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Published On: Wednesday,Aug 03, 2022 02:28 AM GMT-06:00

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They are poles Apart in all ways. She is professional, calculated and well mannered. He is - I do not care. Look at him and you will only know that he simply wastes his time. look at her and you know, she uses her each minute. She is well planned and look at him and you find him most unplanned.
Is she exactly what she really think she is , will she know what real him is? Read this story as layers of drama unfold.

Mostly we see that woman are shown having emotional turmoil and man free from any emotional issue. But it's not always true, there are cases when woman can be practical and men can have vulnerable side to them. Being vulnerable is not anyone's weakness. Even very strong person with everything can be vulnerable.

It shows how being your own professional self, keeping a strong woman personality, a woman can step in shoe of that woman who support your partner selflessly to come out of their problem .

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Author's Note:
This is my latest Fiction. This idea struck me suddenly and I kept going into the idea. I had to then pen it down to pour it out from my mind.

This is the work of fiction and all characters and scenes are work of my imagination.

I request all readers to FOLLOW this fiction for notification. Also please like and comment on the chapters and let me know you views. It's motivating as well as helps me to know if I am going in correct direction.

Trigger Warning:
Complex emotional scenario.

Intense physical interactions.
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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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