Sacrifice For Immortality

Sacrifice For Immortality Ongoing

Published On: 2020-07-24T16:40:36Z

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Immortality... Who doesn't crave immortality? To have an eternal life, free from the shackles of death is something that has been the dream of one and all since an eternity. Many demons from the times immemorial have tried to become immortal by various ways and means but none succeeded. Yet these failures did not deter them from trying again and again. Now, the Black Powers have another opportunity to become immortal...and the key to their immortality lies in the Daivik. Pia and Ansh thought their battle was over once they won over Mohona. But little did they know that Pia's destiny was yet to be fulfilled and her existence was intertwined with another entity who would wreak havoc on earth if he became immortal...
Author's Note:
This is a fanfiction based on the show Nazar. It is the Kaal Shukra Grahan and two black powers want to sacrifice Pia to become immortal. And now, it is upon Ansh, Nishant and Saavi to save her. I really enjoyed writing this fanfiction. A special thanks to my dearest friend, Nushrat (@nushy1995) for her inputs. I really hope the readers enjoy reading this story. This beautiful cover was designed by Sanskruthi. A big thank you to her... It's awesome. Last but not the least, a sincere request to all the readers... Please do leave your precious reviews.
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