evil brings another knot of his past right on his wedding day wheich makes him lose his balance but this time his Precious Rose ,his mother guides him back to his Khushi,his Rose of life without caring any other thorns in the way and they get knotted for eternity.

Evil gets expelled , their territories get new rules to replenish within , things come and go to challenge them to be separated but their Love conquer all  the boundaries within and out of there to be one for always..."Arnav and Khushi khabi alag nahin ho sakte"[Arnav and Khushi can't be separated] ...He takes his Rose,the reason of his life to meet the Rose who gave him life to let him merge with the divine love of All...

 A Rose learned how to love from a Thorn,how to get strength from a Thorn, how to be loved by a Thorn and she accepted his Love for Eternity..." agar aap nahin hote tou humain pyar ka matlab kaun samjhata...aap hi humari taqat thay"[who would make me understand the meaning of Love ...as you were my strength]


Hate and Love conquered the separation and they lived happily ever after...

A Rose of a Thorn for eternity...

Hence a flower of love blossomed through this love story and successfully captured and entrapped millions with its essence of unique passion, endearment, fondness, adulation, emotional tenderness and warm Love. The Love which has shown us many ways to love and to be loved, many rays of hopes and beliefs, many days of longings and yearnings, and many craves of desires and cupidity and ArHi delivered these with raw and passionate emotions yet naked to our unbelievable eye. Now our eyes are holding that Raw Truth of fantasy endlessly and perpetually Like "Hamesha".This is a classic icon and will remain with me permanently...no matter what

Happy 3rd AnniversaryDancing to All

     Credit:All Rose graphics and gifs are taken from the net.Thnx to the uploader Smile

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 A Journey of a Thunder...

   By: Mysticaldivine/ Old ArshiHamesha 2015

A clap of thunder occurred in between hearts when she fell in his arms, the jolt of electrifying emotions submerged deep within minds and souls, but a state of mind started defying the sound of that feel..."mehsoos" which surfaced up with ego. Yes ! an ego of defying the touch..."Mujhe fark nahin padta"[ doesn't matter to me] ...Yes ! a mere touch of her hand which was cupping her neck...a mere touch of her thudding heartbeat ...a mere touch to his soul through her innocent eyes who were looking deeply in the eyes of her protector ...shook him with fear ...a mere fear of love ...a mere fear of losing someone dear...Yes a fear of thunder of LOVE and INNOCENCE  from which he had been running all these years ...a fear of shattering vulnerable Arnav who always remained stronger in between armored shell of Arnav Singh Raizada...Yes "Arnav Singh Raizada jisse  kissi larki se fark nahin padta..."...but Khushi had broken that code without knowing the language of it.


She invaded his barricaded territory and made him compelled to mark his by mere TOUCH ...a touch of protection...which he never asked or felt asking permission ...that was his code of RIGHT without thinking twice and she never refused either. That pulled both of them up to the point where both crossed their barriers, and the thunder of heartbeats made everything silent for them as always...only a feel of the gust of wind which always narrowed down that intoxicated whirlpool around them ..and they ended up burning their hearts and minds within that blazing fire of passion.He burned himself in ashes and her in this fire by halting words,"Koi matlab nahin..." which changed later "Fark padta hai ..." when the thunder of fear of losing her shook the walls of ASR's shell and her protector wanted to her Rajkumar and dream lover"I love you Dammit ..." YES!!! you mean everything to me...

He felt the sound of thunder and knew the meaning of it way before her, but that sound was breaking her ribcage all this time to find the true source of it ...Her Dhak Dhak jolted by thunder to make her realize that the reason of it was not other than ..her Laad Governor...Her Rakhshua...her Magarmach, ...her Shaitan,...her angry Rajkumar...her Arnavji..."Arnavji!!! Hum bhi apse I love You Dammit!!!"

She clung onto him the very first night ... and after that, took all of his heat as her punishment for making him fall for her with oozing red and incinerated passion which he couldn't get out of his mind ever and framed it for forever which he gifted it later to show her the moment of his defeat in front of her innocence. He always left a Mark on her during his thunder of rage but always regretted it "but when I realize it ...I always regret it Khushi" ...he said it to La but showered on Khushi by his intense touch. All this time she was cherishing and protecting his marks on her and showered him with her innocence...with her peck...writing his name on her hand with Hena...which made him want to touch her and kiss her badly .He marked her in jealousy and she marked him again with her innocence..."Jo main mehsoos karta hoon woh tum mehsoos karti ho..." [I feel exactly the same what you do...]


Love marks seeped in deeper ...rooting the grip of Love and care...but doubts of fear clapped another thunder around him, demeaning the sound of love. Even hate brought him to his knees, and he marked her his with RED sindoor the way she did dressing in RED every time ... caged him forever with her innocence. 


He did it out of Hate or Love ...he even couldn't differentiate "iss pyar main sahi aur ghalat ka koi matlab nahin"[no meaning of right and wrong in this love]...till he reached to the point where her innocent love won him for forever. He never wanted to let her go off of his eyes, neither the night when both got marked by RED...her blood in the guest house and later by Sindoor in the temple ...till he reached to the edge of this deep love where he finally asked her not to leave him ever...' mujhe khabi chod keh nahin jaogi..." before marking their souls in this union of innocence and Love.


The TOUCH of her and the passionate URGE of him brought Khushi to a realization and she asked him the most vulnerable QUESTION in her inebriated form"aisa kyuon hota hai..." [Why does this happen?" ..why your proximity yelped as a clap of thunder in my heart that I can't even breath...and that again brought him down to his knees with overwhelmed tears acknowledging her love and innocence for him because their heartbeats are indeed one..." 



She never recalled that but he summoned those beats to revive her...by thundering every particle of this nature to bring her back in his arms alive and happy, and from that moment, the journey of thunder took a new way to intensify every element ...to make every norm bestowed upon them  ...to burn every hate in ashes around it,... but within its shell, he made sure his Khushi always remained under soft petals of ROSES...to make sure His Khushi stayed safe in his cocoon for forever...where once he lost someone very precious...Yes, Thunder "GET OUT "  changed into  "Mat Jao" [ Don't go...]

              Indeed a New Beginning of thunder started where the sound of innocent  & pure LOVE always followed his command!!!



                       DancingHappy 4th Anniversary, 🥳

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The first week of June Golden date 6th (2011) made the history of Indian Television throughout the world.A moment of a dashing man holding a beautiful girl in his arms was stamped in minds for forever...Today we are here to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Supreme Television show, Iss Pyar Ko kya naam doon. A show for which ,viewers worldwide think about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .They don't waste a second to hold their grounds to discuss, to show gratitude, to show their possessiveness, to show the love, to show their solidarity with one and only one jIPK...Striving to offer uplifting ideas, picking up fights to bring this magic back, having one thing in their minds...just IPK

A Change  for the mind, body and soul, as well as a whole new way of presenting romance on TV shows, has been changed since then.IPK is available in many shades and subtitled languages and  offers throughout the Globe.

We even won mind games to bring them back..Yes! we got IPK-Ek Jashn with the same couple , same Barun and Sanaya...who showed us again that they still hold the power to create breathless moments .A last memorable kiss...A last hug.We Love you Dammit! Bas..

I salute the makers, the actors, and the entire team of IPK along with our IPK-IF fandom...who is shining as a star over this forum among many.


Happy 5th Anniversary to All...








Jo Mein karonga... 

Three concise words, spoken, in anger, in frustration at seeing her fleeing away from the feelings he must awaken once again. Just last night, during the dance, he showed her Farak padta hai ! It matters, and she screams it too while missing him this afternoon thinking all sorts of things. Both had purged months. Not willing to accept but it was ripped from their gut ... 

She had melted in his arms like a molten lava last night. He was drenched with her acceptance in her innocent ways, she had let him lead her, trusting him fully... But today, she was making him teeter from one extreme to the other, from her missing him to seeing his name in her hand t but not anymore...


He grabs her dupatta., her hand immediately flying to her neck ... Aap ...But he waits for her and her eyes widen as she sees the sight before her. He is on his haunches, his face, his body in statuesque repose. She asks him to leave it politely as ever... 

His chin juts in a familiar defiant challenge. Why? ...

She asked many times Why it matters and now he asks the same of her ... Knowing fully well that she too has no choice. He was in no mood to play more of these senseless games when both knew the strength of this tie-in between them. He knows now he must corner her because if he won't, she sure as hell won't accept it...!


With all the techniques of a Hawk never leaving its prey out of his sight, he lifts his chin and claims while provoking, you can't do everything by yourself.


An open challenge ... Come and get your dupatta right from my fist, she disintegrates, Yes, me...I can do... Oh his chin lowers, his eyes sparkle, his lips are slightly open, his body takes over. He too is breathless, captivated and tied willingly this time to the other end of this dupatta...


Not taking his eyes off her, he spools her in, slowly, tugging her in closer with each twirl of her dupatta around his hand. Now he dares, you can do everything so release your dupatta now...A jolting stop right next to him, but she was unable to face him. Her heart pounding in her chest. His heart desires a palpitating heartbeat away ...


He looks at her, his head lowered to the side of her face. He can hear her heartbeat as his own is mingling with hers... All his fight gone, and he is simply a man mesmerized by this enthralled beauty in front of him...Months of longing is taking over, his lowered eyes are blazing, his breath held silently, his lips crave but he holds ... Yet he seeks her consent ...


Jo mein karoonga, kya tum voh kar paaogi?


Her eyes, hazed to a distant spot, now what? ... She hesitates yet shutting her eyes seeking Devi Maiyya and then, gives in ... Her cheeks aflame, having his fanning breath over... she nods quickly, oh she needed strength before her heart gives way ... He was watching with effulgent eyes knowing he will win...


He leans in, pressing softly and kisses her on her flushed porcelain skin pressing deeply yet like a chaste caress...Consuming her with it as she closes her eyes. He does not linger; his eyes watch her intently being intoxicated lids shut in ecstasy. Yes, she is His...

Khushi mujhe chod kar mat jana ...main tumhare bina jee nahin paoonga

He just verbalized it today, but he never dared to leave her at any moment...I don't need anything anymore, Khushi... Meaning I want you and only you beside me, with me ... 

Even though she tried many times, she couldn't stay away from him either. She has thrown the blanket of fears of any doubt about him and his love and is grown up in this relationship in such a way that her own heart is yearning for his embrace ... my own heart didn't listen to me even though I didn't want to love you, but I do...Yes, she is ready when he asks her permission last time... Khushi main... and she submits herself...hum jante hai.

Two beautiful souls who were talking about their mothers and what they will be talking about them ...about their pure love ... sacha pyar have finally become one... The dori...The Dhaga when she said Jab bandh liya hai tou... then...there is no turning back...and she proved it tonight...but he was angry and disheartened that day. Today he opens it with her respect and permission to tie his soul with her for eternity.

She kisses him, brushing off all of his worries and fears without hesitations and with her right on him with all of her love which she only has for this man, for her Arnavji...and finally goes for his lips which she was quivering for on Diwali night and he takes charge and moves along with the soothing sounds of Kangan ...his mother's which always brought him at peace...today that noise is throbbing him to reach for that soothing peace with immense love...he removes the Kangan, the earrings, the waist belt while caressing, kissing and nuzzling till she gives in and he joins his lips with hers ...under the stars for eternity...


Thinking of her routines and the importance of this Mrs. India event, she kept herself busy with her Yoga exercise...

His gaze was caught while walking past his French window when a breeze tickled his face. A soft passionate and mesmerizing smile hugs his eyes seeing her across the poolside practising her yoga. He stood arrested, looking at her without blinking. The poolside was lit with a soft light bathing her fragile visage covered in sky blue night dress which was illuminating her beauty along with the soft blue colour of reflecting water. A wavy gentle breeze was swaying the plants. She was indeed his brightest star, ravishing him with a soothing touch of life.


 She bent forward, sideways and stretched while he stood quietly watching her, stunned, lost, and arrested. His breath caught in his throat while he gulped as always. Her beauty bewitched him, making him lose in her. Suddenly, she slipped, and he was bluntly pulled out of his intense meditation. He ran towards her to hold her to cocoon his Khushi in between his arms as always...


 She felt his hands on her, making her steady. Her back brushed with his, their hands intertwined, their breaths collided while their heartbeats merged, beating with a rhythm ...


She can feel his breath fanning her neck, making her breathe suspend for a while. He gently lowered her arms by taking her entire weight on himself. so that she could put her foot down, which was elevated on her thigh for a while. Her essence now entangled him as a spell. He was already lost watching her, but now her nearness was creating havoc in him 


  His need for her was overwhelming. He caressingly moved his hands on her bare arm. He basked in his desire for her. How lost he was, how lost she was...Yes, she was HIS ...


He gently cupped her shoulder, leaning near her ear and caressed her cheek with a deep kiss. She quivered with his touch, which always made her lose in him...


He slowly turned her around, but she stumbled, and he held her as always ...keeping her close to his heart. Their eyes were lost in each other defining a perfect Rabba Ve...


This trust and faith that each one has for the other, have grown up boundless. No matter what the day may hold, no matter how many arguments they have throughout the day. At the end of the day, it is this being together that defines them. 



The years continue to spread love across the globe without diminishing the essence. Memories have become a part of our lives, The hustle is swinging like a gust of wind which is still touching hearts like no one.The sweetness of this show can never be felt bitter because the glory itself is covered by himself, The ASR whose anger-filled molten gaze is still looking for his Pagal, Khushi, whose smile became his, and their smile reflects the light in the heart of many through different languages...

Love&Hate two sides of a passion still exist the very same way as fresh as day one... 

Love, an evocative and sublime word, had given us a meaning of colours, meaning of smiles, meaning of living beyond any boundary or a cloak of Hate...That is Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon for me and for all of us...Happy 7th Anniversary

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon...A Timeless Romance


Clap7 years of utter madness Smile


Clap7 years of utter madness and add more countless into ... Smile

IPK is not just a show. It has become an integral part of life whether we feel it or not, it is there because every celebration reminds us of IPK. There has never been another show that, even after almost seven years of ending, is still on the chart like this... we still watch it every single day. We love its characters- we even act and sound like them whenever it is needed, we even chat with each other hello hi bye bye... qasam nand kishore ki...Hey Devi Maiya, What the! You made this whole globe doing Rabba Ve all the way...Embarrassed

The countless Rabba Ves are still in our hearts. The show has become our obsession, something we cannot forget easily. Even today, we write about it, discuss it, and make creations. This is one of the most loved and brilliant shows in Indian Television History. Onscreen and off-screen, we fell in love with these characters and the story. 

Never again can this magic be created. This show will always hold a special place in my heart, and it will be a show I will watch for as long as I live. A show can never be forgotten. 

Happy 7th Anniversary IPKKNDians across the Globe.

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Ten Years? Unbelievable!

By: Mysticaldivine/ 2021

When your heart can sense the rhythm of emotions, the beat makes you dance to its tunes, and your feet carry you to where you belong. Didn't this happen to the two souls when messengers of love...pigeons played the role of a cupid. The wheels and gears zoomed from earth to air to bring them together


 Destiny was rolling its own dice to bring the bride to its groom. That's when you know there is no letting this moment go, no matter what... it's time for looking up or down, with an ego and pride, to look into eyes and deny what you felt the first time.

Deals were in the files, both with a piece of baggage. One was throwing his past baggage on the one who threw it on a little ASR; the other petite form was trying to get relief from the person who was ready to chain her sister and her family with baggage for the rest of their lives. In between all of this, both were at the same place, feeling each other, or something. She looked up, and here he was, circling or protecting his assets from thugs of life.


Ek Kahani starts at the moment, carries you in a warm embrace, throws you in a fling of passion, catches you back in a hungry clasp, and their wheels roll onto the road with a force of gravity. The pull never got rest since then. Months later, two strangers were dancing with each other confessing how strange this Pyar ki Kahani [ story ] was. This time his hand was behind her head even though she dips so low, testing his limits to let her fall, but his hand knew better how to keep her safe no matter what. He tested her limits by throwing her in the air over his shoulders, caressing her lean form with his. Then he raised the bars to keep her in his embrace, kissing her with his breath to let her shed all her fears and complaints...telling her that this is Teri Meri Kahani... to write a pyar ki ek dastan...an unforgettable love story.



Fire & Ice

10th Anniversary Special

By: Mysticaldivine/ 2021

“It seemed like forever ago, like we've had this brief but still infinite forever. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”? ~ John Green~

Has it been only ten years? feels like we've known iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? like forever. In this world full of temporary things, Ipk gives us a perpetual feeling. Forever moment that we are not ready to end even now. Unbelievable. The perimeter of obsession never came down and took a different shape instead.



Aasman se aya farishta

pyaar ka sabaq sikhlane

[An angel came from the sky

to teach you a lesson of love]

What? What am I talking about here? He was no angel. 

He was Shaitan[ Satan] Khushi's Prince vs Satan. But did he teach the lesson of love?

Well, we all know he was the one who wrote the destiny of his and hers. Who thought that a man in black will take off his aviators to make such a deal to rule the globe while a crazy woman with a helmet on will ride that slogan by signing that deal with this tycoon by herself? Welcome to hell! Unbelievable man!

Where this couple come from? From heaven or hell?

Dil main hai tasweer yaar ki

aya hoon wo dikhlane

[ I have a pic of lover in my heart

and I am here to show you all]

Oh, he showed the glimpse of hell flashing her falling in his arms all over the globe. He told the entire universe, here she is. She was no less and made a deal with superpower Devi Maiya to see him once, just one to pound his meat and flesh instead. How could he dare only?

She left him in Lucknow...smiley1

He left her in Lucknow...smiley3


His aviators came down again but with a defeat and an "Unbelievable!" look. Oh, she was in the same scooter, I mean boat. But one thing was sure this time, they both challenged each other for life, every time they faced each other.

She claimed...."Hum apka sara nuqsaan chuka dainge"[ I will repay each penny for your entire loss]

He declared..."Dekhte hain, tum bhi yaheen ho aur main bhi" [ We'll see. You are here and I am here too]

She swore..."Jeet humari hogi, chahe haal behaal hon" [ We will win no matter what?]

He asserted..."Tum ASR nahin ban sakti" [You can't be ASR]


[Nuqsaan, chot, dard,dhoka aur be aitbari ] 

Loss, wound, pain, betrayal, and disbelief were the main ingredients this ASR turned into a modern "Prometheus" god of fire. His name emphasized his intellectual side. Deep like the ocean and a fore-thinker.A master who learned to craft destiny and the creation of mortal surroundings, beholding the wretch- the miserable monster he had created.

But even Greek gods have Aphrodite and this man ASR got his... The Crazy woman with a big smile and her name was Khushi.


Oh, he hated those lips with a smile and daring eyes or more of dreaming eyes. Those challenging avatar of her was crumbling his self-proclaimed empire of beliefs.

Did she care about angry khadoos also known as Mr. Laad Governor?

Nah, She was a dreamer. She was the one who could only find her way by moonlight with a cup of tea. Her punishment was that she could see the dawn before the rest of the world.

Do you know why?

Because he was there in her dreams to wake her up.smiley36 but her sword was out the moment she was up.

Understood! She gave two hoots to your "Ms.Gupta" after waking up, you know? Any thug or gangster is better than you Mr.


The great man did everything he could to make Aphrodite's life one big hell but in return, he was burning himself. The first time this "Chot" felt different was when her life was in danger in the guesthouse. He was melting instead. She was becoming the healer of his broken and fiery soul.

But he remained in power... Power of hell for her and for himself too.

The more he gave her wounds, the more he got in return cutting through his soul until the vicious cycle broke its hell. He rose from ashes but the ego never seized. Both realised what mattered most in the game of ice and fire.


Did she ever surrender?

She reminded him with each wound daring him more. Don't forget, real beauty is in the fragility of rose petals. A rose that never wilts isn't a rose at all. She took all that he threw at her.

"Don't you dare show me your back Mr.Raizada..."


_ and he bowed down, accepted, confessed, and took an oath to make things "Right". His soul jolted when he felt her lifeless form in his arms, her silent lips without a smile, and closed eyes without throwing any deal or a dare back at him.

She became his biggest deal and he declared. What he had burnt, broke, and tore, he held the power to heal. He was the keeper of fragile things and he had kept of her that was indissoluble.

Prometheus became a true prince of his lady love.


Didn't she say she will change all the losses with the profit no matter what? She declared the winner of their love way before even realizing it.

Thumbs down Mr.Raizada!

She had no idea she was the winner because he made sure of it.


Ipkknd, a winner over the globe yet the winner of our hearts. That's more like it.

Happy 10th Anniversary everyone!


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IPKKND a phenomenon

A Decade Special

By: Mysticaldivine/ 2021


A name of a beautiful feeling which runs through you to elate you through the air ...A name of longing which makes you love the feeling of LOVE through your heart, through each drop of rain which creates rhythm within you...A name of beauty that captivates you by running through lines of your palm like Hena with its soothing essence...A name of LOVE which completes you envelops you with the thought to love and to be loved forever...Like Arnav and Khushi and their unique yet beautiful love story.


Jo pehle hua naa..

Ab hone laga hai..

Dil humko jaga kar

Kyun sone laga hai..




Ye ishq hai

yaa kuch aur hai

Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai

Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai




Ho isko main kya kahun

Tu hi bata.. Tu hi bata..



Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..



Tujhko dekh kar

Aankhein muskurane lagti hain

Tujhko mill kar

Dhadkne gun-gunane lagti hain




Aisa hota hai kyun?

Mujhko khabar nahin

Pehle kabhi hua, aisa asar nahin!




Jo mere dil ke paas hai

Naye jaadu naye ehsaas hain

Ho aise mein kya karun, Kya karun...


Image Image


Tu hi bata.. Tu hi bata..


Image Image

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..





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Ye Ishq Hai

11 years of IPK/ By Mysticaldivine/2022

Iss pyar ko kya naam doon? a unique love story that touches the soul of a common person who has a roller coaster ride. 
This is a story of two star-crossed lovers whose love has no limit yet their denial has no boundary either. 

Arnav Singh Raizada, a wall of ego, who writes his own destiny along with others oh well that's what Khushi's been told by this tycoon who had his eyes on this ravishing beauty since the day one holding in his arms safely. His "Gustakh" [stubborn] rattled eyes stuck on the red beauty and since then he started either punishing the red Cinderella in water or saving with water. 

Either scare her with his misty aired presence or feel her misty presence with air. As we know love finds its way...Her absence creates havoc, a fire, and fear in him, and her company does the same. Typical handsome hunk pulls his girl with love, but this one does it angrily and gets angrier when she threatens him to leave for "hamesha." 


He wants to rewind his acts to fix it, yet forward it to make more mistakes. In this misty anger, he brings his girlfriend for distraction but comes closer to Khushi. His first acknowledgement towards her by saying sorry and feeling the same pain as he feels his own was a big step here, and two souls come closer by being orphans and sharing the same pain. 


This proximity becomes dangerous with no distance in between them on Diwali and now the game of fear starts and that fear ends up not only breaking Khushi's heart but also pushing her towards Shyam's trap.


The push and pull game of these two takes a new turn, and they both end up in engagement in Mandir unknowingly. The wall of ego gets higher after this act, and they both start their journey parallel to the bank of the river, which needs a bridge, and Devi Maiya becomes that bridge and makes Khushi falls in his arms again.


Teri meri became a turning point in their lives. He submitted to his feelings and her erratic heartbeat caught it in no time. A romantic, passionate, intense, sensual, and vehement moment in between them showed them the way back to each other. 


Both, as stubborn as they could be, take an oath not to speak to each other. This time parents, the stars, come into action, and Arnav by putting Ego guards down pours his heart out to Khushi and she embraces him with her soft and peaceful belief "baat vishwas ki hai" [It's a matter of belief]. His scattered life finds solace and peace only in her embrace as she is only HIS'..written divinely'.

Her engagement shakes the ground under his feet. Things take a nasty turn and the revelation of Khushi's engagement makes these ego walls higher around Khushi till these, along with Arnav, make her suffocated within and tear her every dream apart  "Sapno ki Duniya mein rehna hi acha hai kyuonke asli Duniya main sirf Dil toote hain" [It's good to remain in dreams as only hearts break in the real world].

But seeing her devastating condition, the wall of ego within ASR cracks and his own tears come out of these cracks along with her but the cracked wall is still strong enough to make her break more.


Payesh wedding was the breakpoint where two souls came together and opened up with their hearts and minds couldn't deny it either. He was lethal to be handled by a chatty damsel whose heartbeat made her speechless. He took her in his arms and became the prince charming of her dreams.


 He closes the door on her by telling her "Tumhare hone na hone se mujhe koi fadak nahi padta' ...you don't even exist for me" [It doesn't matter to me with or without you]. But ends up breaking this wall by himself and apologising to her. 


Khushi's jealousy and uneasiness are playing hide and seek along with her Dhak Dhak but her uncertainty and woman's egoism do not want to fall into any pit as she fell already and her wounds are still there "koi matlab nahin hai" one of which is around her ankle as a reminder of it. But her broken heart and open wounds only seek his embrace and solace to heal as he is indeed is her protector and only HERS'..written divinely'...



Shyam took every single opportunity from Lukhnow till now to lay with these simple yet strong people but his evil act of putting strong walls of silence around Babuji is unacceptable for Devi Maiyan. She exposes this evil to her child by inheriting her powers of belief and courage to vanquish him. Khushi has another feature of DM, forgiveness and seeing goodness at heart and she gives this evil one chance to put his acts together. Raizadas and Guptas are closer than ever through Akash and Payal's relationship which became a reality only by Arnav and Khushi. 


These two stubborn yet soft souls can go to any extent for their loved ones and here they are joining hands to make dreams come true ''.. as Dreams do come true in real life..

Their forced marriage brought them closer and put Shyam at bay for a while. Kidnapping proved that Shyam could go to any length to damage Arnav and Khushi. But Khushi's determination brought them together, and not only that put an end to Shyam's evil plans as well. He stopped for a while but his actions to provoke Anjali brought a new challenge for both. The arrival of Dadi brought a rift in between Arshi once again by putting questions on their marriage.


Their remarriage got hooked when Arnav got agreed to remarry Khushi according to rituals, and since then there has been no stone on the road to stop him from not getting his Khushi back in his life.

These two souls smiled together and cried together by remaining together no matter what. The Wall of ego had indeed been surrendered by the wall of belief and trust but "Pyar" love and acknowledgement of this "ehsaas" as we all know of "Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon"


(the plot summary is brought to you by Mysticaldivine)





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The Heart found its beat...

Teri ankhon main dekhta hoon Khwab isqadar

to haqeeqat ki duniya kuch anjani si lagti hai

tu door hai mujh se phir bhi paas hai mere

tere hone main kuch kahani si lagti hai


Oh, his slightly opened lips, intense stare without blinking, like a statue by himself, he was caught unprepared for this sparring act of destiny. The heart skipped its beat before stopping momentarily just to make him meet his first beat after so long. 

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected through the eyes of another human being.

His eyes proclaimed the possession, the passion ... A magnetic pull which held her in this silent moment without blinking ... ultimately arrested by his chocolate eyes ... molten, passionate, penetrative...


Falling in love is very real, but Arnav used to shake his head when people around him talked about soul mates,his mind was arguing over poor deluded individuals grasping at some supernatural ideal not intended for mortals but sounded pretty in a poetry book. Then, he met Khushi, and everything changed; the cynic has become the converted, the sceptic, an ardent zealot.


Yes! Khsuhi is a kind girl jiss se dekhte hi pyar ho jaye...[ye Khushi is a girl whom u can fall for immediately]he said that later..

Rabba Ve plays for the first time, and his eyes are welcomed by his first heartbeat with a breathtaking sight of Khushi in a red sari... her hair flying in the wind. His eyes moved along her sleek body, up and down, as his eyes devoured her in. He stood there stubbornly, and the lust never let him look away.. .Well, She is momentarily arrested too,.

This is the first time Khushi feels the power of his intense feelings ... This is the first glimpse of the passion behind his anguish-filled words that Arnav ever called out to her .. she sees the side of Arnav, which is overwhelming if you ask as she feels it. Still, she is unaware of the name of it...


The heart tripped into ecstasy after falling in love. He walked forward yet looked back at her, leaving a trail of love beating with every beat in his heart.

Indeed, Love found its beat the very first time...

Happy 12th anniversary of 1st Rabba Ve...


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He came to see if she will accept her feelings but nah, she is stubborn more than him


He decided he won't see her, remember her, or allow her name even in this house. Accept everyone that she has gone for good...coward 



But her name is what he has all, that is the key to his happiness. The key she kept and gave him back as she doesn't have to keep it anymore, she was already in his heart, mind, running through his blood with each beat and breath...The love finds its way and it did but who will accept, who will say Fadak padta hai first...Ah...

Ah, Khushi 

Ye kya kar diya tum ne

Main ne kitni koshish ki tum se nafrat karne ki 

Par main kar an saka...

Well deserved defeat...

A Famous slap



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