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Crash Course
Crash Course By BlurredLines eye 2330 star 34 book 1

Ram Kapoor successful business man of the year for five consecutive times ...

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We Fall in Love Only Once
We Fall in Love Only Once By Srushti eye 13159 star 1 book 12

Gunjan, a firm believer of love-is-once-in-a-lifetime-thing, meets her ...

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Forced to Marry Your Soulmate #ReadersChoiceAwards
Forced to Marry Your Soulmate #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 178704 star 285 book 44

Swara Bose had never spent a day in her life waiting for her prince ...

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Her Broken Dream
Her Broken Dream By BlurredLines eye 9570 star 9 book 42

From the age of 16 ,Gauri happiness centered around him . The love of her ...

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True Friend
True Friend By BlurredLines eye 2427 star 40 book 1

Ram Kapoor believed that he had the best friends world could offer and ...

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The Handbook of Time
The Handbook of Time By Viswasruti eye 1716 star 7 book 3

A team of friends started their journey in search of their artistic ...

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A Cinderella Story #ReadersChoiceAwards
A Cinderella Story #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 14512 star 53 book 13

Swara Bose lived under the tyranny of her step father and step sister , ...

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Choices  (#IFFA2020)
Choices (#IFFA2020) By BlurredLines eye 9117 star 15 book 8

Three people stood against her marriage, one for revenge, one for love, and ...

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Memories By Elvish_Hobbit eye 1668 star 2 book 1

Ishaani once made a choice to leave everything behind so she could protect ...

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In Love and Friendship
In Love and Friendship By Shirisha eye 2769 star 90 book 4

What happens when one fall in love with his best friend? Do love at ...

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At the Beginning
At the Beginning By gunjan eye 15850 star 36 book 1

MayUr OS

Apples By Madiha eye 1412 star 10 book 1

Prem- Chahat OS

Dil Aashna Hai
Dil Aashna Hai By priya eye 34385 star 36 book 19

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