🏆India Forums Fan-Fiction Awards 2020🏆 Voting Round.

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Posted: 17 days ago

A word speaks, whispers, mutters, shouts, and breaks the silence and, in so doing, calls the writer to write a story. When the writer responds to this call, we get transported into a different world - one of their creation.  

Fiction contests encourage authors to delve deeper into the writing process, try out new genres, and share their work with eager readers.

To encourage the authors across India Forums and to give readers new stories to fall in love with, the Fanfiction Development team is organizing the India Forums Fiction Awards 2020


You have already nominated your favorite stories across multiple genres. Now it's time to cast your valuable votes for the most deserving ones!

Welcome to the India Forums Fan-Fiction Awards 2020 Voting Round!!


Your individual tastes and comprehensions will help determine the Best Fiction in each genre/ category.

Please vote for your favorite stories and authors from the ones listed below and help them win this much coveted award!

We want to thank all the Authors and Members who have sent in their nominations. Your enthusiastic participation is very much appreciated.

On that note, please scroll down for the list of stories nominated by readers and authors. 

Before you check out the nominations for voting, please read the Rules.


Image You have to nominate the number of stories as mentioned in the post

ImageYou can vote for only one Author for each subcategory for Best Author. And you cannot vote for yourself or your stories.

ImageIt is not compulsory to vote in all categories.

ImageAuthors are allowed to request their readers to vote for their stories.

ImageCritics choice voting will take place in Fan Fiction Editor's Forum. They will only read the first three-four chapters in case of Novels and Short Stories.

ImageNewbies and Groupbie votes will not be allowed

ImageThe last date to vote is  on or before 16- 9- 2021, 11.59 PM IST.

If you have queries now or in the future, please contact the concerned person mentioned in the list. Your first point of contact will be the first name mentioned in the list. If that person fails to respond, then only contact the other in the group.

Overall Award Co-ordinator:  oye_nakhrewaali , Leenaaa , 

Fan Fiction Novel : oye_nakhrewaali LizzieBennetHaal-E-Dil 

Fan Fiction Short Stories: Viswasruti Grey-licious

One-shots/Two-Shots/Drabbles : Viswasruti , Leenaaa

Poems, LGBTQ+, Original Fiction, Non-fiction, Quote, Authors: oye_nakhrewaaliSerpensortia, LizzieBennet,

Book Covers: Leenaaaoye_nakhrewaali 


Write-up: Viswasruti  

Beta reading: LizzieBennet

Graphics: BitterBerry

Color-coding: Leenaaa

Bullets: DeviantArt

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ImageFan Fictions/Short StoriesImage

 M i x e d  G e n r e

Vote for 1 entry

  1. Ehi Murare by proteeti
  2. Zapurza by tinamalHOTra96 
  3. Tunes Of Love by By Koeli
  4. Choices by BlurredLines
  5. A tale of love and deception by TheRoadNotTaken

Image Image Image Image Image

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ImageFan Fiction/ShotsImage

T r a d e g y

 Vote for 2 entries

  1. A Moment In Time by  Nush_Rat 
  2. Into The Rain by   Nush_Rat 

  3. Shattered by Nikita_99053

  4. Broken Angel by MessyMind

  5. A story or the truth? by Patibabu

  6. The Hidden Pain in Heart by Prit_007 

  7. Ateet ke Andhere by Prit_007 

  8. Beyhadh by Tiaraa  

  9. P.S. Nothing by Haal-e-Dil

Image  D r a m aImage

Vote for 2 entries

  1. Tears by BlurredLines

  2. Solace by Stormborn

  3. A Treasure Trove of Memories by Nikita_99503  

  4. Confrontation and aftermath By Caller123 

  5. A Chance At A New Beginning by Nush_Rat 

  6. Unspoken Words by Nush_Rat 

  7. The Truth by -Ayushi- 

  8. A Trial Of Enlightenment by Amphitrite 

  9. Ajnabe Ehsaas by alina.b  

  10. Family by Brute

  11. The Truth by  Caller123

  12. For an Eternity by tournesol

Image  R o m a n c eImage

Vote for 1 entry

  1. A Hasty Kiss by  Koeli

  2. Marriage Dilemma by BlurredLines

  3. The Moon Is Beautiful by Brute   

  4. Un Enredo De Relaciones by Amphirite 

  5. Love Just An Illusion? Or Not? By Amphirite 

  6. Case of the missing Red Clip by BitterBerry 

  7. You are too late by BitterBerry  

  8. My True Love by Stormfly13

Image C o m e d yImage

Vote for 1 entry

  1. The Irritating Trip by Nikita_99053 

  2. Khauff by Nikita_99053  

  3. Brijvasi proposes Mini by Caller123    

  4. Ruditha in Fairypur by Caller123    

  5. The Tale Of Ekayan And Daivik by Nush_Rat

ImageR o m C o mImage

Vote for 1 entry

  1. Bhul Bhulaiya by Brute  

  2. Parcel of Doubts by BitterBerry

  3. Forever And A Day by Bucky 

  4. What If? by Nush_Rat  


ImageT h r i l l e r / S u p e r n a t u r a lImage

Vote for 1 entry

  1.  The Ending That Could Have Been by Minionite 

  2. The Haunted Bungalow by Andetheres

  3. Under the Moonlight by tournesol 

  4. Glitch in Time by BitterBerry

  5. Wicked Games by Haal-e-Dil  

ImageM y t h o l o g y / H i s t o r yImage

Vote for 1 entry

  1. Abhimanyu by Serpensortia 

  2. Of sacrifices and regrets by Serpensortia

  3. The Promise I made by Serpensortia

  4. Renuka Mother of Rama By proteeti

Image Image Image Image Image

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ImageFan Fictions/DrabblesImage

 M i x e d  G e n r e

 Vote for 2 entries

  1. Bitterness of Unrequited Love by Elvish_Hobbit 
  2. The Ruined Valentine's Day by Elvish_Hobbit  
  3. Warmth by Nush_Rat  
  4. An Incomplete Desire by Elvish_Hobbit 
  5. Thappad by Nikita_99053
  6. Bhaisasur by Nikita_99053  
  7. Jaadui Coat by Nikita_99053   
  8. I love you by Brute 
  9. Chot by Prit_007 
  10. Sabak by Prit_007
  11. Sound of the Heartbreak by Elvish_Hobbit 

Image Image Image Image Image

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ImageBest AuthorImage

Vote for 1 Author per subcategory

 Fan Fiction D r a b b l e s

  1. Elvish_Hobbit
  2. Mannmohanaa

Fan Fiction N o v e l

  1. Serpensortia 
  2. Nush_Rat 

 Fan Fiction S h o r t  S t o r i e s

  1. tournesol
  2. Nikita_99053
  3. Nush_Rat 
  4. proteeti

Fan Fiction S h o t s

  1. Me000w
  2. AparnaRenu
  3. Ssanjinika
  4. Serpensortia
  5.  BitterBerry

O r i g i n a l   F i c t i o n

  1. BlurredLines
  2. Koeli

 P o e t

  1. Ajeeb-ladki
  2. Guruvishva
  3. proteeti
  4. Mannmohanaa  

ImageImage Image Image Image

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ImageBest Book CoverImage

R o m a n c e

Vote for 2 entries

1-From Strangers to Life partners by Bitterberry


2-Forced to Marry your Soulmate by Bitterberry


3- Dekh Dilne Seekhli Hai Baatein Sufiyana by aftermath..


4- Choices by Leenaaa


5-Soch Na Sake by Sanskruthi 


6-Tea Date by MsChanadlerBong


7-Love is a Certain, Small Madness by Grey-licious



 R o m C o m

Vote for 2 entries

1- I love my Enemy by Leenaaa


2- Khushi and her handsome jerk by Sanskruthi


3-Rang De by 18shabbo


4-Be Mine by aftermath..




Vote for 2 entries

1-The Mafia Princess by Sanskruthi


2-Lost by Leenaaa


3-Love, Forever by Bitterberry


4-That Last Ride towards my death by GuardianDevil



 H o r r o r / S u p e r n a t u r a l

Vote for 2 entries

1- Khauff by taaniroyal    


2- Sacrifice For Immortality by Sanskruthi


3-A Voice in the Dark by MsChanadlerBong



T r a g e d y

Vote for 2 entries

1-The last chance by Grey-licious


2-Broken promises by GuardianDevil


3-Broken Angel by Leenaaa


4-Calm Amidst the Storm by Koeli



 D r a m a

Vote for 2 entries

1-Junoon by 18shabbo


2-Dil Ki awaaz by Koeli


3-And She came back by 18shabbo


4-Friendship, Love and Revenge by 18shabbo


5-A chance at a new beginning by BitterBerry



C o m e d y 

Vote for 1 entry

1-Nankhatai Ke Nuskhe by MsChanadlerBong


2-The Tale Of Ekayan And Daivik by BitterBerry


3-I have Humans in My Business by MsChanadlerBong



 M y t h o l o g i c a l / H i s t o r y

Vote for 1 entry

1-The Ringing Troubles by MsChanadlerBong


2- Abhimanyu Caught In Whirlpool by Bitterberry


3- Throes of Love by Koeli



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