Beauty And Her Prince

Beauty And Her Prince Ongoing

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Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor in India and a BIG mystery to everyone. One who is always surrounded by beautiful ladies/models but is interested none. Someone so secretive/private about his life that the paparazzi would die to find any information of him. A Man who took over a Fashion company which was already in ruins and single-handedly turned it into one of the leading Fashion companies in the world. Who won the best Businessman of the year and also the title, ruthless businessman in history. He who believes in writing his own destiny and never gave a damn about anyone. A heartless, ruthless and emotionless millionaire who stole the hearts of many but his only interest is in making deals. Nothing can faze him and no one can entice him. Until he spotted those beautiful caramel brown eyes... Those eyes haunted him, spoke to him, made him restless, showed him a side of himself that he never knew existed. Their first encounter, the memorable walk under the moon..... If those eyes demanded his attention, her words/actions captured his heart and everything changed.... Arnav Singh Raizada was not the same since...
Author's Note:
Hello!!! I love love love ARSHI and IPK was the first ever Indian show I watched from start to end. This was my first FF which I started many years back but never got to complete. Now as I sat home during this lock down and ran marathon of all IPK episodes I was reminded of all the good times I had watching it and how much I loved, enjoyed and cherished "ARSHI". So here I am trying to complete my incomplete FF as our ARSHI deserve a happy ending in every story. Its been very long since I wrote something and I still have lot to learn. To all those readers who loved my story and sent/keep sending me so many messages requesting for more. Thanks for your love and I am sorry for making you wait so long. Hope you are still around to enjoy it. Links to the original content can be shared in other platforms with credit given to the author but duplication or sharing of this story without permission of the author is prohibited.
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