I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF (Update Pg 144) - Page 11

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Posted: 6 years ago
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Plz update soon 
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Chapter 4

"Kahaan hai Dr.Armaan?" Kirti questioned.

"Pata nahi Dr. Kirti, unhe lunch time par kisika phone aaya and woh chale gaye. Phir maine unhe nahi dekha", Su replied.

Atul was about to answer when Armaan came there.

He was out of breath, as he was running to get there.

Kirti was about to reprimand him for being late when she saw his eyes, they were red.

Now she was worried.

"Dr. Armaan, kya aap theek hai?" he asked.

"Of course, Dr. Kirti aap aisa kyu pooch rahi hai?" he asked confused.

"Kyuki aapki aankhein laal hai", she said, worried.

"Oh, woh kuch nahi Dr. Kirti", he said and wiped his eyes.

"Toh phir aap late kyu hai? Lunch break aadhe ghante ka hota hai, 2 ghante ka nahi", she scolded.

"Woh Dr. Kirti...main...Woh...actually..." he was fumbling.

Just then,

"Sorry Dr. Kirti, isme Armaan ki koi galti nahi hai, meri hai."

It was Riddhima.

"Oh", Dr. Kirti replied.

The interns were surprised to see her smiling at Riddhima.

"Is baar maaf kar rahi hu, Dr. Armaan. Agli baar late aaye toh rectal exams karne honge ek hafte tak", she replied, "Aur ab aapka kaam mein mann toh lagega nahi. Toh aap aaj ki chutti le lijiye."

"chutti?", Armaan asked confused.

"Kyu nahi chahiye?" she asked.

"No of course not. Thank you", he replied.

"Good. Dr. Armaan, Dr. Riddhima, aap dono parso subah 8:30 par report karenge", she instructed.

After that, she left. The interns also resumed their duties.

"Thank you, Atul", Riddhima told Atul.

"Kis liye?" he asked.

"Mujhe Armaan se milaane", she said and hugged him tight. He understood. She wasn't just talking about the cryptic phone call he had made a few hours ago. She was also thanking him for helping her in her search since she had found out the truth about Armaan's disappearance. He smiled and hugged her back.

"Arre yaar, mujhe bhi koi hug karlo", Armaan said, feeling left out.

Riddhima laughed and they took Armaan in an embrace together.

The 3 friends stood hugging for awhile.

Atul broke out of the hug saying, "Chalo ab jao tum dono. Mujhe duty pe jaana hai & I'm sure tumlog bhi akele rehna chahte ho. But aaj raat ko duty ke baad, tu aur main kahin bahaar jaayenge. Maine bhi apne Bhai ko bohot miss kiya", he said smiling.

"Pakka", he replied.

They hugged each other once more and then Armaan - Riddhima left.

Atul was very happy to see his two best friends finally happy together.

Armaan went to his locker and kept all his stuff back.

When he was doing so, he noticed something in the locker. Seeing it, he smiled and quickly pocketed it when Riddhima wasn't looking.

Then, the two of them left. Not knowing what to do, they ended up on the basketball court again.

Armaan was dribbling the ball and Riddhima was admiring the place where her life had changed completely. She hadn't been here since she had returned. It reminded her too much of lost love.

"Ek match ho jaaye?" Armaan asked her, bringing her out of her reverie.

"Har baar toh tum haar jaate ho", she replied cheekily.

"Bohot wait kiya hai tumse basketball mein firse haarne. Ek match please?" he asked like a little 5-year old.

She was really touched by what he said. But then again, Armaan could say stuff that could melt in her into a puddle of goo.

"Sure", she replied, smiling.

And the game started.

Inspite of what Armaan had said about wanting to lose, both of them were playing their hardest, wanting to win.

There was also a lot of cheating going on. Armaan would wink at Riddhima for no reason at all, or Riddhima would hook her finger asking him to come closer, or Armaan would just hold Riddhima around her waist to stop her from scoring, or Riddhima would let hair blow all over Armaan's face to have him mesmerized.

So, after a lot cheating, winking, making gestures, holding each other close, falling in each others arms, the game was finally over and as usual, Riddhima won.

She jumped and shrieked in joy, obviously pleased with herself for defeating Armaan yet again, while he just looked on, admiring her beauty and cherishing the happiness that was so obviously visible on her face. He never wanted this moment to end.

Sensing his gaze on her, she turned and was stunned by the intensity with which he was looking at her, and blushed. She launched herself into his arms and her face in his chest.

He brought his arms around her, pulling her close, yet again relishing the fact that he was finally where he wanted to be.

"Oyye Hoyye", he whispered in her ear, "kitna sharmaati ho."

She burrowed closer to him.

They stood like this for a while before Riddhima came out of the hug.

She stared at him, amazed to see the amount of love his eyes held for her. She was sure that no one could ever love anyone as much as he loved her. She just stood there looking into his eyes, getting lost in their depths and bathing in the love when could feel oozing out of him.

Neither of them realised that they were unconsciously moving in towards each other.

Now, they were too close, their noses touching, their breaths mingling, if they moved in even a little more, they would be kissing.

Armaan was about to move away to distance them, as he knew this was a big deal and he wasn't sure if Riddhima was ready.

But, as she had been surprising him since his return, Riddhima placed her lips on Armaan's.

He was shocked for almost a quarter of a second before he started kissing her back.

And, it was heaven. He always thought that people lied when they said that there were fireworks when you kissed someone special. But now he knew, it was the truth. He was almost blinded by the intensity.

So, he closed his eyes, just as Riddhima had and threw himself into the kiss.

What had been a soft, gentle brush of two lips was now becoming passionate.

They kissed enthusiastically for a while before they had to break away to catch their breath.

Armaan rested his forehead against Riddhima's.

"Wow", was all he could say.

"I know", she breathed back.

"Riddhima mujhe nahi pata tha tum itni achchi kisser ho yaar! Mujhse pehle bohot ladko ko kiss kiya hai kya?" he asked jokingly.

"Armaan!" she exclaimed, "tumhe bhi pata hai aur mujhe bhi ki tum mere pehle boyfriend ho aur maine kabhi kisi ko kiss nahi kiya. Balki ye sawaal toh mujhe tumse poochna chahiye", she said, hesitanting at the end. She knew Armaan had had a platoon of girlfriends before her, a fact that had always bothered her. But she had satisfied herself with the fact that she may not have been the first girl in his life but she definitely was the last. However, thinking that Armaan might have kissed someone else at some point of time, even when she didn't know he existed and vice versa, was painful.

Armaan smirked. He knew Riddhima would ask him something like this. But, contrary to popular belief, he hadn't kissed a girl before, even though he had been in countless relationships. He wanted his first kiss to be special, with someone whom he had genuine feelings for and not some random bimbo he had dated for the sake of it, as girly as it may have sounded.

"Bas itna hi bharosa hai mujhpe?" he asked, pretending to be hurt.

Watching Riddhima squirm a little was always fun.

"Armaan, mujhe pata hai ki tumhaari pehli girlfriend nahi hu", she said somewhat sadly. Armaan was about to say something, probably along the lines of they didn't matter and I love you, but she cut him off, "I know ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho and all those girls were in your past and didn't mean anything. And I know, ki girlfriends thi toh tumne unhe kiss toh kiya hi hoga. I mean it's in your past and I have no right to judge you. But agar koi tha toh it's Ok. Tum mujhe bata sakte ho, main pakka tumse gussa nahi houngi", she finished.

Armaan was amazed. While in the past, Riddhima would fume at the mere mention of a girl from his past, today she said that she was okay with him kissing someone.

He was happy that Riddhima had realized that she meant everything to him and she had no reason to be jealous or insecure of anyone in his past, present or future. No one in this world could hold a candle to Riddhima, as far as he was concerned.

But, that didn't mean he was going to let her assume he had kissed someone, when in fact he hadn't. Firstly, because he wanted her to know that she was the only person in this world who he had kissed. And it would only ever be her, because she was the love of his life. And a little bit because he could hear the sadness in her voice when she said she was okay with it. Her being okay didn't mean it didn't hurt her. He knew if he ever found out that someone had so much as laid a finger on her, let alone kiss her, he would go on a rampage to find the guy and kill him.

"Riddhima, tum pehli ladki ho jisse maine kiss kiya hai", he told her softly.

Riddhima was amazed and shocked and surprised to hear this. She hadn't expected Armaan to not have kissed someone.

"Aise aankhen faad ke mat dekho. Sach bol raha hu", he said, and then hesitantly added, "I wanted my first kiss to be special, with someone I atleast cared about, if not loved."

Riddhima smiled a huge smile before saying, "It was the perfect first kiss, and with the guy I love at the place where I first met him."

"Yes it was", he said.

And they were lost on each others eyes again.

After a while, "Chalo ab Bohot ho gaya romance, mujhe bhook lagi hai. Tumse milne ke chakkar mein aaj lunch bhi nahi kiya", Riddhima said.

"Chalo", he replied smiling and held his hand out to her.

She took it and held on tightly, entwining their fingers together.

It never ceased to amaze him, how perfectly her hand fit in his, as if it was made to be there.

They walked to his car and he opened the passenger door for her, unlocking the car. After she was settled, he dropped a kiss to her cheek before closing the door and making his way to the driver's side.

He drove single handed, with his other hand safely wrapped around Riddhima's with her head resting on his shoulder.

He parked the car after a while and got out quickly before Riddhima could open her door. He opened her door and helped her out.

Riddhima was surprised to see that they were at an apartment building instead of a restaurant like she had hoped.

Armaan tugged on her hand and pulled her ahead with him.

They took the elevator and Armaan opened a flat with his keys.

He took her inside and switched on the lights.

"Hum yahaan kyu aaye hai Armaan?" Riddhima questioned, finally realizing they were in Armaan's old apartment.

"Tumhe bhook lagi haina? Aaj tumhaare liye khaana main banaunga", he said.

"Armaan!" she exclaimed, "Woh kheer aur laddoo yaad haina?"

Armaan may be good at everything else in the world, but he was a shitty cook, to put it mildly.

"Arre woh pehle ki baatein chodo, abhi dekho main kitna achcha khaana banata hu", he replied confidently.

Riddhima, however wasn't convinced. She didn't want to spend her night puking out whatever Armaan made.

Armaan could sense her hesitance, as he could read her every mood, said, "Achcha baba, tumhe mujhpe bharosa nahi haina? Toh ek kaam karo, tum bhi kuch bana lo. Agar tumhe mere haath ka khaana nahi pasand aaya toh hum Woh khaa lenge. Theek hai?"

She nodded.

They got to work quickly.

Armaan had decided to make baingan as it was Riddhima's favorite and Riddhima was making rajma chawal, Armaan's favorite.

Riddhima would peek from time to time see what Armaan was doing and he was working leisurely, a self assured smile on his face & this made Riddhima think that maybe he could cook now.

When the food was cooked, they sat at the table and Armaan filled one plate with food.

He made Riddhima eat the first bite of his curry and she hesitantly tool it in her mouth.

Riddhima was positively surprised when the taste exploded in her mouth and she felt her tongue tingling. It was by far, the best curry she had eaten in her life.

"Armaan this is super amazing! Isse better baingan maine Aaj tak nahi khaaya!" she exclaimed happily.

"Kahaa tha na maine, ab main bohot achcha khaana banata hu. Woh wahaan gaon mein mujhe akele rehna hota tha na. Aur na wahaan koi restaurant that aur tum bhi toh nahi thi mere liye roz khaana laane. Toh tab maine banana seekh liya", he said.

Riddhima just smiled and fed him some of the rajma chawal.

Armaan moaned in appreciation.

"Mmm, Riddhima tumhaare haath ka khaana maine bohot miss kiya", he said like a child.

They smiled at each other and fed the meal to each other lovingly.

After that, Armaan took Riddhima on a tour of the house, even though it was mostly the way it was before he had left, he had made some changes.

He took her to his room the last.

As Riddhima would have expected, it was full of her photographs, but now, there were more pictures of them together instead of her solo pictures.

And on his desk sat many photos taken with the gang on various occasions. The cute dog soft toy that he had given her & she had returned to him during their fight for convincing others of their love sat in the middle of his bed, propped along with countless pillows.

"It's so beautiful, Armaan! Thank you", she said.

He just kissed her forehead in reply.

"Ek baat poochu?" she asked him.

She continued when he nodded, "Tumne apne poore kamre mein Sirf meri photos hi kyu lagayi hai?"

"Taaki har subah uthne par aur har raat sone se pehle, main sirf tumhaara chehra dekhu", he replied.

Riddhima was touched on hearing this and kissed him with all her might.

He responded equally.

For a while, they just lay on the bed, cuddled into each others arms, whispering sweet nothings and sharing soft kisses.

Riddhima suggested that they watch a movie after some time.

So, Armaan put a movie in the player in his room and resumed his position on Riddhima's arms.

They watched the movie, well Riddhima did anyway. Armaan was too busy staring at her watch it.

At night, Armaan took Riddhima for dinner to her favorite restaurant.

"A table for two please", he said to the waitress.

But she was busy drooling over him to realise he had said anything. He could feel Riddhima tense up on seeing that waitress practically eye-f**king him. So he pulled her close and squeezed her waist in reassurance. He cleared his throat to get her attention, which seemed to bring her out of her trance.

"A table for two, please", he repeated, a little louder this time.

The waitress noticed Riddhima for the first time and had the decency to look ashamed. She nodded and took them to a private booth.

Armaan helped Riddhima in the seat and then slid in beside her.

A waiter brought the menus & they looked over it together, discussing what to eat even though they both knew Riddhima was going to order pasta like always.

A few minutes later, the waiter took their orders & they sat there, waiting. Armaan laid his head on Riddhima's shoulder and started playing with her fingers to pass time. Riddhima smiled at him, kissed his head & then laid her own head on his. They stayed that way till the waiter came out with their food.

Like in the afternoon, they fed each other. The evening was mostly quiet, which was fine with both of them. They didn't need words to communicate anyways!

They spent a lovely day together. Wrapped in each other, without a care in the world. Nothing existed, apart from them. It was just Armaan, Riddhima and the beginning of their lives together.

So... here's the latest chapter!

Sorry for the long wait, but work has been crazy. Too long and tiring. Hence why, I didn't get time to squeeze in an update. Although, I am thinking about an update schedule and posting every weekend! So that's good news!

Ohhh! And any of you White Collar fans out there? There are just 2 episodes left in the finale of the amazing, amazing show and I need a vent - buddy, especially now that I know that the shoe is ending on a cliff hanger! Can you believe that? They are ending the damn show on a cliffie! How mean! But considering its Matt Bomer, I am sure, it's going to epic, however it ends. That man is just tooo hawt for his own good! *Le Sigh*

Anyway, back to the topic! Please read. Lemme know your thoughts and feel free to point out any mistakes!




Posted: 6 years ago
Osome Osome prags 
Loved it yaar 
Shooo mushy mushy tha jo ke mere types hai 
I just loved it 
Par mera pet nahi bhara mujhe aur romance chahiye 
Chahiye hi chahiye 
Love u 
Take care 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SGROVER_WINGET

Osome Osome prags 
Loved it yaar 
Shooo mushy mushy tha jo ke mere types hai 
I just loved it 
Par mera pet nahi bhara mujhe aur romance chahiye 
Chahiye hi chahiye 
Love u 
Take care 

Thank u thank u Humzzz!!! Mujhe bhi AR romance bohot pasand hai!
Isliye iss story mein bohot bohot saara hoga - cute, mushy mushy, lovey dovey, coochi cooing AR romance! Hope tujhe pasand aaye!
Love ya too!
:) :)
Posted: 6 years ago
Superb part loved it 
Ar moments are lovely and sweet 
Thanks for pm 
Plz pm me for next part 
Continue soon 

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