Pretty Woman (ADAPTATION) Maneet FF...ON HIATUS :'( Note:Pg 87

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Hey Fellow Maneetians Smile

So does the name of my FF ring a bell in your head?Wink I am sure it does Smile Well yes, I am indeed talking about the cult hollywood movie of 1990 starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. I could not help but imagine how it would have been if Maneet were the characters playing the lead in the movie. I am sure AWESOME. For those who have seen it, probably know what I am talking about and those who have not..Stay Tuned.

Disclaimer: It is a mere adaptation. No originality. I dont call it plaigarism as I am giving away the full credit. Its just a fans imagination to transform the movie to Maaneet. The basic plot stays the same, though a few changes and deviation might be expected. If you feel like suggesting any scene or similar stuff, feel free to.
So here I goSmile

Those wanting a PM, just add me as buddy. Makes life easier for both of usLOL

Though I am trying to reply almost everyone and give links but being a newbie imposes certain restrictions on number of posts I can make in one day. So bear with me.
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Self-involved corporate raider Maan Singh Khurana (Gurmeet Choudhary) has recently split up with his girlfriend Sameera. Seeking directions to the Beverly Hills Hotel where he is going to stay, he makes the acquaintance of free-spirited hooker Geet Handa (Drashti Dhami) and decides to put her on a 3,000-dollar retainer as his "date." He Cinderellarizes her by bankrolling a full makeover. Of course, with the condition of keeping the setup strictly platonic..NO STRINGS ATTACHEDWink But how fate turns up is actually what makes the plot of the story. An attraction develops between the two, and Maan finds it harder and harder to let the infectious, kind-hearted Geet go.
Stay tuned to the thread to know them moreSmile

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 Character Sketch
Lead Characters


Maan Singh Khurana

30 years old. A rich, ruthless businessman who specializes in taking over companies and then selling them off piece by piece. He travels to Los Angeles for a business trip. He is estranged from his wife, divorced now. He has a girlfriend Sameera. Even though he has escelated heights of professional success,he has fear of heights in his personal life.

Geet Handa

22 years old. A beautiful, kind-hearted prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard, who is independent and assertive'refusing to have a pimp and fiercely reserving the right to choose her customers and what she would do and not do when with them. She runs into Maan, a wealthy businessman, when he asks her for directions to Beverly Hills. Maan hires Geet for the night and offers her $3,000 to spend the week as his escort to business social engagements.

Side characters

Dev Malhotra, Maan's insensitive lawyer. The epitome of corporate greed, Dev represents what Maan might have become had he not met Geet and changed his outlook on life.

Meera: Geet's wisecracking friend and roommate, who is also a prostitute and drug addict. But beneath her outer shell lies a warm person who is the only friend Geet has got in this big world. She is actually the one who has made Geet understand the rules of being into this profession. She may seem shallow but cares about Geet.

Asad Ahmed The stuffy but golden-hearted manager of the Beverly Welshire where Maneet are staying. At first, he does not hide his disdain for Geet, but he eventually befriends her and helps her.

Mohinder Raichand, a businessman and owner of an underperforming company that Maan is interested in buying and breaking up. Maan later has a change of heart and offers to partner with Mohinder for a Navy shipbuilding contract that would effectively make his company strong again.

Jai Raichand, Mohinder Raichand's grandson, who is smart and is being groomed to take over the Raichand Company when his grandfather either dies or retires. He develops a soft corner towards Geet after meeting her for the first time.

Rest characters to be introduced through the course of story.


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looking forward to this ff
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Originally posted by yappingduck

looking forward to this ff

That was just too fast Wink Needless to say I am flatteredSmile
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Chapter 1

A lavish farmhouse is buzzing with a big corporate party on its terrace. Sophisticated businessman, high ranking officers ,all the 'Who is who' of the social circle of Los Angeles have graced the party. Why not, after all the party is being thrown by the one of the biggest tycoon of New York, The Maan Singh Khurana. No body wants to be in his bad books. Otherwise the next much talked victory accesion of Maan Singh Khurana may be their enterprise. No body is capable enough to take that risk. Secondly rubbing shoulders with the mighty Khurana can bring you a lot of business if somehow you can interest him. So all in all they have to be here, talk animatedly sipping wine in tall glasses, whether interested or not. Another thing which was infact the un-stated rule of such social gatherings was that you are simply not expected to turn up alone. Otherwise you will be seen as a doomed loser. So whether you bring in your wife, girlfriend, a hired woman putting your promiscious side upfront, no body cares. The bottomline is NEVER TURN UP ALONE in a party!

Dev moves swiftly from greeting one guest to other, making a  small converstion with each of them.

'Why hasn't Maan turned up till now? Its strange..for how long I would have to play the host myself' he thought to himself.

'er..Adi, have you seen Maan? '

'No. I haven't. By the way great party Dev' said Adi smiling politely while raising his glass.

'Thanks to my wife Naintara' Dev smiled. 'She went through a lot of trouble to make it this happening..She is the one who arranged for the caterer' he added.


Moving quickly towards the next guest before Adi could ask him about Maan's whereabouts'

'Hey Sasha and Vikrant, how are you doing'

'Oh hey dev, pretty good. So I understand Mr. Khurana is taking over the Raichanda's industry? True?' Vikrant asked in a breath.

'Yeah, well, he's not here to get a sun tan' Dev replied sarcastically.

'Can I get in on it?' Vikrant asked eagerly

'Yeah. Call me.'

- When?

'Just call me'. Saying that Dev quickly made an escape before Vikrant nags him any further to get his hand on a deal that was solely his hard work (or should I say cunning mind work). He was not a fool to help these wannabe people get rich riding pillion to him.



Moving to Mr. Chopra next, dev introduced himself.

'Hi I am Dev Malhotra, Maan Khurana's lawyer.'

Shaking hands with him Mr. Chopra replied 'So where is the guest of honor?'

'He is probably off in a corner somewhere charming a very pretty lady.' Dev replied with a wink gaining a grin from Mr. Chopra.



Moving away from him dev thanked his stars, as Mr. Chopra did not prod further. It is getting way beyond control. I have to talk with Maan, Dev thought.





In the presidential suite of prestigious Regent Beverly Wilshire is a man sitting in the mini bar talking on the phone.


'How are you Maan' cooed the woman on the other side.

'Sameera, let's come straight to the point. I told my secretary to make the arrangements. Didn't she call you?'


'Yes, she did. I speak to your secretary more than I speak to you' she whined.


'I see.'


 'I have my own life too, you know, Maan'. She added hearing no response from his side.


'This is a very important week for me. I need you here.' Maan uttered completely ignoring what Sameera just said.


That just broke her dam of patience. She retorted 'But you never give me any notice. You just think I'm at your beck and call.'


Maan sighed 'I do not believe that you are at my beck and call Sam.'


'Well, that is the way you always make me feel.' She sniffed 'Maybe I should just move out.'


Finally, Maan could not take her tantrums anymore and barked 'If that is what you want, YES.'


Sameera mentally chided herself as she saw the situation getting out of her control. If she wanted the money and luxury, she has to have Maan under her thumb. She was just trying o manipulate him to pamper her even more and may be get her something expensive to mollify. This was not what she expected. Her plan totally backfired.

Frantically trying to do some damage control, she said 'All right, when you get back to New York, we'll discuss it.'

However, she forgot the person in question is the ruthless entrepreneur Maan Singh Khurana. He can be anything but manipulated. Her time is over now.


'Now is as good a time as any. Good-bye, Sameera.' he curtly replied and hanged up on her face.


Having no other option, Maan decided to attend the party thrown in his honor alone. 'I will cook up some story about Sameera in case any one dared to question the MSK' 'he thought to himself.


Coming down to the lobby, he ordered the driver of his limousine

'Off to the party'

The driver nodded and drove to the destination.

Maan had a look over the party buzzing with non stop discussions and chattering of women. He sighed and entered the party, putting the mask of indifference on. So that no one can see the pain of loneliness  slitting through his heart.

Seeing Maan at the party, Vikrant quickly lunged at him.


'Oh! Hello Mr. Khurana! I was hoping to find you by. Dev suggested that maybe I should take a I- - '


Maan cut him up curtly raising his hand' 'Dev is just my lawyer, okay?'


Vikrant backed uttering a mere 'Yes, sir'.


Maan moved to Dev and asked sipping wine 'How did the Raichand stock open at the Market?'


Dev stammered 'I don't know.' He had not expected him to ask that in the party.


'You don't know? It opened maybe 90 minutes ago.'


 'Look Dev, you have to keep it on top of these things, all right? Success bash, honor parties, award ceremonies the entire heck can wait. This acquisition is damn important for me. I don't want any laxity from your side. You get that?' Maan uttered softening up a bit. After all Dev is the only person he has got. From the time he decided to be on his own, Dev has always been with him. He can be less stringent with him. Even if he never felt like sharing his personal details with him or felt a close connection with his philanderer nature, he can at least be cordial to him.


'Done' Dev replied coolly.



' Hello, Mr. Khurana' Mr. Chopra greeted Maan interrupting them as soon as he saw him. Dev excused himself seeing a hot women enter with an old client.


' Hi. How you doin' Mr. Chopra? I want this whole thing wrapped up as soon as possible. I gotta get to New York by Sunday.


'Sure Mr. Khurana.'

Suddenly Maan heard a female voice calling out to him from behind.



'Sasha'! Maan responded with nonchalance.


'Hi' he extended the gesture.

'I was sorry to hear about your divorce with Pari. How are things going with Sameera?'

Sameera's name brought back the bitter memories of the evening in his head. He ignored her question and tried to change the topic.

'Oh, yeah. Thanks. Heard you got married.'

'Well... yeah. I couldn't wait for you! Sasha tried to reply wittingly but she could not help a tinge of sadness pass over her features. Maan noticed it but tried to ignore that feeling it caused in him. He could not help but ask Sasha


Sasha, tell me something.



When you and I were dating...Maan did not know how to put it in words. He stopped for a while choosing the right words and then added

Did you speak to my secretary more than you spoke to me?

He could not help but steer clear his head of the conversation he had with Sameera this evening. He had to find his answer.


'She was one of my bridesmaids' Sasha smiled meaningfully conveying his answer without using the exact word..


Maan could suddenly feel being less competent when it comes to relationships. What else could explain him having his lawyer as his only friend and no family whatsoever? Maybe I am the one who is not worth it' he thought to himself. Coming out of his reverie, he faced Sasha again and muttered clearing his voice of any sadness 'Your husband's a very lucky guy Sasha. God bless you two'.



Sasha nodded positively and bid him goodbye.



Maan could not concentrate on this party cum business meeting anymore. He needs to get out of here, away from his crowd, to his den, to his solitude. He moved out of the farmhouse, towards the parking. Dev who was until now busy in flirting with the same women saw him moving out. He panicked and followed him shouting his name for attention.


Maan eyeing a luxury car (obviously not as expensive as his) parked in the lot asked the valet standing there 'Is this Mr. Dev Malhotra's car?'


By now Dev catched up with him. He panted saying 'Maan,where are you goin'?


Maan completely ignored him and asked 'You got the keys to your car?'


Dev confusedly said 'Why, what's wrong with your limo?'


Maan pointed over to his car and said 'Look, the limo is buried back there. The valet can't get it out. So give me the keys.'

'All right, look Maan, I don't think you should drive. Dev mumbled being fully aware of how rash Maan can be while driving.' You' are a little excited. Don't drive my car. Let me work something out here.'

' Fellas, what kind of a system is this?' Grumbling he addressed the valets. 'Can you move these cars out of here?'


Knowing he cant get Maan to change his mind, he resigned saying'

 'Look, Maan.. Uh, are you familiar with a stick shift? Have you driven a shift?'

He could clearly see Maan was not paying any attention to any of his talks. He whined stomping his foot 'Listen, all right.'

'Yeah. Yeah.' Maan replied still not paying any attention.


Dev heaved a sigh and defeated he said 'Just be careful with it. It's a new car.'


Before he could say another word Maan jerked open the door to driver's seat, knocking Dev's breath out thinking what may follow tonight with his car.

-Dev shrieked 'Don't, uh- Just don't-'

'Maan! Give me a break, please!' He literally shouted at his boss.


Maan who was lost in the interior of the new car and controls mumbled 'I love this car' not paying any heed to Dev's rants.

Dev bit back ' I love it too'. He once again tried to change his boss's mind. 'Look, you don't even know where you're going. You are going to get lost in the dark!


Maan looked up and said calmly 'Beverly Hills is down the hill!' Without waiting for Dev's reply, he switched on the ignition and zoomed past him. Dev looked up at the sky and shot a quick prayer to God to keep his new car safe. While Maan on the other hand had no idea how his life is going to change completely in next few minutes.






That is it for chapter one.Smile The next part introduces us to Geet and Maneet's first meeting.

Chapter 2- Page 3



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omg thank you so much fr dis adaptation Tongue
Maaneet in one of my fvrt movie LOL
luvd d frst chapter n waiting fr their frst meeting n dat driving lessonWink LOL
awesome work Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by .Tulip.

omg thank you so much fr dis adaptation Tongue
Maaneet in one of my fvrt movie LOL
luvd d frst chapter n waiting fr their frst meeting n dat driving lessonWink LOL
awesome work Thumbs Up

Thank u sweetie. Its one of my favt too. Your wait is going to end with the next part really soonSmile
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