MiNeil FF "Forever....in your heart" Epilogue on pg 165 uptd 22/08/202

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hii friends, I am bringing a new story to you. Hope you'll like it and give your love like you did to my other stories.


Mini was sitting on the bed, looking outside the window at the sky, it was moonless night yet stars were twinkling as if marking their presence. Her hands were caressing the hair of her beloved who was lying on the bed with his head on her lap and her mind was wandering through the past memories...memories which were full of their love, cute fights, the first meeting and that day when they parted....... that last kiss they had.

After remembering all this she let out a deep sigh and looked down to find Neil..her love, asleep peacefully, a smile crept on her beautiful face and she thought that- how life has changed. She caressed his hair again lovingly, "I had never imagined our future will be like this.....I dont know how cynical I have become and look at you.....I doubt do you even remember your older self.... but I am still happy as you are with me although our fight against all odds has just started but I promise you....I will win it....we will together win it. I will never leave your side and will always love you. No matter what come in our way our love shall over come all hurdles and we'll be together'..forever....even if you never be able to normal again....you'll be here always....in my heart...forever." Mini said pointing towards her heart.



Yash - Owner of Oberoi Industries. Very  ambitious and practical. He is shrewd businessman and prefers  money over values and some times over family too. Though he did love marriage with Seema but love was evaporated from their marriage long ago.

Seema- Wife  of Yash, mother of Neil. She is a kind hearted lady and is very sensitive when it comes to her family, specially, to his son Neil. Although she did love marriage with Yash but after his one mistake all had change between them and they are together just for the sake of society and their son. To coup up with her loneliness she has switch to alcohol.

Neil-  22yr old boy. The only son of Yash and Seema, sole heir of Oberoi empire. He is cheerful, optimistic and have many dreams in his eyes regarding his career and life partner. He loves music, trained in western music and wanna make career in it, wanna create his own identity. Loves his mom very much, knows the reality of his parents marriage but still hopeful that love will return to their life.



Hanuman-  Businessman,rich but not as much as compare to Oberois. Actually he is 40% partner in one of the most profitable company of Oberois. Kind hearted man. Always prefer love and values over money and loves his family.

Babita-  Hanuman's  wife, homemaker. Very kind  sweet lady. Loves  her two daughters very much.

Mini- 21yr old girl pursuing MBA. Elder daughter  of Hanuman-Babita, keen to assist her father in business. Girl  with a golden heart, very beautiful, cheerful. Spread happiness wherever she goes. Waiting for her prince charming. Will do anything for love.

Arya- 12yr old girl. She is sweetheart of her family. Loves her sister very much, can do anything for her happiness. Has interest in music n learns classical music.



Mr. and Mrs. Mehra - Another  rich business family, status even higher than Oberois. Have one daughter Isha.

Isha-  22yr old girl. Sweet and nice. Childhood friend of Neil and has one sided love for him.


Mickey, Bobby, Preet, Jazz- Neil's friends and members of his college music band.

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Epilogue  pg 165


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New storysmiley40smiley41

Looks amazing smiley42

Neil in collegesmiley42

Update ASAPsmiley36

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Wow new storysmiley42




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Chapter 1- The Rockstar


There was a huge crowd on the ground situated backside of the building of a famous college. Everybody was shouting , cheering and making noise n going crazy with joy n  excitement…all were youngsters…students of that college and they were cheering for their favourite band – "Hurricane" which was performing live on the stage in front of them. The band's name, Hurricane, truly represented the nature of all its members i.e. cheerful, full of energy, vivacious, flamboyant and that care a damn attitude that they all have.

As the first song finished, everybody clapped, some girls shouted “I love you Mickey”, you are simply great!!! Then they all began shouting one name in unison- NEIL….we want NEIL….we want NEIL and then suddenly all lights were put off and people become quite then one spotlight fall on the center of the stage. There was a man, wearing torn jeans and leather jacket, holding an electric guitar in his hands. His back towards the audience but they know that he was none other than their very own college hero, lead singer of the band Neil Oberoi. The moment he turned his face towards audience one girl shouted- “Love you Neil…rock the stage baby.” Neil winked at her and moved his fingers on guitar and with this there was a thunderous sound of applause as everyone was waiting for this moment. He began with his favourite band Linkin Park’s song- "Burn it down". With this every one was charged up with new found energy and began shouting his name louder than ever.

Sweating heavily after that lively performance he removed his jacket and drank some water directly from the bottle and also put some water over his head to cool ,down….with every drop of water falling from his head to his bare chest making his well toned abs wet, making him look more  sexy. The girls were going crazy after him. Some even tried to jump on the stage and touch him. One was even successful in holding the corner of his jacket. He tried to pull it away but the girl didnt let it go. As a result it was torn. The girls went even crazier looking at his bare upper body and sexy tattoo on his chest.

The band performed some other songs which were their original compositions  and set the stage on fire. At the end of the event all members of the band (viz Neil the lead singer and guitarist, Mickey the lead guitarist, Bobby the drummer, Preet who played keyboard and Jazz, the female singer) came to the center of the stage and Neil held the mike and said-"Thank you friends for all your support and all the encouragement and love you have given to Hurricane all these years. As you all know this was our last year so we all have to leave. But we'll never forget these wonderful years of our lives and although this is the last performance of Hurricane in this college but we'll return soon and this time on a bigger platform. Thanks to college authorities for granting permission for this last performance and bye to all…may you all have bright future ahead.”


Neil was looking in the mirror of his hostel room, thinking seriously whats need to be done with his looks so that his parents will not be shocked to see him like this. Suddenly a Mickey called him and he looked back coming out of his thoughts and said with a smile, “Whats up Mickey???”

Mickey looked at him amused, “What are you doing man? Have you got Preet fever?”

“And whats that?” Neil asked.

“Preet keeps standing in the front of mirror for hours admiring herself and then also irritates poor Bobby asking how does she looks. Bechara Bobby galat phas gaya Preet ke saath.” Mickey laughed and explained.

“Hey don't say that. They are cute couple. Now please help me. Buddy I need to change my get up so that mom and dad can recognize me.” Neil asked for help.

“Ok bro got it. Hmmm……first you need a haircut. These long unruly curls can give any parent a heart attack and get out of these funky clothes and put on some casual clothes which normal college students wear and yes…..prefer full collar shirts to hide this big tattoo on your chest.” Mickey suggested.

“OMG!!! With all this I feel I am losing my identity.” Neil sighed. “No way I am going to cut my hair…I will apply lots of gel and do a ponytail to manage them.” Neil decided.

“You will lose much more when your dad will come to know the truth.” Mickey made fun of him.

“What are you talking about?” Neil asked feigning ignorance.

“What I am talking about is….I can bet that you haven't tell your dad about your decision that you wanna make career in music and…..…you have FAILED in your exams.” Mickey made a guess.

“Ok ok…but don't point fingers at me. You also didn't do well in exams and other members also didn't have great result and not to forget Jazz has also failed…..I mean come on yaar we all were busy in that music competition and we also won 1st prize. So I don't feel guilty about the result.” Neil gave explanation.

“Yes its true that we don't have good results but it’s not our dads who is desperately waiting for his son to return and join the family business and hoping that his son is busy in collecting medals in studies not in music.” Mickey said the truth.

“Chill yaar. Why are you taking tension about it….I will deal with it when the time is right.” Neil brushed off the topic.

“ I am not taking tension Neil…I am worried for you.” Mickey said.

“Don't worry buddy. I know its difficult but everything gonna be alright at the end. Now come, tomorrow we have to leave so mujhe apna hulia sudhaarna hai.” Neil said and pulled Mickey with him out of the room.



Neil arrived with his friends at airport. Mickey and Neil were leaving for Mumbai to their respective homes. And Jazz to Pune. Preet and Bobby had left for Newyork. They both were from Newyork and were together since childhood and are engaged now.

Neil was at the airport with Mickey and Jazz waiting for their flights. They were talking about the old days. How they come here for studies, met each other and become friends as they shared common interest ie music. Then Preet and Bobby joined the gang and they decided to make their own band Hurricane.They never imagined that what started as their time pass will become their passion. Hurricane become popular in college and they started participating in many competitions at much bigger level and won many prizes and their band become quite famous there, that's how they decided to make it their permanent career.

With the announcements for their flights they came out of past memories and bid goodbye to each other and promise to meet soon to shape up their career.


 To be continued…..

Precap- Neil's welcome and Singh family’s intro…..maybe Mineil meeting.


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Originally posted by Khushi1311


New storysmiley40smiley41

Looks amazing smiley42

Neil in collegesmiley42

Update ASAPsmiley36

yes the rockstar onesmiley36

first part updated

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Originally posted by Sushdvj

Wow new storysmiley42




yes young minielsmiley42

Posted: 2 years ago

Seems amazing...

Rockstar Neilsmiley42

Loved the characterisationsmiley27

Bobby nd Preet togethersmiley36

Neil's welcome and Singh family’s intro…..maybe Mineil meeting.

@bold Maybe? Muh dikhayi hi krwaogi kya srfsmiley36

Loved it ..

Update soon

Patiala Babes 

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