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Dil Se Dil Tak.

Chapter -64


Sometimes, even in the most busy schedule, the simple questions like why we do we feel specially connected with someone haunt us like anything,

 How does mind works? how does hearts reminds us of that person again and again…? How does memories make us smile and even cry?...

Why its so happens that the person, the thoughts we tend to avoid happens to follow us like a shadow. ?

Even though our heart, mind and brain all are intrinsically connected Why it’s so happens that the brain and mind and heart all keeps juggling? Who overly disturbs and confuses us? Is it the BRAIN or that overly pumping heart. This is the only case in the entire universe where we itself are ready with evidence to prove other right and wrong. Brain has no emotion,

If heart says yes, brain says NO. If we agree for the signals of brain, hearts pumps the blood way too faster, to give us that inch of pain.


3rd person eye can never understand this.. Someone has put this beautiful thoughts of jugging heart, mind and soul….


The heart is in  favour of you.

The mind is in the favour of surrounding situation.

The soul is in the favour of reality.

Heart will listen your inner voice.

Mind will listen your thinking process.

And Soul will listen only the truth.

But do we actually hear our soul?

Who wins in this juggling game? … We wonder for answers…but it takes lifetime..

They say, there is a reason why we don’t have an answer to everything at the moment. If we become all-knowing person, the purpose of life will be destroyed right?. Thatsy there goes the saying. -Time has answers to everything.


I don’t lie Khushi and u know that. It was never a love at first sight!!!. But I don’t deny, that there was none. There was an attraction at that first sight. Infact , at every other meeting of ours. Does attraction leaps towards love.? Iam not sure Khushi,. But to be honest, I always convinced my mind, punished my flowing thoughts. I even don’t deny I hated every moment whenever I felt iam getting carried towards you, I hated every that thing which was making me realize, that I feel for you…why iam even thinking about you…….i was trying to hate you……but then I finally paused, I finally stopped. …I faced my Inner question….why iam actually forcing myself ….why even iam thinking…..Why its always different with you?

Was it your beauty? NO!...Because  I had seen many of top reagents and none even dared to enter even in my heart circumference.

Was it your smartness ? , No…!!  I have met more smarter women than YOU!.

Was it your sincerity? NO!. You lied ample times..


Then ? What wat was it that made me attracted towards you? What was it that made me finally to accept my heart ?


I guess because the answer was just simple. Because you were simply YOU and nothing else. Because you pretended to be beautiful, you never pretended to act smart , you were just TRUE to your nature and I have fallen with that nature of yours..Iam surrounded by all Fake things in my life…Fake love, Fake beauty , fake commitments….and you were just true…so pure….

Khushi, I did not know how gradually it developed….But if I did not hear your voice, I felt empty, If I did not see you, I felt something was missing around, If I would see these water droplets in ur eyes, it pinched me, If I see you smiling, it made me happy…


Khushi…I don’t know if all these qualities are of falling in love..I really don’t know…but if it is, then yes God dammit..I really LOVE YOU..


Those beautiful 2 words kept resonating in Khushi’s mind from last 1 hour. She was blindly starring at sheetal sitting in those 4 walls of hospital room, but she was lost in those flash back moments. She was blushing inside. That feeling like of a teenage falling in love.. A proposal which she never accepted to come this way.. She knew Arnav cared for her, she knew Arnav treats her special. She knew , he always had that tiny bit of attraction  , but not to the extent where infact he opened his feelings for her .

Arnav singh Raijyada actually proposed her. Her mind wandered around possibilities of things….What would have been the things now if I would have said YES …… May be wrapped inside his strong arms…and then. .. will they have kissed ?

She kept blushing imagining the moment herself , applying the word “IF” again and again. She came out of her stance when she heard continuous tap on her shoulder.




Heart throb of all female fans “Mr Arnav Singh Raijyada” who is most commonly addressed in Industry as ASR, was absent from recent star dust awards. There is bird speaking which says ASR is pepping on his Hollywood projects and soon to be Off from India. Few of other migrated birds speak that these days he has found his lady love and that he shying away from accepting or may be its again just some temporary relation which would dust away with time. But is thatt


Stop it Karan. “ Arnav spoke irritatively in high pitch.” It’s the third time you have been reading the same news” Arnav gazed at karan in irritated way.

“Because you are not commenting on it ARnav” Aman equally replied straight on face.

What should I comment huh?  Its not new with Magazines and News gossips .It’s their marketing.

Arnav, Iam not bothered about what they written. Iam focused on the sentence they have pointed. “Have you been shying away from accepting your new relation. Huh?” karan asked raising his brows.


“WTF !.. why would I?” Arnav questioned in succession.


Yes offcourse. You never. May be I am mistaken. You don’t like or matter of fact, I guess you do not love Khushi . U do not like her, or may be its just attraction or may be..”


SHutup Karan. I do like her and infact just 1 hour before I proposed her!” Arnav replied in single tone.


“Whaat? Arnav singh Raijyada proposed???   finally? “ karan held Arnav shoulders and shouted with happiness. He sensed it way before several months that his friend had fallen in love, he knew it would be matter of time before he would accept his heart.

”Do tell me more.. ? where did you take her?


Arnav was silent..

“Ah wait..was it just when you went to drop her parents back to home? That’s the reason why she for first time talked in someone what  in low voice , I mean her reaction was different. And your facial expression..i mean...”


Enough of your facial knowledge analysis Karan” Arnav replied and then turned away frustrated.

“.she might have jumped with happiness”

“She didn’t respond anything..” Arnav spoke in irritated tone again.  Avoiding his gaze and to Arnav surprise Karan started laughing hard..


“Sorry bro, no offense..not able to control”

“What so funny?”

“I mean this look on your does it feel when someone rejects ASR….”

“She did not reject.’

huh…look on your face though is different…Anyway, Our boy has finally finally done a LOVE PROPOSAL…

Arnav did not repliy.

“Arnie…Who would After all can reject your proposal..She would accept. I knew she would. She might be in shock..Great ASR baba could finally say something.”

Iam not sure what is running in her mind..She was silent most of her journey....”

She need to digest this big fact Arnav…the star has proposed her..May be she never expected , not so soon or may be she is concerned about sheetal and whats happening right now in her life… .. Not an easy thing…”.. Aman paused, gave  a mischievous smile and popped a question again” But rest apart.,,Arnie, tell me how u r feeling?

“For what?”

 “Freeing up your thoughts MAN. For finally proposing your LOVE”

Arnav just looked away from Karan…to avoid his gaze and to obviously hide his feelings…




A trip of voice conversion of male  husky voice to the crazy crackle sound of calling her name..”KHUSHI”

Khushi realised it was buaji behind her.

Where have you being lost? I have been calling you Khushi…”

“Nothing buaji....Just like that"

Nothing? Then why are you smiling like mad seeing sheetal?” Buaji kept asking rounding of her eyes.. Khushi felt bit guilty and held sheetal’s hand in hers again .


Khushi beta…,are you alright?” Buaji asked again seeing Khushi lowering her chin.

Khushi politely ignored telling about the truth. She knew Bauji would never understand if she would now say about Arnav. But she was solely mistaken. After all buaji’s was not that bad.


Khushi, I don’t know how could any man pretend to show this fake love?  Buaji begin a conversion suddenly.

“He really loves me Bauji. He really!!. That’s not fake love…Arnav really loves me!!”

“Arnav?” Buaji turned to look towards Khushi .

“I was talking about Aman”

‘huh?Aman ?.”

“Haan. “Buaji  surprisingly again looked at Khushi and made a statement..

“You are hiding something Khushi.“

“I don’t know buaji…I was wrong in understanding Aman, may be I never even tried to make an effort… ..”Khsuhi suddenly stopped to look towards buaji back,. She pressed her fingers and questioned her back.

“Buaji,how do know about Aman?’

Buaji took a deep breath.“I heard rattle between Aman and Arnav. I did not initially understand things, but as the rift and ego of 2 men went ahead, I understood at last one thing, somewhere Aman tone was not right and that Arnav was trying to protect you.

Buaji held hand on Khushi palm demanding her to tell the truth. She requested to tell about Aman. Khushi suddenly broke out and told what Arnav told about Aman. The way Aman is dealing with his strange disorder. How he was suffering from sexual issues., how he sexually tortures women to satisfy his burning desire.

Buaji was burning inside equally shocked.“Why did not you tell us then Khushi ..EK jor pakad ke thapad marti. Nandkishore. How could I go wrong in identifying person”?

Pata nahi chala buaji…..aur waise I did not wanted any scene to create when akka was in this position. I will have to get answers from him tomorrow.

NO!. you are not going to meet him. BILKUL bhi nahi..” Buaji was rigid and strong after hearing all about Aman and his unidentified issues.


After certain seconds of pause. Buaji softly questioned Khushi.

“You like Arnav?”

Khushi was silent ., but she changed the topic.

Akka, ko hosh aajaye jaldi. Our one negligence and she consumed the sleeping pills…”

Buaji could notice the tension, yet the strange thing which Khushi was avoiding to face.

Wo theek ho jayegi khsuhi. You reply to my answer.

“Akka needs us. I cant be selfish at this ,moment..”

Buaji wanted to talk more,  she was not typical buaji , she loved khushi from all her heart. And more importantly she had already sensed there is more to their relation. She had sensed when she heard Arnav arguing with Aman. She did not understand many things, but she fairly understood there is a spark between both of them. A moment of selfishness she thought if Khushi would be with Arnav, Khushi would lead a life of a queen.. Everything could change


“Its your life also Khushi. You cant run away from it. Akka will be happy for you. You wont get this chance..No one ever gets like this..” buaji talked with her in very mature tone.

But Khushi looked away from her.

Buaji held khushi’s hand in hers, rubbed it slowly.. “ Sach bata, kisi baat ka darr lag raha hai? Tumhe ye to nahi lag raha tu uski zindagi mein adjust kar payegi ki nahi? Agar aisa kuch lag raha hai to bata…..”


Khushi now turned towards Buaji. There was almost silent tear which could have fallen, but the eyes were pretty dried up to soften that tear to fall down…

Buaji,, I really don’t know if I would adjust in his life. I really don’t know…Life is puzzle… there are many things happening….and its not the way you are seeing…lets sleep now.. First we need to make akka strong. Lets think on that. She has to walk with her head up with confidence with Dignity. She has to live a life alive…….nothing else I want right now…I want to meet Shanti devi tomorrow. I will take akka and go….She would be right person…She deals with women …Akka should get engaged in some work..whatever she should be kept busy….”

 Buaji wanted to convince her more ,but she better thought to keep it later when things would fall in place. She moved towards the extra bed which was towards other end to take bit of rest…

She stopped near windows  to draw the curtains, but her hand paused…..

Tera to pata nahi.Khushi kya chahthi hai..kya soch rahi hai….but wo kya chahtha hai ye to dikh raha hai…“

Buaji , please , let we talk this afterwards”

Does anyone wait even at mid of night for someone? He is worried for us , for you…and…”

Khushi eyes zoomed out. She ran towards window.. Buaji , saw how khushi was looking at Arnav… A sight of care, a gaze of love , a look of belonging, ..but then suddenly she  fumed….in anger….Before Buaji could reply anything…Khushi was soon out of room….



Change is good, but it's also hard

Those simple words--"I love You”. .. can set off a cascade of complex emotions. One such , currently was Arnav undergoing.

I cant believe Aman would stoop to such a level.

Karan spoke passing back the cigar to Arnav. Arnav though blindly took, but did not reply anything. His mind was aching towards everything that he said to Khushi. He was in disbelief in itself. He had never planned to propose to anyone, to fall in love, and even if so, how dynamically things went on. How he proposed out of no where..but he felt lighter..more lighter after letting the things from his heart..….Iam in Love…Khushi……


 Karan was right. He had proposal finally. He never thought he would anytime acknowledge love in this way, that his heart would beat , care for someone to this extent.  


He smiled and puffed a cigar in long stretch…

But why was Khushi silent? If it was any girl, she would have jumped with happiness. But Khushi? Why she was silent? She was in shock did not she ever expect? Or she doesnot love me? Damm!, better if its undershock.


Arnie ? Would you care to reply.” Karan questioned him again, seeing Arnav lost in himself.

“I don’t know.why she did not reply anything?”

Arnie!! Iam speaking about Aman” Karan spoke and grabbed the cigar from Arnav’s hand!.

“Aman?. “ Arnav asked sarcastically.


And that bought Arnav back to his nerves suddenly.. His friend Aman. He had asked Karan to arrange for someone who can hook with Aman to capture proofs.


“How could I miss this. Karan, Did you arrange for someone ?” Whats update on this.  We planned to capture it all.”

Not worry buddy. I had arranged for call girl. .She has met him. But I haven’t received anything from her now.. May be will wait for few mins. Its just 12:30 now.

“what if aman did not go with her. ? have you given clear instructions to her? She has to capture the act, his torture..whatever..”

“Everything is being set Arnie. We should soon get the footage.. .Lets go back to hotel. Shall catch up bit of sleep”


Arnav puffed cigar again,. before he could again fall back to his juggling fathering mind and could realize, matter of action.. there was hold on his cigar.. and it was taken out from his mouth .



“what the f..” he looked side ways in the direction of cigar. Fuming

The words sail down sleeplessly …eyes melt down aimlessly…heart pumped faster and ..that feeling of belonging came in instantly…


Before he could utter more things… he knew she would be first..


Mr Raijyada, you lied !”

Arnav raised his eyebrows in question

You said, you had quit smoking. !” Khushi tone was commanding.

“Is it?. No .when did I say that? “ Arnav asked in

“Vogue India.September edition”

Khushi said the next moment. There was confident, proud in her reply, feeling proud of remembering the date. 

Karan who stood their watching this unwanted episode kept open his mouth admiring the level fan would dedicate their time and memory.

Wao. Seems you have followed ASR so much. I envy that. “ Karan replied. Khushi suddenly realized his presence, but did not reply and turned to look at Arnav again.

But Arnav stood there amazed, lips took their own nasty curve , equally feeling happy, amazed ….

“What happened ? why are you smiling.?.” Khushi questioned back.


Arnav hands slowly went towards her tender waist bone and before she could feel that sudden tingling sensation, she was pulled more tightly, towards his chest.

She could hear his breath, so close to his eyes.., those chocolate brown eyes….the way he smirked.

Itna to kisi nai muje dil sai yaad nahi kiya” Arnav questioned


“You know that..A big fan of yours then?”


And Now?” Arnav asked in his husky tone.

Arnav slowly lifted his hands from her waist and bought up near her face and  carefully tugged  few strands of hairs up behind her ear ..His gaze was moving from her eyes, her chin, her ears, her shivering lips …

Their strong gaze pulled each other this cosmic force. Love that was its peak, attraction was at peak…harmones which equally triggered to adrenaline high,  lips that take a livid turn…and then…they hear a  a scratching  sound , It was of Karan…

ahem ahem..excuse me….sorry sorry. Would never disturb you…..but something urgent”

But he knew what Arnav gaze meant--…”what the hell u were standing here all the time..”

But Khushi was quick to reply in scratchy disturbed tone “sorry. Its nothing between us. Just that” .

Arnav turned to look at her with that sentence..”nothing between us”


Arnav, I received a message from the call girl. She is with Aman.

Arnav gave a snotch of smile.

“call girl?” Khushi asked in surprise

Arnav turned to look back at Khushi and explained her what they have been planning with Aman.

Khushi, Aman is suffering from sexual issues and disorders which has to be promptly treated , if not believed.  We have to drive it this way. Need proofs of his act

Arnav, That was not necessary. You have simply taken a trouble. I trust you Arnav. And even Buaji belives you. We would have convinced Amma

“II have not taken this step to convince anyone Khushi,.I  need not have to convince anyone. Aman characters is more than what you have imagined. He is not a simple womanizer. I could have broken his nuts then and today ..on your engagement day. Giving all sorts of proofs. But for a change, for first time I held myself back. Because of sheetal. I don’t wanted some ugly truth, ugly discussion should bother your sister when she is recovering from mental trauma.. but now since Aman has challenged me, I would like to play his way.

“But Arnav”

Shhh” Arnav keeps a finger on his lips.

Trust me. None of them would dare to raise a anything on you nor your family.Do not worry.”

Do you think now afterall what happened … would I care for log kya sochenge?” Khushi replied and continued..” I stood in with Aman today , this engagement today with him, this  relationship because I thought may be this is what my fate is….i thought may be it was just few of his old affairs… but I did not knew anything of what he could turn out to be… .what if I would have got trapped in that relationship..what if he had tortured me….I would have blindly written my fate…..Thanku again for everything you are doing for me..Arnav and  and I and I “  Khushi was suddenly speechless…she wanted to shout and tell how much she loves him…


Khushi, I am still waiting . You can still write your own fate..Dont leave on situation, don’t leave on God..Trust your instincts and Iam sure it wont prove you wrong..”

Wo Arnav ..” Khushi wanted to make him understand about how this relation can bring complexities because of their background, about sheetal being unwell.

“Is it because you are worried about your sister? “ Arnav questioned straight to her surprise.

Khushi was silent and avoided his gaze

You need not Khushi.. We together would take care of sheetal..and trust me she would be soon fine….”

“She needs me Arnav and I want to be with her and also Its not only just about akka. Its also about you ..?”


your status..about…your”. Khushi was struggling with words. She wanted to make him understand they belong to different world. She could never adjust in his glamour world. She would never.It will fade one day..

About mine what more?” Arnav questioned again.

There was a pause again from Khushi.

“I need Medicines Karan!” Arnav shouted.


“For my bleeding heart…because no one bothers to say anything here…”


“Its too late. Please go hotel. Can we talk tomorrow pleaseeee“ Khushi politely requested.

Arnav walked out and stood few feet away.


She blindly saw him going…but her gaze suddenly fell on Karan standing. Karan could catch that uneasiness. He was above to take excuse, but he stopped and finally muttered all his strength to talk with Khushi again

“Khushi Iam sorry. I know you would never forgive me. But”

Karan was quiet next.  Arnav turned to look back at them.

I don’t know how much she remembers of her past . temporary loss which she was facing..or may be she remembers all those brutal rape attacks..may be even by you. I cant  and I can never forgive you karan. ”

“God’s sake Khushi . You need to understand something that sheetal has gained bit of memory and you know what , she remembers karan very well and she took his name. I don’t know if she is anry or if she in peace.. but she did remember and for God sake, I know you are protecting her, you care for her, But you should not-because she has to learn to protect herself. You can safeguard her and  keep her in coccon, but you should not- because she has to learn to fly. Make your sister to face the world, the reality. Iam not saying alone. Stand with her, but give that push to her!

As Khushi turned to go in fury, she slowly turned towards Arnav….

“Thank you so much for everything Arnav. Trust me , I” Khushi wanted to reply and speak.

looks like there is one more crazy fan of me..” Arnav cut off her in mid. Khushi gazed at his eyes direction. She could see Buaji standing near window staring at Arnav..

“Good night Khushi..You take rest!”



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DIl Se DIL Tak

Chapter 64-


As Arnav and Karan drove in car silently.

“You don’t know to propose aur convince anyone!” Karan spoke.

“What do you mean?” Arnav angrily asked back.

“I mean  why was it necessary even to quarrel for sake of me. Its valid, she has to be angry on me. Any one would be. I don’t see wrong in her part”

Arnav was silent.

“But man, this is how you talk to lady love you proposed, the way you turned and walked. are an romantic hero..should I have to tell you? And she is moreover has strange different thought process?I know middle class bit of strange thinking,”

“Different? Strange? I would say Crazy stupid thought process and that sucks..!” Arnav replied irritated.

“Yeah yeah I understand and you still love her..but kuch filmy filmy heroine ko manao yar….”

“That’s not my style. Iam this way only and she will SAY YES. ! I know her”


Why Men are so desperate when they don’t get what they wished for. Aman though was suffering from strange sexual disorder, it was just not the lust, but it was in him a great achievement to have Khushi in his life. A reason being Arnav. His own internal cold war differences with Arnav from many years. He was jealous of Arnav, he was insecure of everything he had, he had developed strange disorder towards his own sexual needs. And when he saw Khushi, got to know about her, there is only thing that was roving around him . To have her in his life. At any case.  He had gone heads on heels to do whatever it takes to impress her, charm her with his words. To impress , help her family.

But today, it was rough day for him mentally. He never intercepted Arnav would actually trigger a challenge with him. It looked interesting. He knew for sure Arnav might have told Khushi now about him being unfaithful, spending a night stand with many. So night before his D day, he called Khushi and explained that he has been unfaithful few times. He knew khsuhi wont take any such stand considering her fear about truth about sheetal coming out. He was all giving emotional talk to Khushi and family. But it did not go his way at end of the day.


When he met a call girl , the  circumstances planned by karan and Arnav. He was subjected to enforce on her considering his lust. But something in him prevailed. He did not sleep with her. He was thinking of Khushi. What if she would reject him with the next ray of Sun, what if his plans of marrying her drops of. What if I would never have her. But I want to have her . I need to convince her…explain her…feel her… Why Men is so desperate when they don’t get what they wished for. Aman though was suffering from strange sexual disorder, it was just not the lust, but it was in him a great achievement to have Khushi in his life. A reason being Arnav. His own internal cold war differences with Arnav from many years. He was jealous of Arnav, he was insecure of everything he had, he had developed strange disorder towards his own sexual needs. And when he saw Khushi, got to know about her, there is only thing that was rolving around him . To have her in his life. At any case.  He had gone heads on Import shipment 2to do whtever it takes to impress her, charm her with his words. To impress , help her family.

But today, it was rough day for him mentally. He never intercepted Arnav would actually trigger a challenge with him. It looked interesting. He knew for sure Arnav might have told Khushi now about him being unfaithful, spending a night stand with many. So.a night before his D day, he called Khushi and explained that he has been unfaithful few times. He knew khsuhi wont take any such stand considering her fear about truth about sheetal coming out. Somewhere he had fear too.

When he met a call girl which was circumstances planned by karan and Arnav. He was subjected to enforce on her considering his lust. But something in him prevailed. He did not sleep with her. He was thinking of Khushi. Khushi was cold, what if she would reject him with the next ray of Sun, what if his plans of marrying her drops of. What if I would never have her. But I want to have her . I need to convince her…explain her…feel her…I cannot let her go…

 Aman was clearing out of his better place. He handed double amount of money to cal girl who was high profile best in town. And went straight away to hospital.




Hospital Room.


There was knock on door. Khushi went to open and was surprised to see Arnav standing.

“Just came to see if sheetal is now good?”

she is sleeping. Just waiting for another 2 hrs. she should regain her conscious.”


“Good night Arnav”

There was knock again..

“So , call me when doctors comes up or you need something”

“Sure. Thanks arnav”

“You haven’t given me any answer…”


“what u don’t? you don’t love me?”

“No…..i mean ..”

“So Yes? You Love Me?”

“I mean. “

“why your buaji is staring at me from behind. Going to kill me?”

“no I guess she is fantasing about you!. You know nice arms…..she is being single..why don’t you consider that proposal..” Khushi said folding her arms.

“Good night Khushi.. …you try to understand what you want. You have time till tomorrow eve”

“Why option is good!”

Khsuhi closed the the door,  seeing irritated Arnav…But she laughed hard…n hard coming inside…tuning towards buaji..


.After half n hour, when Khushi was tossing thinking silently about Arnav..there was knock again at door.

“Mam , someone gave you this.”

She opened the slip of paper. Meet me at gate now..”

who gave?”

He was tall, handsome ..”

Khushi smiled silently. ..

This Arnav..whats wrong….so weird since he has proposed. May be a need to have this discussion with him. I have to calmly explain him.

She saw buaji sleeping. She quickly went out ..not before taking Arnav her hands…



“Arnie..what happened to your style. Why did you go back huh?”


Arnav did not answer anything. A few minutes of ride and  Karan gets a ring from call girl. Karan curious words turns to surprise and then shock,.

“Whats the matter?” Arnav asked

Aman did not get indulged in any act. He went off.”

“what? F**k. Our planned went off. She was not smart enough to bind him”

“What else”

“He went out throwing her money and was smiling itseems”

“Smile on his face?” Arnav questioned clueless.

Arnav demaned to take a U turn immediately.

“Back to hospital”

Karan suspected what Arnav was overthinking now.

“Are you thinking, if Aman went to meet Khushi”?

“Not even a sec doubt”

Arnav took his mobile and called for Khushi number in stance. He crashed on his side in frustration. Obviously it was off.



Khushi went clutching her fingers. May be that unfinished kiss will be fulfilled or she will end up this relation. Will they again quarrel?  What will be her Fate. But She needs to talk to Arnav.  She wanted to clear all the thoughts. That how she values him, gets attracted to him, but really they cant afford to be one. I need to make him understand our relation is not going to work. We need to think practically and move on. Temporary happiness will kill away..but what if he convinces me. What if I fall in his charm as I flatten everytime.


Her each step on the floor echoed. She pressed the 6th floor of the tower building . She kept on thinking will she repent if she says No. Or if she yes…

And then as she came out of lift, she slowly took the upper staircase which connected to the terrace. She climbed up slowly , carefully, and could see door was half open. She slowly called his name out.

Mr Raijyada?”


She walked few mts on the terrace which was not so clean but grumpy floor.

Arnav”? she looked at at all corners. There was no hint of him.

She thought, if she walked into wrong terrace. ? She cursed for not taking care of her mobile , which was being off and in her home sleeping in solitude.

How should I contact him? It was mentioned terrace of 3rd tower..”.

“Should I go/Wait?.” Cold breeze was hugging her tightly.

And in matter of second, she heard a door close behind her back. She turned in smile. A Smile which got faded in nanseconds.

He is not Arnav.” Her quick reflux action seeing the shadow of man .

“Aman?” She softely spoke as the image came bit forward.

Aman? “You here?” Khushi asked loudly.., and then something sensed to her. She opened the chit in her hand

“Did you send this?” Khushi questioned again with sudden panicness in her tone.

Aman gave a sheepy smile and walked towards her. Coming closer to her, he questioned leaning towards her ears.

“Whom were you expecting?”

Khushi suddenly jerked with his close nature.

Relax Khushi. Why are you so frightened”?

Khushi pressed her fingers and faced him straight.

“Aman, whats the matter? Why did you call me this way?”

“Don’t you think, there would be fun this way..”

“at this hour of night?”

“Iam your fiancé. We can meet any time of the day right? And soon will get married” He sweeped one of her hair strand and tugged it behind her ears.

Khushi took one step behind in shock.

“Aman, Need to tell you something. I cant marry you. Iam sure you know the reason and tomorrow morning we shall call off this engagement “

Aman looked desperately in her eyes.

Cancelling of marriage? Breaking our relationship?”

“I never loved you Aman to be honest. This relationship will not work” Khushi replied back in high pitch

“And this you realized today. ? when just 8 hrs before we had exchanged the rings?”

I thought I would make it work, but I think I wont be. It would just ruin both of her lives”

Aman brushed of his eyes…looking angrily at in all direction and then faced back her..he slowly held her ,controlling his anger.

“I love you Khushi.. I would keep you happy. I want you Khushi to be in my life” He conveyed in most matured manner that any girl could sense his pityness, but heart wont feel it.

“No. I cant. Its done Aman. I don’t want to lie anymore. “

“You love Arnav right. You have feelings for him? Aman questioned again in soft tone. Khushi did not answer and looked away, avoiding his gaze.

“Will you marry him?”

Khushi was silent

Did you sleep with him?”

“Aman!. “

shhh. Why did you hide from me Khushi, that you spent so many days with Arnav..Roaming cities, places…”

Khsuhi turned to look at him in equal despair.

“Tell you what? About Arnav?”

I called you daily Khushi. You didn’t even mention me a day about him. Why did you hide?””

wait a min. Ok, I did not mention you may be because I thought you would misunderstand our relation, may be because you may think otherwise, that how u r thinking now. But tell me Aman, I told about my craziness as a fan towards Arnav on the first day we met. You happen to be his best friend and you never did even mention this once with me.

I wanted to give you surprise u see, making you meet your favourite Actor, but you gave me more bigger surprise than that.

There was pain in his eyes, trying to see the women he crazily lust over is in love with Arnav.but he cant just go this off his hands easily

You love him just because he is rich. Celebrity, famous…but even I have all.  I may not be famous. But iam rich..what else Khushi…what makes you get attracted towards him…? Look did he tell something against me? Iam sure he would have told you about my old exes. I told you everything clear and cut. Its my past..”

Aman, are you sure you told me everything? Is this all? Do you really like me or infact any girl?”

Khsuhi did not had any proofs with her to tell him about Aman sexual disorder. Nor she was understanding how to put this matter up.

“Aman, I did not had any problems with your past,or matter if fact number of women you slept with“

“that’s my past Khushi. I told you everything”

“You slept everyday wih new women… even yesterday!!”

“what non sense Khushi. Did Arnav tell you? 

“You are suffering from sexual dysfunction Aman. I know everything. Offcourse Arnav will tell me everything. You don’t need a wife , you need a doctor Aman”

Aman was tightly clutching his fingers now. His show off of god guy was slowly taking the other position in his little brain.

“See Arnav brain washed you. Khushi , he wants YOU at any condition. He is playing game with you, because you are different. Just think if it was really what iam, I would have touched you long before. Did I ever misbehave with you? Did I ever forced you? I know this much I love u Khushi, and I want you in my life. I cared for your parents so much, I cared for you each and every moment. Why don’t you trust me? You love that celebrity friend of mine, because he is celebrity? Because you will be leading a different life.”

There continued bit of verbal arguments.

“Iam going Aman. Lets talk in the morning “ Khushi finally kept an end.

 As khushi wanted to leave the place soon, as she took a step to move ahead, Aman caught her hand and pulled her back to Khushi’s surprise.


He slowly moved his fingers on her forehead”

“Leave me Aman. “

Khushi was trying to come out of his grip, but his hold was way too strong.

he brushed his fingers to her cheek bones, lips..

what did you say Iam suffering from sexual dysfunction? I sleep with women daily?” You see you are right. I love to enjoy with different flavours of body. That’s not disorder you see, that’s a need”

“leave me Aman. Let me go”

How can I leave you most treasured flavour” Aman’s eyes were turning lusty and dirty. His every muscles stiffened as he held her tightly. While khsuhi was frightened with his words and was trying hard to come out of his grip.

“Have to shout Aman, if you don’t leave me RIGHT NOW!”

uff..iam crazy on this attitude of urs. You know I wished I wanted , iI would have taken care of this beautiful feathery white body long before . but you see I wanted to keep it for my lifetime.. But destiny always plays tough and hard wtih me. He sends Arnav everytime I wish something for me. Why so? Tell me something which he has, and I don’t have. Leave that celebrity thing. Its just all show off.  I have money..lots..Have good looks…isn’t it..i can give something, which he cant give..promise and stability. He would run away same way he does with all women. Because he cant love anyone. He is playboy from heart. Even you were not sure about him right. That’s why you wanted to marry me…..”




You see, Aranv was right. You do actually suffer. DO you think you can marry me? NO!. I guess now I understood gods plan to send Arnav in my life, because what would have been my state if I would have married you

Now that you wont really agree iam tired of this fake acting to be soo good to you. Let me have some fun I have been waiing for. Let me enjoy. “ Aman started tieying her off .

Khushi was struggling hard to come out.

“leave me Aman. HELP” is what she finally shouted…

No one listnes from here. NIGHT is dead…. .I like this screaming sound. I enjoy…. But shall I paste on this lips. I want to enjoy your all tiny bits ..” Aman knowingly was crazily talking


ah. Who will send? Arnav?. You know, I hate Arnav. You should have seen his face when I had put rings on ur finger. God dammit. Such a fun to take things away from him what he likes…..I know he would come in my way again. I know… then  thought he would equally be in pain if he see you suffering, roting beneath my skin…….wouldnt he? Will he accept you? Or will you accept him..anything both of you would remember me FOREVER…”


Situation can be so helpless sometime right. In hands of powerful man, women really tend to feel weak? Is it because she doesnot believe in her own power or really the feminine power is weak in hands of muscaline..


Khushi couldn't believe what was happening. "No! No! No!" she shouted. "You're not going anywhere," he laughed.  He grabbed the scarf off her neck and put it around his own. "You're not going anywhere," he said again.

"Aman! Stop.  "Please open the door." Khusi had tears in her eyes.

A surge of adrenaline flooded her body ..and I”If I don’t do anything, I am going to be raped tonight. No one can help me. “

She knew she had to get out from this terrace..—she came out of his grip somehow and ran towards other end..  She jumps, she dies…, this is going to be a death match. She wasn't sure if he wanted to rape her or leave her,  but it didn't matter.

She pushed him harder than ever she pushed anyone or anything in her life. He stumbled backward and fell onto the floor. Without hesitation, she ran towards terrce entrance door, But her pant got stuck on the railing, and she just hung there. As she crambled to get loose, Aman reached over and grabbed her neck, trying to pull her back up. She squirmed and kicked, and finally the pant botom ripped. She ran other end again shouting.

Khushi took a deep breath seeing down. Should I jump. I cant fight this man. I cant survive having getting raped from him. Its better to get legs broken …, die!

Aman suddenly hugged her from behind..holding her tightly and getting tied her..

She made a point to herself that she was not going to go down without a fight. I was not going to go down, period. I cannot be victim!

Khsuhi suddenly turned and hit his balls with a sharp kick from her legs , indeed with full force anyone can imagine.

Aman cried in pain . Khushi punched and beat him hard. Took off his hands and tied with the same rope.. pitting off..

Pitted off again. Crying…

You A** hole. “Khushi was shivering…

You want to rape me? …She took the rod which she saw lying down and hit him again hard, way too hard this time with all the energy she mustered

“You know I was wondering why did God send Arnav into my life. A celebrity, a figure whom I crazily liked why did I happen to meet know because probably to save from YOU. I met him exactly the day before I meet you. God had his own plans. I don’t want to give you any ansers but u shd know.because u shd suffer whole life..

U are right..I care for him, I feel special for him, because I LOVE HIM. U understand. I cant leave without him. You were also right. I was scared of his status. I was scared of his glamour world, I was scared if he likes me or not…and I also wanted a simple life and wanted to run away from his life, because I don’t know . thatsy , I went to sacrifice my own life saying yes to you. You may be good, you acted good, way too good..but u know someone rightly said , Lies don’t get hidden way too long… it comes out at right time… your fake love couldnot turn  mine towards you..because my love s TRUE. I never loved Arnav that way..i liked him crazily as an actor. But I fell for the human he is … every bit of his whatever he is…and that’s difference and u should rightly feel jealous of him. Not of because of name and fame he has, because of heart he possess, because of all the good qualities he has in him and that you can never have. You don’t require a doctor. You should rot in jail.

you are hearing this Aman? I love ARNAV…Love him so much”




Khsuhi was breathing heavily, but she slowly turned to look at the source of voice , In panic dropped her rod down and rushed to him in equal lightning speed to hug him.

“I love you dammed. “ Khushi hugged him tightly and cried.

“You don’t know what Aman was trying to do..”

“Relax Khushi iam here..but to be did the job well…What a Kick, “Very much Anjeline jolie style..and You know thatsy I love you. You don’t want any HERO in your life. You itself are one!”

Khushi kept hugging him tightly.

“Watch too much movies.? Where did you learn that kick.” Arnav was trying to make her relax.

“I told right iam trained belt”” Khsuhi replied in low tone

‘yeah belt…. I remember your karate stunt with cockroach in Shanghai…”

What if Aman had raped me today..i would have ended my life Arnav”

shhhh…not a word..”

Aman who was beaten up, removed his handcuff which took in a minute tied by women and held the rod in hand. He slowly moved to hit them on head when Arnav suddenly sensed it , took Khushi side ways and caught hold the rod and kicked him equally hard that Aman dashed on ground with single shot.


Khsuhi ran towards Arnav and Aman, came near to them and asked “  Is he  acting again or did he die?” Khushi held his arms and asked taking a deep breath.

“Na… my jumbo Big kicks. He is just Unconscious.”

Nice shot it was. Ur filmy shit. That’s my HERO see.” Khsuhi proudly smiled at Arnav..”You guys practice in real?  I thought body double..”


“Body double? Huh? What else you think my lady ,about my on screen and offscreen? There so much interesting things to know what all my fan thinks about me..”

“I Love you “ Khushi spoke softly..

It took exactly 4 hrs to reply back to me huh.. Longest someone has ever taken huh….” Arnav smirked and  dragged Khushi in his arms . As khushi felt the warmth in his hug, Arnav was silently pondering over khushi’s previous concerns ……..

To be continued…



HI my beautiful readers,

How are you all doing. I have missed writing this ARSHI and reading all your reviews...

I know it came after very long long time....but me again...Kaisa laga?

Boring nahi laga na?



tc, love

Posted: 11 months ago

I cannot believe u actually came back . Thankyou

Loved loved loved it . They actually confessed . Also loved how buaji supported Arnav .

Now please don’t disappear let’s complete this story and give us an arhilicious update .

Posted: 11 months ago


You've finally updated, yay😍

I just realized how much I was missing this story when I started reading it. 8 months is a long time but not long enough to make me lose interest in this masterpiece. Had to read the previous chapter to catch up but that's fine.

After reading the update I can say that it was worth the wait. Couldn't guess that Khushi will confess this quickly. At last, that as***le showed his true colors. Let him rot in jail. Thank God, the karate thing was true, previously I thought she was bluffing. 

Author ji, please take your time. You can update the next part after a few months if you want but please don't rush the ending. I really love this story and I truly hope you'll not end it in a hurry just for the sake of ending it. 

Thanks a lot ❣️. 

Edited by Hridi_121 - 11 months ago
Posted: 11 months ago

Welcome back. Hope all is well on your end. Thank you for the update. Finally finally they both confessed. 😊

Posted: 11 months ago

Nice update

Edited by sanjanasree - 11 months ago
Posted: 11 months ago

Amazingly awesome update.. loved it so so much.. it was a treat to watch aman getting kicked by both Arnav and Khushi.. Khushi declared her love for Arnav to aman.. well happy news that Arnav reached there on time to hear and also he got to know about her fears.. amazing.. Thank you Vandy for such an awesome chapter.. Thank you 🥳🤗👏❤️

Posted: 11 months ago

Thank you!! Thank you!! For not giving up on the story in spite of all other commitments.  

Hope all is well at your end. 

Lovely update as usual.....Now at peace knowing that Arnav loves khushi and khushi loves Arnav and both know it!!!! Now that the main issue is settled, would love to see how Karan-sheetal, anjali and ofcourse our Khushi's fears are addressed. And ofcourse with Buaji on his side Arnav is already on the winning side.😊

Take care.

Posted: 11 months ago

What a pleasant surprise...and loved confession..absolutely filmy....glad to see u back

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