I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF (Update Pg 144)

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Posted: 6 years ago
Hey guys,

I realise that this is probably not the best time to post a KaJen AR FF, but I can't seem to stop myself. I have decided to live vicariously through this fanfic, and even if it is not healthy, I can't bring myself to care.

This is my first attempt at writing ever, so I will really appreciate if you can give me feedback on this. That being said, please do not be rude or offensive. I appreciate constructive criticism.

Humera aka @SGrover_Winget has really been appreciative and encouraged me to post it here, so this is dedicated to you girl! I hope this is a part of the hope that you are planning to build on. You have really been amazing to me the short time that we have known each other, so thank you! 

Okay, things you need to know...
This is my take on DMG S2. According to this, Everything happens up until the time Riddhima finds out about Armaan. And then, instead of Sid, she goes with Atul, to search for him. Dr. Shashank does try to convince her to marry Sid (because of those photos), but she refuses, stating that she is waiting for Armaan. Before, coming back she was staying with Rahul and the two of them have gotten really close.
This starts after Armaan's return and is ARs journey - full of love, laughter and happiness with a dash of drama. The main focus is on AR with parts of the old gang. The new gang isn't really there that much, because I really wanna focus on our Original Gang, cz they are the best!

Please lemme know if you want me to add you to my PM List.

The last, most important part. Though this is a work of fiction, it is MINE! No plagiarism ie NO STEALING. I am not posting this anywhere else, so if any of you come across it anywhere else but here, please lemme know. That would be really helpful. So, if you do want to post it somewhere else, I would appreciate it if you took permission from me and stated wherever you are sharing this that this work is mine. 

Posting the 1st chapter in a couple of minutes!

Thanks everyone, 
Prags. Smile

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Posted: 6 years ago

Chapter 1

It was a normal day for everyone at Sanjeevani. All doctors were busy with their work and no one had time to stand and stare. Suddenly, a bike wheezed by in the parking lot and everyone turned to look in that direction. A guy got down from the bike and took his helmet off. And was he hot??!!

Grey eyes that you could just drown into, black untidy unkempt hair, dimpled smile, pink lips that just begged to be kissed, and an awesome body hidden by a tight fighting shirt with the top 3 buttons undone exposing his well - toned chest and dark jeans.

All the ladies swooned over him and followed him like lost puppies. Like all the girls in the parking lot, Dr.Naina and Dr.Suvarna, the interns of Sanjeevani were also not immune to his charms and practically drooled over him.

Dr.Siddhanth and Dr.Yuvraj however, did not like the way the girls were following him and they followed them to see what has gotten them so smitten.

"Hi I'm Dr.Naina Mehta, intern", Naina introduced herself.

"And I'm Dr.Suvarna Modi, main bhi yahaan intern hu", Suvarna said.

"Nice to meet you", McHottie replied.

"I'm Siddhanth Modi, Suvarna ka bhai, aur intern", Sid said.

"Main Yuvraj Oberoi, Naina ka boyfriend", Yuvi introduced himself.

"Hamraa naam Jitendra Prasad par sab humko JP bulaaye hai", JP piped in.

"Hi", McHottie replied amused.

"Par aap yahaan kya kar rahe hai, aapko dekhne toh aise nahi lagta ki aapko kisi tarah ki bimaari hain", Suvarna asked, flirtatiously.

"I'm sorry but aapko galat femy ho gayi hai, main..."

He was cut off by Dr.Kirti

"Interns, achcha hua aap sab yahaan aa gaye, mujhe aapko Sanjeevani ke naye doctor se milaana hai. Yeh hai Dr.Armaan Mallik, Sanjeevani ke puraane intern and ab senior doctor, aaj se aap inhe report karenge", Dr. Kirti said gesturing towards McHottie.

All the interns were shocked. Su gulped, thinking about how she had been flirting with him just moments earlier.

"Welcome back Dr.Armaan, aapne waapas Sanjeevani join kiya, thank you", Dr. Kirti said.

"Thank you Dr.Kirti, waapas aakar bohot achcha lag raha hai", Armaan said.

Dr Kirti smiled, saying, "Umeed hai ki aapka Sanjeevani ka yeh naya safar bhot achcha ho."

"Thank you", he replied, "aapse kuch poochna tha..."

"Chutti par hai", Dr.Kirti said before he could ask his question, "2-3 dino mein aa jaayengi."

She knew exactly what he was going to ask about.

"Thank you Dr.Kirti", Armaan said and hugged her.

The interns were surprised seeing this.

They broke apart in a minute and both had tears in their eyes.

That surprised the interns even more.

"Dr.Atul abhi surgery mein hai, bas aate hi honge, ab yeah aapke interns hai. Get to work", saying so, she left.

"Toh ab aap jaan gaye honge kiain aapka senior hu. Sanjeevani is desh ke sabse bade hospitals mein ek hai. Isliye yahaan koi tarah badtameezee bardaasht nahi hogi. Aap aayenge aur apna kaam mehnat aur lagan se karenge. Ab aap meri zimmedaari hai aur agar aapki complaint aayi toh matlab meri complaint aayi. Aur yeh mujhe bilkul bhi bardaasht nahi hoga. Toh rules yeh hai ki hamesha time pe aaye, I hate late comers. Agar duty ke liye time pe nahi pohonche toh punishment toh milegi hi. Ek hafte tak path lab mein duty. Toh kyuki ye sab clear ho gaya hai toh duties...", Armaan said.

Meanwhile, the interns were tensed.

"Yeah toh bohot hi sadu nikla yaar", Suvarna said.

"Haan yaar bohot strict hai, dikhne mein itna young aur handsome hai toh mujhe laga ki ekdum cool hoga. But yeh toh bhot hi strict hai", Naina said.

"Abbe yeh toh ekdum Dr. Kirti part 2 nikla yaar", Sid said.

"Agar aap sabki baatein khatam ho gayi ho toh main duties de doon?" Armaan asked.

Everyone went silent on hearing him.

"Dr.Yuvi aur Dr.Naina aap dono general ward mein, Dr.Sid aur Dr.JP OPD aur Dr.Suvarna aap aaj mujhe assist karengi", Armaan said assigning everyone their duties for the day.

"Aur meri duty kahaan hai sir", a voice asked from behind.

Everyone turned to see Dr. Atul standing there with a huge smile on his face and unshed tears in his eyes.

"Champ..." Armaan said, surprised.

Before anyone could think what was happening, Armaan had moved and caught Atul in a fierce hug.

Atul returned his hug just as fiercely and both stayed quite for a minute or two.

Then Atul broke the silence by hitting Armaan and saying, "Kahaan tha saale, tune toh sabki jaan hi nikaal di thi. Iss tarah bina bataaye koi gaayab hota hai kya? Pareshaan karke rakha hai tune muhje itne mahino se. Pata hai ek din bhi nahi jaata jab nahi sochta ki tu kahaan hoga."

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...please maaf karde yaar...tujhe pata hai na kya hua tha...mujhe aur kuch samajh hi nahi aaya", Armaan said breaking free of their intense hug.

Both men had huge, fat tears in their eyes.

"Chal gaya toh gaya upar se itna bada jhooth bola, tujhe thodi si bhi sharam nahi aayi kya Armaan? Tu uske saath aisa kaise kar sakta tha...humaare saath aisa kaise kar sakta tha? Dost kehta hai na tu humein? Kam se kam apne Champ ko toh bataake jaata", Atul ranted.

"Bataake jaata toh jaane deta?" Armaan asked.

"Kabhi nahi", Atul replied.

"Isliye nahi bataaya...agar usse pata chalta toh woh mujhe kabhi nahi chodti aur agar kuch ho jaata toh? Usse ek paagal se better life partner milna chahiye", Armaan replied.

Both men hugged again.

"Ab toh theek hai na?", Atul asked and continued when Armaan nodded, "Toh bas fir...ab kabhi kahi aise mat jaana samjha? Har baat mein zyada hero banne ki zarurat nahi hai."

Armaan nodded smiling through his tears.

The interns saw the whole exchange and were surprised.

They had just seen an emotional side of their boss, whom they were calling names not 5 minutes ago.

When Armaan saw them standing, "Koi show chal raha hai yahaan jo khade hoke dekh rahe ho? Everyone report their duties now", he said authoritatively.

All the interns nodded and left without a word.

Armaan looked at Atul and after a minute both burst out laughing.

"Abbe ab samjha ye Hitler hamesha hum par itna chillaati kyu hai...bhot mazaa aata hai yaar", Armaan told Atul.

"Saale tu bilkul nahi badla na? Mujhe laga ki tu interns ko aise daant raha tha toh shayad ab thoda serious ho gaya hai. Lekin tu toh Armaan haina...sudhrega kaise?" Atul replied.

"Baat toh sahi hai", Armaan said.

"Kaise hai re tu?" Atul asked.

"Main theek hu yaar, sach mein. Pehle bohot gadbad thi...but ab surgery ke baad bilkul pehle jaisa ho gaya hu", Armaan told him.

"Tu keh raha hai toh main maan leta hu, lekin agar tujhe kabhi kuch bhi ho toh mujhe turant bulaake lena", Atul said.

Armaan smiled seeing how concerned Atul was about him. He had not changed one bit.

"Chal ab cafe chalte hai. Bhook lagi hai aur tujhse baatein bhi karni hai", Atul said.

"Tu chal, mujhe abhi bhot important kaam hai", Armaan replied.

"Kya kaam hai?"

"Hai yaar...main tujhse baad mein milta hu."

Saying so he hugged Atul again and left.

"Bilkul nahi badla", Atul muttered and went to the cafe.

In the cafe,

Kisiko nahi pata tha ki Armaan aa raha hai...matlab ki...

Atul is struck by an idea and he makes a call.


That's the first chapter! Please let me know what you think!

Aur koi bhi mistakes ho toh please bata dena! Typos ya anything.

Looking forward to your replies! 

Thanks again!


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Posted: 6 years ago
Big waala res 
Awww prags 
It was sooo cute 
Atul n armaan ki baatein padhkar mere face pe mast si smile Aagayi thi n thode se aansu bhi 
Sirf Ittu se 

Aur ye kya 
Tum itni sad mat hi ho 
N koi gadbad nahi hui 
Everything was perfect 
Eagerly waiting for further parts 
Jaldi update Karo 
Love u 
Edited by SGROVER_WINGET - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
I love the title n siggie 
Mast ekdum dost 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SGROVER_WINGET

Big waala res 
Awww prags 
It was sooo cute 
Atul n armaan ki baatein padhkar mere face pe mast si smile Aagayi thi n thode se aansu bhi 
Sirf Ittu se 

Aur ye kya 
Tum itni sad mat hi ho 
N koi gadbad nahi hui 
Everything was perfect 
Eagerly waiting for further parts 
Jaldi update Karo 
Love u 

Aww!!! :* Thanks so much Humera!!!! 
I am so happy you liked it! Jaldi jaldi update karti hu... Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Wow its awesome loved it 
Armaan and atul talk is wow
Plz pm me for next part 
Continue soon 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by nilusoni

Wow its awesome loved it 
Armaan and atul talk is wow
Plz pm me for next part 
Continue soon 

Thank you so much 
Posted: 6 years ago
love you for putting up armaan riddhima ff right now.any time is right for AR.i loved the part.it brought back lots of dmg memories.for some reason i am unable to like this post.can you pm me anyway next time when you update.

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