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An Accidental Wedding~2! ~
An Accidental Wedding~2! ~ By Riya eye 41788 star 4 book 27

Dreams... Well most girls have a dream that their prince charming will ...

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Voices - Echoes in silence
Voices - Echoes in silence By Aishwarya eye 135 star 0 book 4

The life of people having passion for dance and love for love, how much can ...

A Journey to Serenity
A Journey to Serenity By chaoticmind2021 eye 424 star 9 book 1

What will happen when Arnav gets a chance at life that can be filled with ...

Rekindled Love
Rekindled Love By Iam_king eye 1074 star 6 book 4

Almost 17 years ago Raman Bhalla cheated on the woman he loved.

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