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Jo chahat hai usko paane ki taaqat dena!
Jo kismat hai usse qabool karne ki himmat dena! 

"Give me strength to gain what i wish for, Give me courage to accept my fate"... Qubool Hai is about a journey of life, its trials and tribulations and acceptance of one's fate. It is said that God gives us the strength to change what we can and the courage to accept what we can't...some have the courage to accept what we can't ...some have it and some don't have it in them to accept the change...but eventually the journey to accept what God has given us is the essence of Qubool Hai...

Qubool Hai is a refreshing story about changing cultures, based on the lives of three young individuals Asad, Ayaan and Zoya, who are far different from one and other, their families, views and ideas, all set in a Muslim backdrop..It is not about any love triangle or something but the story of two families related by blood and yet distanced by circumstances. It is the story of two brothers Ayaan and Asad who are separated by their families but are united in their hearts.

It is also the story of Zoya, a girl who starts by hating the culture of hypocrisy in joint families and eventually ends up bringing together the two warring families.
'Qubool Hai' is a happy, cheerful and lively show that reveals the fine distinction between modernity and traditionalism... Religion isn't the focal point of this show. It is the story of a culture which is so rich yet misunderstood the most. Muslims from all over the world have a long history of making significant contributions to the society. They are diverse in nature, enriched with rich literature, music and language heritage that has a profound impression on all of us.
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Qubool Hai Season 2

Sanam Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Beloved.
Played By: Surbhi Jyoti  

Sanam Ahmed Khan is the daughter of Zoya Farooqui and Asad Ahmed Khan.  Living in Punjab with her grandmother, Dilshaad Ahmed Khan, Sanam has forged a new life, a dhaba that is her dream.

Then there are host of people she will come across who either make her life miserable or a delight. She is shown as a talkative girl like Zoya but having Asad's trait of being a cleanliness freak 

Ahil Raza Ibrahim

MeaningEmperor, Ruler
Played By : 
Karanvir Bohra

Ahil is a man of contradictions. A womaniser; but not a bad guy. He is human with emotions that a girl would perhaps want to delve deep into. A man who seems untameable. A challenge.  He has a temper that is like fire. When crossed or opposed, he has to get even. He has a soft corner for kids. He also seems like a man of principles but he holds his principles dear and lives by his code of conduct.


MeaningSweet Scented
Played By : 

Rehaan is an orphan who lives with the family who has adopted him and works for the heir, Aahil. He is Aahil's best friend, confidante and man-friday rolled into one. He is a shadow that is happy to be part of someone whom he admires. Rehaan is happy to be doing things for Aahil. He believes he owes his life to the family who raised him and be grateful to the people who have befriended him. A happy-go-lucky disposition enables him to take in all the antics of Aahil with his moods. He has moulded himself to be a person Aahil can depend on.

Qubool Hai Season 1

Asad Ahmed Khan

MeaningLion/ Brave Man
Currently Played By : RaQesh Vashisth  
Originally Played By : Karan Singh Grover   

Asad is a very serious guy, who doesn't smile and has been through a lot in life. He has never had a male figure to look up to, so he became the man of the house before time. He is a big sadu and very heavy character. He is an angry youngbusiness tycoon who does not believe in love as he feels it is a waste of time. He is a sorted and religious person, tries to follow his culture as much as possible. He has made a business of his own. Asad's sole purpose in life is to become successful.

Asad is the eldest son of Rashid Ahmed Khan and Dilshaad Khan and have a sister Najma who is younger than him. He also has a step mother Shireen, two half  sisters Nikhat and Nuzhat and a half brother Ayan..

Asad is way apart from his father as he left Dilshaad, Asad and Najma 17 years back for the sake of his second wife Shireen and his family with her... For Asad hiswhole family consist of him, his mother Dishaad and younger sister Najma. Asad is an obedient son of his mother Dilshaad and a caring, protective brother for his sister Najma. 

Though the two families are very much distant from each other but Asad and Ayaan are united by heart and shares a sweet brotherly bond. Asad was murdered by Tanveer before burning down the Khan Mansion.

Zoya Farooqi

Meaning: Alive
Played By: Surbhi Jyoti  

Zoya is an NRI who is on a vacation in India with her family. She has some goals in life and is determined to achieve them. However she comes across hindrances while realizing her goals. Marriage isn't on her mind and she has many friends..

Zoya is a vibrant and new-age girl too who walks hand in hand with changing time. She is modern but keeps it in accordance with her culture and the traditions instilled in her. She is against the stereotypes and never hesitates to question them.

Zoya represents the educated progressive youth of today who are very well sorted and rooted in their culture. Yet they are not regressive. They are people who have adjusted to modern times and are trying to find their own place in this world.She is a cultured and balanced girl who is very conscious of her rights. Zoya was murdered by Tanveer before burning down the Khan Mansion.

Haider Sheikh

Meaning : Lion. King Of Jungle
Played By : Mohit Sehgal

Haider is a self-made, flamboyant man, charming and handsome boy who possesses a great sense of humour and bowls everyone over with his wits. Making his way smoothly out of various difficult situations, Haider is mature who has a set agenda in life. A smooth talker and an affable human being, Haider will connect well with everybody around and soothe ruffled feathers.

Haider will get rather fond of Humeira as he gets to know her better. And even as he gets on well with the whole family, he is there for a reason that will be revealed much later on in the show. 

Humera Siddiqui

Meaning:someone with rosy complexion
Played By: Ketaki Kadam

Humera is Taya Abbu and Razia's daughter... She carries a sweet, positive and strong  character and is truly like a sister to Nikhat and Nuzhat whereas Ayaan leaves no chance to flirt with her... She is not connect to Ayaan's family biologically but emotionally she does.. She lives in the same house as Ayaan's family does and carries a soft corner for Ayaan in her heart.

Ayaan Rashid Ahmed Khan

Meaning: God's Gift
Currently Played By: Vikrant Massey 
Originally Played By: Rishab Sinha 

Ayaan is a happy-go-lucky lover boy without a care in the world. He is not mechanical. He works according to his heart. He believes in reflexes, success and most importantly his big brother Asad. 

Ayaan doesn't get angry fast but is stubborn and to some extent respects his elders. He keep silent instead of speaking his mind.

Ayan is the son of Rashid Ahmed Khan and Shireen Khan and have two younger sisters, Nikhat and Nuzhat.. He is Asad and Najma's half brother and Dilshaad's step son. Ayaan is 5 years younger than Asad.

Rashid Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Rightly guided, pious
Played By: Vaquar Shaikh

Rashid Ahmed Khan is married to two women, Dilshaad and Shireen..He is a man who is caught in a lot of personal problems.

Rashid's first wife is Dilshaad with whom he has a son Asad and a daughter Najma but he left them 17 years back to achieve some other goals of his life due to which Asad doesn't gel up well with him.

His second wife is Shireen with whom he has a son Ayaan ad two daughters, Nikhat and Nuzhat. He is the head of his second family and lives with them.

Dilshaad Khan

Meaning: Happy/ cheerful
Played By: Shalini Kapoor Sagar

Dilshad is Rashid Ahmed Khan's first wife and Najma and Asad's mother. Dilshaad has faced the rough challenges of life to bring up her son and daughter. With her son flourishing in his career and becoming a business tycoon, life seems to be a bed of roses for Dilshaad.

She carries a very strong and dignified character. Her husband had deserted her for more money and a better lifestyle. Dilshaad has worked hard to give her son and daughter the best education. Her son is in fact a bigger tycoon than his father.

Najma Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Precious Star
Played By: Nehalaxmi Iyer 

Najma is a diligent student who tops her class.  Najma is a cute and slightly chubby girl who tries to follow various diets but never really sticks to them.  

She is the daughter of Rashid Ahmed Khan and Dilshaad Khan and Asad's younger sister.. Asad is a very protective older brother to her who monitors what she does and wears. 
She has a step mother Shireen, two half sisters Nikhat and Nuzhat and a half brother Ayan..

Najma is 7 years younger than Asad, 2 years younger than Ayaan and 1 year older than Nuzhat. Najma was murdered by Tanveer before burning down the Khan Mansion.

Shireen Khan

Meaning: Sweet
Played By: Shabnam

Shireen is the second wife of Ahmed Khan and mother of Ayaan, Nuzhat and Nikhat. She is a very loving person but also acts as a fool at the same time.. She carries a confused and weak character and is not at all independent in any manner.

Shireen is Dilshaad's sautan and Asad and Najma's step mother..

Nikhat Rashid Ahmed Khan & Nuzhat Rashid Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Sweet smell/ Fragrance

Played By: Archana Taide

Nikhat is Rashid Ahmed Khan and Shireen's daughter, has a younger sister Nuzhat and an older brother Ayan. 

Nikhat is a dark complexion girl whose dream is to become a famous Dancer. Dance is her passion, but coming from a conservative Muslim family it's not easy for her to pursue her dreams.

She is Asad ad Najma's half sister and Dilshaad's step daughter..

Nikhat is 7 years younger than Asad, 2 years younger than Ayaan and 1 year older than Nuzhat.

Help, aid, assistance, support.
Currently Played By: Farhina Parvez 

Originally Played: Digangana Suryavanshi 

Nuzhat is Rashid Ahmed Khan and Shireen's youngest daughter, has an elder brother Ayan and an elder sister Nikhat.. Nuzhat is a very passionate kind of a girl. Interestingly, she wants to become a fashion icon but her looks don't allow her to do so.Nuzhat wants to do something however her family doesn't allow her.

She is Asad and Najma's half sister and Dilshaad's step daughter..

Nuzhat is 8 years younger than Asad, 3 years younger than Ayaan and 1 year younger than Najma and Nikhat.


Played By: 
Vidya Sinha

Dadi is Rashid Ahmed Khan's mother, Dilshaad and Shireen's mother in law and the Grandmother of Asad, Najma, Ayan, Nikhat and Nuzhat..

Her character is very positive in nature. She is sweet and a grandmom who loves to dress. She is extremely sugary and lives with Rashid and his second family...

Ghafoor Ahmed Siddiqui

Meaning: The one who forgives.
Played By: Tej Sapru

He is Shireen's mu bole bhai means not biologically related to her in any manner but still acts like her elder brother.. Razia is his wife and he has two daughters... One is Hiba who happily married and lives with her husband and the other is Humera whom he wants to make married to Ayaan. He also lies in the same house as Rashid's second family does and acts as the head of the family who is very positive and strict in nature.

Rashid and Shireen's children call him Taya Abbu. Gaffur was murdered by Tanveer before burning down the Khan Mansion.

Razia Siddiqui

Meaning: Choosen/ Acceptence / Happy
Played By: Alka Kaushal

Razia is Shireen's bhabhi as her husband calls shireen his sister though they are not biologically related in any manner.. Razia lives in the same house as Rashid's second family does with her daughter Humera and Husband who acts as the head of that whole house...
Razia is a arrow minded woman and kind of a spicy chilli who can easily make shireen do what she wants..
She has two daughters, one is Hiba who happily married and the other is Humera, whom she wants to make married soon with Ayaan.

Tanveer (Billo Rani)

Currently Played By: Amrapalli Gupta Originally Played By: Nisha Nagpal

Tanveer aka Billo Rani is Asad's childhood friend. A girl who puts on the face of a sweet, cultured, girl to her best friend Asad, little does he know that her true colors are evil.  


Credit: Sameera_12
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