The Whispers Of Imagination

The Whispers Of Imagination Ongoing G

Chapter 9: A Sleet Of Emotional Quivers.

Published On Sunday,Nov 08, 2020 17:06 PM GMT-07:00

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Viswasruti 5 years ago Thank you Sagarika for all the good words you extended. Trying my best to define it in a different way . Weaving it with the silky threads of love and longing, elucidating the integrated separation in their union!
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sagarvandana 5 years ago This independent thought of Radha Krishna love is very interesting Viswasruti . While defining Radha's emotional journey, you excel your previous parts in every chapter . Love to read more narratives of such unique writings.
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Viswasruti 5 years ago Thank you, Krishna, for all the good words and encouragement. While reading this part after finish writing it, I visualize our Radha submerged under the garlands Krishna sent after his every marriage, sat there immersed in her penance for her Krishna ! Thank you for this great suggestion,
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SriMaatangi 5 years ago Asking for an acceptance!What beauty Madhuri! Sheer captivating words, and such love that transcends all! You have taken a story and woven it with love and understanding, magnificently making me feel Radha's sudden surprise at Krishna's marriage with Rukmini. I am simply enthralled by your writing! A Sleet of Emotional Quivers!Radha's emotions as she finds out how Krishna is marrying Rukmini! And her beautiful response, for she knows who her little Krishna is! She knows how precious He is to the Universe. And she knows that Rukmini is like her, in love with Krishna as well. I am speechless Madhuri! One request: Please do write about Radha and what she thinks every time Krishna marries. I have no doubt that you will outdo yourself with every single chapter you write!
KrishnaPriyaa2017-07-09 08:29:05
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SriMaatangi 5 years ago Res. Will unres ASAP :)
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Viswasruti 5 years ago Thank you, Avi for all the good words and feelings you extended, and your words mean a lot to me.
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Avyakta 5 years ago An amazingly written part it is Madhuri! You did your best in redressing the fateful separation of the eternal lovers, the unbalance between the truth and the reality, in lifting the Divine Love to a higher rung of maturity. In your story, Radha is the embodiment of love and it's associated conflicts in the context of that particular society's entanglements! Love your narrative style. Waiting for the next part .
Avyakta2017-09-23 08:28:29
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Viswasruti 5 years ago I am speechless for your powerful love burst, friendly praises and esp the descriptive style of reviewing, you added much value to my story Branka !For me, Radha- Krishna are the eternal lovers, difficult to describe, a spiritual experience, actually, an enigma of mystical love, inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination.With my little knowledge, I tried to understand and shared it with you all, my revered readers.Your words mean a lot to me Thank you.
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Sneha.Love 5 years ago Wah, Madi...Waaah ..What a beautiful story you weaved I was not around for a long, as you know, and now that I am back I read all the chapters, that I missed, at once (how lucky I am, did not have to wait for updates )...just couldn't stopped once I started to read...Absolutely enchanting storytelling...You are such a great writer , your words are flowing like a mountain's river, unstoppable and with such a power... every chapter is filled with beautiful descriptions of a Nature, so much, that everything is so vivid in front of my eyes as I read it...Every chapter is bursting with emotions that touched my heart and filled my eyes with tears several times... I could feel that ethernal love between Radha and Krishna, their divine bond...her longing for him once he left described so well her pain of was truly palpable and so real... Love this: "A wounded heart will heal in time and when it does, the memories and love of the distanced one are sealed inside it to comfort the aching heart!" That is so true...I simply loved last chapter that you wrote: A Sleet of Emotional Quivers...simply superb What a whirpool of emotions that Radha was going through as she find out about Krishna's marriage...shock, pain, sadness, disbelieve, anger... you described it so beautifuly...Love the garland he sent to her, and even more I love her gift for him, her palmprints with her tears on it...just love it !!! Looking forward to your next chapter, my dear Madi...Thank you for this beautifu SS
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Viswasruti 5 years ago Krishna , please relax and attend to the important assignments first. I'll wait .
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