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Published On: Tuesday,Nov 01, 2022 18:37 PM GMT-06:00

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Ram Kapoor successful business man of the year for five consecutive times had forgotten to use his brain for everything that is not related to Business. Because he had stopped using his brain for five years, it wasn't easy for him to see the truth right before him.

To help Ram Kapoor, his friends had decided to enroll him on a crash course that allows him to use his brain. Well not that he was a willing participant to it as they had him kidnapped first
Author's Note:
Well this was my longest OS in Balh2. I didn't intend it to be though. Obviously I have no clue on what I wrote either just frustrated with the show as always and was ranting in EDT which turned into an OS.

Disclaimer : Meant for just fun and not intend to hurt anyone.
Trigger Warning:
Readers Age Group : 13+.

Trigger Warnings: " Mentions of Kidnapping "

Extent of the Triggers :" low"
Refine by Genre: Comedy Drama
Refine by Entity:
Graphics credit :
DreamOfEndless DreamOfEndless

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