The Whispers Of Imagination

The Whispers Of Imagination Ongoing G

Chapter 15: Memories of The Maidens

Published On Sunday,Nov 08, 2020 17:27 PM GMT-07:00

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Viswasruti 1 years ago A song of prayer transformed into the poetry of desire!There are no thoughts, no attentiveness, only the longing and pain of expectation, as if it was a divine punishment and a divine reward dawned on Radha all of a sudden. "Some tears are still there in my eyes Krishna, which are the friends of my sorrows now. I don't have any complaints, I can't blame you. Wishes are burning in the heart. You left me all of a sudden, I was here waiting for you, writing every night a longing story for my eternal lover! "She closed her eyes, letting her mind fill with his voice, began to hear his mocking whispers as if he was within her reach!!! She wanted to call him softly to see if he could step out of the glowing frame of her imagination! Still in red juvenescence, bunched mango branches blossoming in thick sheaves and as they sway to the gentle flow of breeze, they stir Radha's heart to anxious heaves!The earth looks like a newly wedded girl, clothed in red for spring-time festivities. The wind romps through the blossoming mango tree, and carries the cuckoo's song to distant places, and fills her heart with expectancy. "Krishna, your Radha was born for you. She had nothing to do with this world! Her reason to be born was only Krishna and nothing else! Give me your divine darshan once, then I will end my life peacefully. " ------------ The eventide came with a musical silence, souls could hear the melodies that ears could not. The twilight is indicating new possibilities. A fresh page in time's classic epic was yet to be written. A new beginning was possible, and possibility means hope! There ...there, she sat under the Tamala tree on that riverside with a beautiful dream to witness the divine light in her life, adjusting her veil on her head. That veil was looking like a veil between the anguished wait and the delirious delight, a veil between the parched thirst and the fulfilling thought, a veil between the longing and possessing, a veil between the interlude and the u
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Viswasruti 1 years ago Thank you Atharv for the appreciation and good words. Krishna is a God of love, with the love he won the minds of mankind, Radha is not only his lover, I feel she must be His guiding force, who dedicated her Krishna to the universe to preach humanity the Karma theory and the rules of crime and punishment. Sinners weren't spared as far as he was there on earth. This is the simple work that I've written from Radha's perspective. Thanks once again.
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*Dev.* 1 years ago Hi Madhuri,I just randomly visited this forum to see if there is some interesting stuff, and one of the first threads I came across was this one, and I started reading from the last page comments and then started reading your story on Krishna. It was catchy as I imagined the scenes while reading each one of them, on how those girls/ladies must have complaint against Natkhat Krishna but they couldn't do much because of his charm. This was really amazing story. Regards Atharv.
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metacrisis 1 years ago You know, when I read the first parts of this story earlier, I was not entirely convinced of your narrative. But now, as I read it again, I find myself attracted more and more towards your interpretation of Radha- the strong and silent rebel who is an inspiration for all women seeking it. I feel over the last couple of years my POV has changed significantly. And now, I just want to thank you for helping me put it all into perspective with this story! <3
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awesomeava 1 years ago What to say didi!! sort of lack of words to define your work the excitement & joy to read again n again...So vivid so alive so barbaric... I was just awed by your writing skills it seemed I was there witnessing all those was bone chilling..and just opposite there a morning soothing , vibrant, full of life.. didi you know I adore your are one of the rarest of the rare who narrate anything flawlessly.there is a rhythm in your writing..I am very fortunate to be your reader.thank you di for being my window,my escape and my solace.😜
Reading whole update was a bliss.. everyone is not blessed with what you are Madhu di- a mind full of imagination and the art to narrate.please keep writing....sorry, I read your works, but don't have time to much happened in my life🥴 my engagement then office, plus studies..and updating my FFs too😂😂 will surely comment on each when time permits 😅😃

With Love,
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Avyakta 2 years ago Wow... the mischievous Krishna and his longing Gopikas, the description is soooo beautiful Madi. Thank you for this wonderful update.
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vibraj 2 years ago Very well crafted and imagined, your imagination always gathers wings and takes us to a bygone era of love, mythology and the dramatic conflicts there!
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BilliCat 2 years ago Madhu dii You have written this so beautifully I know you are an amazing writer from the poems you posted in art corner, but I always get amazed by your amazing work I am so happy that I got to read this beautifully written story.
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