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Plot: Taarey decide to end there relationship with each other for Rey parents happiness. Rey is billionare Taani is middle class thats why Rey parents rejected her but one incident force Rey to chose his love over his family as destiny wants taarey together. He married taani which is not approved by his family in anger his family throw him out without a single penny. This is a story of a girl who is totally depend on her parents even for food but in one incident she lost her parents. A boy who used to spend thousands of rupees daily without thinking twice but his one decision turned his life upside down still he dont regret his decision. Now how is taarey going to become each other support and going to prove that they are perfect together in such a hard circumstances where will there life going to take them. This is just a plot detailing will come in updates. This is a complete fictional story only on characters Rey and Taani. Not related with any real person. This story is completely and solely belongs to me. Rey and Taani Characters belongs to dil dosti dance show
Author's Note:
Just a taarey drabble. For further updates please keep story in your library.
Refine by Genre: Romance Love Story
Graphics credit :
Shalini_Taarey Shalini_Taarey

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