The Whispers Of Imagination

The Whispers Of Imagination Ongoing

Published On: 2020-11-08T16:24:48Z

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She had those clear bright ocean eyes full of hope and confidence but also yearning which made her seem stronger and determined enough in order to overcome her ultimate sorrow, suddenly a breeze began to caress her as if it was whispering: you're not alone, He is coming ...He is coming!
Author's Note:
Radha has been perceived differently by different people down the ages. She is considered as the adulterous and amorous lover of Krishna and sometimes his divine consort. This perhaps makes her the most confusing character in Indian mythology. Being a wife to someone, involved in deep love with Lord Krishna, her divine involvement with her God! I consider her as an embodiment of love in this universe. To define her character from various perspectives, in the light of philosophical, psychological, and of course within mythological ambit, I tried to present her in-depth feelings from an inquisitively different angle!
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