KZK2 Readers World (Index for AnuPre/PreRish Stories)

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Hello everyone !!!

"Welcome to KZK2 Readers World"

Here you'll find all the stories of both the couples 




Now,new members don't have to check all the pages for their favourite couple's stories 

You can find all the stories in one place

Writers share the link of your stories in the comment sections and I'll update it the index

Members DO NOT CHAT here

Only writers can post here that too only for sharing the links of their stories 

Readers if you want to comment ... comment on the stories you read....there your will be you'll get warning only

Link of all the stories are down below

There are two posts for each Jodi

One-Shots - as the name suggests ,story which have only part

Other Stories - It includes all the stories which have more than one part whether it is TS/SS/FF etc.

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One Shots

Haq Mohabbat Ka! - by MysticRiver

PreRish One-Shot: Deluded Insecurities - by Wistfulness

Prerish OS- Hasi ban gaye - by Tellywoodaddict


Subconscious Desires - PreRish Ficlet - by IAdoreYou

Discarding a Misguided Perception: PreRish One-Shot! - by Wistfulness

 You are my everything - by TC_FA

PreRish OS- The Fast of Love - by SanyaEterna

PreRish OS - My babies - by TC_FA

PreRish OS - by munnihyderabad

PreRish OS- Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho - by SanyaEterna

Prerish OS - by siarocks007

PreRish OS - Your Happiness - by TC_FA

PreRish OS- Lunch - by TC_FA

PreRish OS- Tohfa - by SanyaEterna

PreRish OS - Embarrassed by TC_FA

PreRish OS : Oasis in a Desert - by munnihyderabad

Irresistible - by 123g

Mrs Bajaj - by Gurmeet4Drashti

 PreRish OS : Fikar - by munnihyderabad

Prerish OS- Darmiyan - by Tellywoodadict

PreRish OS- Ehsaas - by SanyaEterna

Unusual Love - by nancy56

PreRish OS - Drunken confessions  - by nish_vir

PreRish OS > Mr Mehra ....? - by -RD-

Ishq Barse- A PreRish OS/18+ - by Eternized_Blues

PreRish OS - Fear of losing you - by TC_FA

Dream a little dream of me (A PreRish OS) 18+ - by aryapdane

PreRish OS : Deservedly So - by Morning.Flower

Dramatic Gestures ( Prerish OS) - by 123g

PreRish OS: Just talks - by luvzindagi

PreRish OS : Raabta - by munnihyderabad


Who is She? ~Prerna & Rishabh Drabble~ - by manzilmukul

PreRish OS- Baby - by GypsySoul

PreRish OS : Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum - by Grey-licious

PreRish OS- Family - by GypsySoul

PreRish One Shot: The touch of fleeting desires - by Wistfulness

PreRish OS ~Shuru se Shurawat krte hai~ - by fitoori_kudi

You and me...? Prerish (OS) - by 123g

PreRish One-Shot: You Are Tired I Think! - by Wistfulness

PreRish OS: Dar - by luvzindagi

A Coffee, a Tea, Stars and Some Talks - by IAdoreYou

The Shield - PreRish One Shot - by IAdoreYou

The Curious Case of Mr. Bajaj - PreRish Ficlet - by IAdoreYou

PreRish OS : Melting Point In Love - by MysticRiver

A Life Full Of Surprises - by MisHumptyDumpty

PreRish OS- A Little Morning Love 18+ - by SanyaEterna

PreRish OS : A Crude Criminal And His Unscrupulous Belle!! - by MysticRiver

Bajaj OS : Keep your enemies closer - by Grey-licious

PreRish OS : His Wife or the Mother of his Child - by Grey-licious

Pre-Rish-kuki OS : "Momma Bear"  - by Grey-licious

NOT PREGNANT ?? - by Grey-licious

Intoxicated (A PreRish OS) - by aryapdane

PreRish OS- Yeh Mausam Ki Baarish - by TC_FA

PreRish OS: Your smile - by luvzindagi

Talks At Dawn - by SanyaEterna

PreRish OS - by Bhatakti-Aatma

His Purpose - by IAdoreYou

The Choices We Make - by IAdoreYou

HER HOME - by 123g

My Saviour - by 123g

A Night in Bajaj Mansion - by 123g

PreRish OS- Trust Me - by TC_FA

PreRish OS : Humsafar - by munnihyderabad

PreRish One-Shot: The Smell of Dread and Guilt - by Wistfulness

His Wife - by 123g

My Wife - by 123g

Your wife - by 123g

PreRish OS : Moments of Love - by stranger2rose

Tere ishq ki aadat hai - by ZaBeerHolic

Love never grows old | PreRish Drabble - by GypsySoul

Pani-Puris|PreRish Drabble - by GypsySoul

Happy Ending!| PreRish Short OS - by GypsySoul

PreRish SOS- Chill Nights - by SanyaEterna

Prerish Os : Where Is The Party To Night - by opsora2090

Mr. and Mrs. Bajaj|PreRish Drabble - by GypsySoul

Drunken! Mrs. Bajaj by 123g

PreRish OS : Aap Kahaan Ho - by munnihyderabad

Kukki&PreRish OS:Mai Vyah Nai Karana - by Grey-licious

Little Trust in him : PreRish OS - by 123g

Bajaj X Prerna : Fikar thi Unhe - by MisHumptyDumpty

PreRish OS: Janmashtami - by luvzindagi

PreRish One-Shot:On the Threshold of Fresh Beginnings! - by Wistfulness

New Feeling of Possessiveness : PreRish OS - by 123g

PreRish OS - Huyi Main Teri Joganiya - by TC_FA

PreRish One-Shot : |Forever| - by Grey-licious

Towards A New Life Prerish (OS) - by 123g

PreRish OS : Teri Ore - by munnihyderabad

Prerish OS - Never let go.. - by _Seera_

PreRish Short OS : PUBG - by Grey-licious

PreRish SOS: Pyaar ki saza - by luvzindagi

Forgive Me! PreRish (OS) - by 123g

PreRish OS: His Touch - by luvzindagi

Prerish Os-Ramaa Ramaa,kyu iyea Aloo Ka Drama - by opsora2090

Prerish - OS - It's Happening Too Soon and Too fast.. - by gheet

Wo kon thi? (Prerish short OS) - by Aavnii

I Trust You - Prerish Os - by ruhanika_ruhi

Let me share your pain..(PreRish OS) - by Aavnii

you do not belongs to me! (PRERISH OS) - by Aavnii

(Total - 100)

Scroll down for more OS

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Ajeeb Dastan hai yeh: [PRERISH ficlet] - by Phoenix_75

Cynefin of Monsters: PreRish OS - by Tranquility07


Prerish~#KhayaliPulaouStory Archive Thread (Mini/Short/Large Os) - thread managed by opsora2090

Rishabh Kukie OS - " My World " - by Fiercy_jhalli

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Other Stories

(includes FF/SS)


All The King's Men: PreRish - by Sohali19

The Unspoken - by shin-chan

PreRish Interconnected Short Stories - by GypsySoul

PreRish FF: The Forbidden Love( 16+) by stranger2rose

Prerna x Bajaj interconnected shots - by .amigos.

PreRish FF: A Story From You To Me - by -Rehanna-

PreRish TS: Maahi  - by ZaBeerHolic

Humnava Mere -My Love (Prerish ff) - by ruhanika_ruhi

Love is a Certain, Small Madness - by vena.cava.

Tender Encounters (A PreRish FF) - by aryapdane

Broken - by arshi_asya

PreRish TS- Green Eyed Monster - by SanyaEterna

PreRish TS: Handling Her Midnight Cravings  - by ZaBeerHolic

PreRish SS: Wont Let You Go - by ZaBeerHolic

PreRish SS-"Na Tum Jano Na Hum" - by Opsora2019

Beauty and The Beast PreRish FF - by MeervanSJ

PreRish SS- Destiny’s Zindagii - by deepthi261

PreRish FF: Heal My Wounds - by Bhatakti-Aatma

PreRish FF - || New Beginnings || by TC_FA

Fall at My Feet - PreRish SS - by IAdoreYou

PreRish FF: Something Blue - by -Rehanna-

The Chronicles of Bajaj Mansion- PreRish SS by Eternized_Blues

PreRish Series : Kashmakash by munnihyderabad

Mired Into Whist - by Tranquility07

Edge Of Thorns : SS - by EuphoricDamsel.

PreRish FF: Not His Type Of Woman - by -Rehanna-

Ask - PreRish Two Shots by IAdoreYou

New Beginnings -TS (Prerish) - by ruhanika_ruhi

Time and Love PreRish SS - by Eternized_Blues

Pyar hai ya saza Prerish TS - by 123g

Fanaah....tere ishq mein : SS - by ZaBeerHolic

|Deception|- PreRish SS - by nish_vir

Humnava Mere -My Love (Prerish ff) - by ruhanika_ruhi

PRERISH SS HUM TUM - by Natalya_bedi

PreRish SS: Noor -E- Khuda - by ZaBeerHolic

PreRish ff love is inevitable - by Crazyksglover

Prerish SS|King's Queen| - by Alexia_Wilson

FF: Darkhaast / Tum Se Hi |PreRish| - by AraBearxo

PreRish TS : And She Came Back - by Grey-licious

Three is never a crowd : FF - by AraBearxo

PreRish SS : Touch Me Now - by stranger2rose

PRERISH FICTION Not a soulmate's Fairytale - by Tammanaarora9

Aren't we impatient ? PreRish SS - by Crazyksglover

New FF on Prerish - by Alexia_Wilson

SS: Call me by my name - by Marybarton

PreRish TS- Yahi Hota Pyaar - by SanyaEterna


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Trapped ( Prerish FF) - by 123g

PreRish TS- Ocean of Secrets - by TC_FA

Broken without you (TS) - by 123g

PreRish TS (I love my husband, Mr Bajaj) - by davinajebakani

Another world..?? ( Prerish Ts) - by 123g

PreRish TS : Tum Dena Saath Mera by Grey-licious

PreRish Fictions - by Mishti_Dahi

What Have You Landed Yourself In? - by IAdoreYou

PreRish Two Shot- Teri Justajoo by SanyaEterna

PreRish TS - by luvzindagi

PreRish TS: Son-in-law - by luvzindagi

PreRish SS- Rishte - by SanyaEterna

PreRish SS: Heart's Desire - by luvzindagi

TRUEly in the web of lies|- PreRish FS - by nish_vir

PreRish TS - Whipped Cream. 16+ - by Yush001

Who am i ?? Prerish (SS) - by Aanvii

Found My Home In Your Arms - by ruhanika_ruhi

PreRish TS: Psycho Saiyaan - by ZaBeerHolic

PreRish- Seasons of Love- TS - by SanyaEterna

You Are My Everything - by ruhanika_ruhi

Prerish TS: Gustakhi Maaf Kar De - by luvzindagi

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One Shots

AnuPre OS (My Beautiful Wife) - by KamikazeKinght01

AnuPre OS- Love hurts. - by GypsySoul

Closure - by IAdoreYou

Was it for keeps?.. AnuPre OS by Three.Broomstic

The Debt - by Indulekha00

Uncovering the Truth - by Mishti_Dahi

We will sail out together!! - by nancy56

A&P Short OS : Choices - by Mishti_Dahi

|Mere Ajnabi| An Anurag and Prerna OS - by BepannaahPyaar

AnuPre Christmas OS 'My Secret Santa' - by ShrishaTeddy

OS : Golmaal Hai Bhai ! - by Octothorpe

From Acquaintances To Friends - by Three.Broomstic

His Special Friend  - by Three.Broomstic

AnuPre OS:Daddy's Angel - by andrelics

2 a.m. Friends : AnuPre OS - by Three.Broomstic

AN ANUPRE OS:i will protect you! - by nancy56

First dance...AnuPre Os - by Three.Broomstic

Silver Lining - AnuPre OS - by IAdoreYou

Anupre OS: I love u Jaan - MeervanSJ

My Shade Of Red AnuPre OS - by -Rehanna-

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - by The.Targaryen

OS AnuPre : divorce se pyar thak - by munnihyderabad

AnuPre OS: Champagne Supernova ! - by Briti1721

Tumi Robe Nirobe - An AnuPre OS - by Briti1721

AnuPre OS:Vishwas - by Keerthi1997

Fault in our Stars: Anupre OS - by Tranquility07

THE TRUTH - by nancy56

I Affect You - An AnuPre OS - by Zaya.hp

The Other Guy - An AnuPre OS - by Zaya.hp

Realisation - by nancy56

STILL FRIENDS? - by nancy56

AnuPre OS - Her Crazy Cravings - by -Ranju-

AnuPre OS: Begin Again - by monigod

Proposal - AnuPre OS - by Three.Broomstic

Morning with Mr.Basu - AnuPre OS - by Three.Broomstic

AnuPre OS : I'll keep loving you - by KamikazeKinght01

A Fluffy AnuPre One Shot: ROSES - by Briti1721

Step-by-step - An Anupre OS - by euphoric

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Other Stories

(includes FF/SS)

AnuPre SS : [Amanat] His Possession - by MsChanadlerBong (On-going)

Mired Into Whist - by Tranquility07 (On-going)

The Hitman Says Hi - by -Rehanna- (On-going)

Noir~ ANUPRE FF  - by -Rehanna- (On-going)

AnuPre TS : The Secret that I carried - by Koeli_Appy (Completed)

Finding Love - An AnuPre FF - by Zaya.hp

Struggle : An AnuPre TS - by Mishti_Dahi (Completed)

AnuPre SS [Dark/16+] : Her Saviour - by MsChanadlerBong

AnuPre SS - TRAPPED - by SnehaDoll

Love is a beautiful comedy: Anupre TS - by Tranquility07 (Completed)

The AnuPre Fables - by Legilimens (Completed)

The Lift FF - by -Rehanna-

AnuPre SS : His [Fake] Finance - by MsChanadlerBong

Laal Ishq -- AnuPre FF - by MeervanSJ

Anupre TS : Allure - by  (Completed)

Love in Reverse: AnuPre SS - by Three.Broomstic

Forlorn Fantasy||AnuPre SS - by WhiteNoise

In Shade of Eigengrau:Anupre/Parica FF - by Tranquility07

Greyscale ~ AnuPre FF - by -Rehanna-

AnuPre SS-- And They Met Again - by Neha_Maurya

Anupre FF : Simple Wish - by Writersblock

His Salvation AnuPre FF - by -Rehanna-

AnuPre FF:Game Plan- by BurakZeynep (On-going)

Broken - by arshi_asya (On-going)

Nothing More, Nothing Less [AnuPre FF] - by Tme0w (Completed)

Enigmatic Amour: PreRish SS - by Tranquility07 longer!:Anupre FF by Tranquility07

Anurag Prerna FF; Can we go back? - by music_l0ver036

AnuPre SS: Pyaar ka second innings - by akshayakannan

THE LIGHT WE HAD !! SS - by nancy56

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