The Ballad of the Unsaid Love

The Ballad of the Unsaid Love Completed G

Published On: Wednesday,Mar 23, 2022 17:13 PM GMT-06:00

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It was spring, then summer came, which was followed by a quiet autumn, gradually giving way to winter. Seasons changed. Years passed. But he found his love still tucked away in the countless layers of lies he told himself every day. It was a feeling that he knew would never go away, never rust, no matter the circumstances. The moment Ranveer saw Ishaani, he knew he'd been marked for this girl — something that was both a blessing and the curse. However, fully aware that it would result in nothing more than a lifetime of anguish, he dove deeper into the ocean, and poured himself out, until there was nothing left of him.
Author's Note:
This is not a dark story, but a very sad one. This is possibly the only story I've written that's made me both proud and infuriated me, for all the good reasons.
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