MiNeil FF "Dangerous Game" updated Epilogue on 08.09.20 pg 94

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hii friends

Here comes the don story everyone was waiting for.

Not decided yet whether it will be a SS or FF.

Still need to finalise some characters also. Was not going to post it but as everyone was eagerly waiting for it so decided to post atleast a prologue. Will try to update soon.


Prologue on pg 1


Part 1 on pg 2


Part 2 on pg 4


Part 3 on pg 6


Part 4 on pg 11


Part 5 on pg 12


Part 6 on pg 15


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Part 8 on pg 23


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Part 10 on pg 36


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Part 22 on pg 82


Part 23 on pg 89


Epilogue on pg 94


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Posted: 2 years ago

Dangerous Game




It was a stormy night. Wind was blowing with such a speed that it was threatening enough to blow away everything which dared to challenge it. Every now then there was lightning and thunder making climate more dangerous. Everyone in Mexico was locked in their house for their safety. Streets were empty, restaurants deserted. Though the weather department gave warning for the cyclone but it was much more dangerous than reported. Within few hours it had started to wreck havoc in Mexico. But one car was speeding towards the outer city area cutting against the strong winds. It stopped with screech as it  reached its destination.

A tall man came out of it and approached towards a figure who was sitting on the bench placed outside a house which looked liked a farm house with large garden area. “What was the need to come here? You know how dangerous it can be at this time.” Said the tall man. “You left me with no choice. I had to run away from the airport.” Replied the person who was sitting on the bench without even bothering to look back. “Don’t make me regret my decision. You have to move from here whether you want it or not.”Tall man replied with gritted teeth. “Here, take this file. All the important documents and papers you will need are here in this.” tall man gave that person the file. That person looked at the file and turned its pages in confusion. Why would I need this.” that person replied all confused.

“Because I have changed my plan. You will do as I say as we don’t have any other option and time also. Marcos’s men will be here at any time.” Tall man replied. “But why you involved him in this. Are they coming to attack us? You are alone how will you face them?” person asked worried. “Don’t worry I can handle a few goons. Besides, they are coming for you they don’t know about me.” Tall man explained. “What? For me? Why? Wasn’t he your friend?” asked the person. “In a way you did good by running away from the airport. They also went there to kill you but since you ran away they couldn’t find you. But they must have got the information till now that you are here. And about Marcos….well nobody is permanent friend or enemy in underworld.” Replied the tall man.

Soon they heard some cars sound. “Hurry up, they are here.” Tall man ordered. That person took the file from him but was still confused about his idea. “What we were doing till now….our plan isn’t it enough?” that person asked desperately. “It was good but clearly not enough as they want to kill you.” Tall man replied and his eyes went wide with shock when he saw Marcos men have already reached there. “I am sorry but its too late. Now only your death can save us.” The tall man said as he pointed his gun at that person. That person gaped at him. Soon the environment was filled with the echo of gun shots.

Part 1 to follow soon

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Posted: 2 years ago

Looks interesting. Waiting for part 1 .

Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by sub_94

Looks interesting. Waiting for part 1 .


Posted: 2 years ago

OMG... Super excited.... smiley43

Posted: 2 years ago

Interesting prologue

Love it

Continue soon

Posted: 2 years ago


Dekho ...

Woh ..aagaya smiley43



Ha aa 

Ha aa

Ha aa





Haye ...smiley42

Jaldi update karo next smiley43

Ye Don Neil b apna teeth grit karta hai smiley2smiley43

Ye habit nahi jaayega na smiley37smiley2

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