Muje teri zarorat hai (#IFFA2020)

Muje teri zarorat hai (#IFFA2020) Completed G

Published On: Friday,Aug 14, 2020 15:23 PM GMT-06:00

eye 29125 star 44 book 26

Taani and Ananya (Rey's sister) study in same college
Rey meet Taani in her college function,He fell in love with her at first sight and decide to spend his whole life with her.
unaware from Rey's feeling Taani is searching for her parents murderer but situations is not in her favour it become hard for her to find real culprit
Someone is stopping her from finding her parents culprit
Rey decide to stand by Taani in all rough & tough situation he supported her in all her struggles,up and downs of life but they re unaware about their painful past connection
They both fall in love with each other madly and get married their married life is full off love & happiness but Rey is hiding one secret from Taani because he fear to lose her.
This story is about Taarey journey as a couple
How Taarey going to find Taani parents culprit when someone is trying to stop them at every step ..
What secret Rey is hiding and how badly its going to effect Taarey married life
How they going to deal with unfavorable circumstances and situation
To know all answers you have to read full story
This is a fictional story not related to any kind of reality or any person
Characters of this story Taani and Rey belongs to D3 show
This fan fiction completely belongs to me
Author's Note:
This is a short taarey fictional story
If you like it than pls keep it into your library for getting notification of all updates
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Table of Content
eye1379 thumbs-up24 commenting-o 10
His Love and Attraction For Her,Her Hatred For Him
eye1353 thumbs-up27 commenting-o 11
Some Revelation, Some Mysterious People
eye1151 thumbs-up27 commenting-o 12
His Dangerous Side
eye922 thumbs-up26 commenting-o 10
Her Parents Murder Mystery
eye815 thumbs-up28 commenting-o 14
Shocking Revelation
eye838 thumbs-up26 commenting-o 14
His Care For Her
eye763 thumbs-up23 commenting-o 9
Miss Shekhawat or Mrs. ?
eye867 thumbs-up25 commenting-o 10
Hiding The Truth
eye769 thumbs-up20 commenting-o 13
Meetings with Friends
eye984 thumbs-up21 commenting-o 9
Her Pain
eye692 thumbs-up23 commenting-o 9
Harsh Reality
eye755 thumbs-up23 commenting-o 15
eye784 thumbs-up24 commenting-o 14
His Sweeter Side
eye771 thumbs-up26 commenting-o 14
New beginnings,Sunday outing
eye775 thumbs-up23 commenting-o 15
Boss, Marrige proposal
eye709 thumbs-up24 commenting-o 9
Joru ka Gulam, Marrige discussion, Marrige Decision
eye767 thumbs-up22 commenting-o 12
eye637 thumbs-up21 commenting-o 18
Insecurity and Marrige
eye794 thumbs-up19 commenting-o 16
Brother's love and worry for his sister, Going london
eye700 thumbs-up23 commenting-o 9
Emotional Ananya,Taarey on honeymoon
eye732 thumbs-up19 commenting-o 11
eye603 thumbs-up22 commenting-o 4
eye724 thumbs-up29 commenting-o 17
He is a very bad person I hate him
eye579 thumbs-up27 commenting-o 7
Is he really a bad person ?
eye704 thumbs-up25 commenting-o 19
Culprits behind the Bar and Happy family
eye789 thumbs-up25 commenting-o 15

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