Mehbeer: Monster To Human

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<font size="5">This is a story about a girl Meher who gets forcefully married to a man Abeer who is a drunkard. Every night he comes home drunk and irritates her, in short he's a monster, a hungry monster, she handles him by difficulty, one day he opens up his painful past to her when she was about to run away, will Meher accept him? Read to know.</font>

A woman was talking to a girl.
Woman: we have fixed your alliance with a well known singer, Abeer Malhotra, I know you love him

Girl: Maa, I don't.
Woman : beta Meher, tum uske gaane kitne shauk se sunti ho, to us se shahdi karne mein kya masla hai?

Meher: gaane sunti hu, par mujhe us se shahdi nahi karni

Mom: ab kuch nh hosakta, kal hi shahdi hai

Meher: Maa ek baar poochh to leti, main shahdi nahi karungi

Mom: beta tum usey milo to sahi
Meher: (helplessly) theek hai maa

. . . . . . .

Meher: OMG, I can't believe u r in front of my eyes.

Abeer: r u one of my fans?

Meher: yes, m Meher Purohit, your to be wife

Abeer: oh, so it's you

They do an intimate dance while Meher keeps resisting.

. . . . . . . .

Abeer comes home drunk, he had Meher on his shoulder.

Meher: leave me

Abeer throws her on bed and before she could get up, he came on top of her and started kissing her neck.

Meher: what r u doing?

Abeer: u r my wife.

Meher: leave

He sleeps on her.

. . . . . . . .

Meher wakes up and sees Abeer really close to her.
Meher: move away
Abeer: no
Meher: plz

He pins her to the bed and looks at her angrily.

Chp 1 (page 1)The Crazy Fangirl
Chp 2 (page 2) The Fixed Alliance
Chp 3 (page 3) She's A Keeper
Chp 4 (Page 4) A Day Together
Chp 5 (Page 5) Solace
Chp 6 (Page 6) The Troublemaker
Chp 7 (Page 7) Sorrow
Chp 8 (page 8) Home Alone
Chp 9 (Page 9) Love Me Like You Do
Chp 10 (page 10) Truth Unleashed
Chp 11 (page 11) Nightmare And Love
Chp 12 (page 12) A New Feeling
Short Promo
Chp 13 (page 14) Increasing Closeness
Chp 14 (page 15) Passionate Night
Chp 15 (page 16) Surprises
Chp 16 (page 17) The Celebrations

Shocking Promo
Chp 20~Arrested(pg 21)
Chp 21~Joyful Tears(page 22)
Chp 22~Concert (page 23)
Chp 23~Claimed(page 24)
Promo (page 25)
Chp 24~Honeymoon(page 25)

Chp 26~Romance Overloaded(page 27)
Chp 27~The Rides (page 28)
Chp 28~Planning For Her(page 29)
Chp 29: Birthday Girl

Chp 31~You+Me=A Wonderful We
Chp 32~Aditi
Chp 33: Mystery
Chp 34~Changed Behavior
Chp 35~Confronting Her
Chp 36~Who's Behind The Mask?
Chp 37~Goodbye Forever
Chp 38~Love Is In The Air

Chp 40~Triplets
Chp 41~Friendship Day
Chp#42: Baby Shower Function
Chp 43: Knock Knock

Chp 45~Slit Wrist, Deep Shock

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Posted: 2 years ago
abeer as a drunkard.that makes this story unique.he is trying to force himself upon her.poor meher.whats abeer's past which made him a monster?i hope meher'll change him
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Posted: 2 years ago
Different and interesting concept!
Waiting for how does the story shape up...thanks for the PM!
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Posted: 2 years ago
Nice start
Poor meher forced into marriage
Abeer drunk
Misbehaving with meher
Looking forward to story continuing
Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin
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Posted: 2 years ago
congrats on your new story...

interesting intro...
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Posted: 2 years ago
Chp 1~ The Crazy Fan Girl

It was evening and a man was singing in a studio.

Yeh Dooriyan,
Yeh dooriyan,
Yeh dooriyan, in raahon ki dooriyan, nigaahon ki dooriyan, humraahon ki dooriyan, fana ho sabhi dooriyan

Kyun koi pas hai door hai kyun koi jaane na koi yahan pe
Araha pas ya door mein jaraha jaanu na main hoon kahan pe

Ye dooriyan, in raahon ki dooriyan, nigaahon ki dooriyan, humraho ki dooriyan, fana ho sabhi dooriyan.

Kabhi hua yeh bhi khaali raaho mein bhi tu tha mere sath,
Tujhe bhule se bhi na kaha main he kabhi chahun faasla, bas faasla rahay, ban ke kasak Jo kahay, ho or chahat ye jawan, tera mujhe karjati hain dooriyan, satati hain dooriyan, hum raahon ki dooriyan, fana ho sabhi dooriyan.

Kaha bhi na main ne, nahi jeena main ne, tu Jo na mila,
Tujhe bhule se milke lauta mera dil ye khaali khaali haath,
Ye bhi hua kabhi,
Jaise hua abhi,
Tujhko sabhi mein pa liya,
Teri meri mit jani hain dooriyan, satati hain dooriyan, hum raahon ki dooriyan, fana ho sabhi dooriyan.

He ends the song and was all teary eyed. His trance broke by everyone around him clapping.

Sattu: u r doing great

Abeer: thank u Sattu sir

He goes out of the studio and the girl he saw made him cry more. Girl comes to him.

Girl: hey, m sorry
Man: shut up
Girl: I said m sorry, I can't marry u.
Man: why? Why you can't marry me? For that noble class man?
The girl gets angry and slaps him.
Girl: agar uske pass kuchh nahi to tumhare pas kya hai? No family, nothing, tum job pe jaogay or main ghar pe bore hoti rahoon gi, ye chahtey ho tum? Sahi kehta hai Viraj k tum mujhe kuchh nahi desaktey siwaye gussey or dard k Mr.Abeer Malhotra

Abeer: u slapped me? Tumhari itni himmat? Theek hai, ek to kya 1000 thappar lagao, lekin yaad rakhna, tumhari yeh decision tumko bohat bhaari paregi Aditi

Aditi: we'll see

She grins and leaves, he too leaves from there to his house.

A girl was sitting in a room with many posters of Abeer.

Girl: how cute he is? Kaash ke mujhe ye miljaye

Just then her mom enters the room.

Mom: Meher beta, ye kya bachpana hai, puray room ko posters se bhar rakha hai?

Meher: Maa I m his fan

Mom: main teri shahdi is se hi karaungi

Meher laughs but little did she know her wish is soon going to come true. She keeps drooling over his pics.

Abeer enters his house and breaks everything and sits on his bed with tears flowing down his cheeks.

Abeer: kyun aisa horaha hai? No one loves me, mumma bhi chali gai, papa bhi chalay gaye, Aditi bhi chali gai

He cries alot and drives towards the bar and drinks a lot. Meher too comes there but doesn't notices him. She drinks and walks out of the bar. Her driver was driving the car when suddenly Abeer falls in front of her car.
Meher: arey gaari roko

Drivers stops the car and she gets down the car and rushes to him.

Meher: hey r u OK?

He doesn't replies and she bends to check for wounds. She smells wine.

Meher: omg he's drunk.

She takes him to the car and he sits inside.
Abeer: kon ho? Kahan le kar jarahi ho?
Meher: tumhare ghar pe
Abeer: do u know where I live?
Meher: (curses herself) oh so stupid of me (then she asks him) kahan pe hai tumhara ghar?
Abeer rubs his eyes to make his vision clear.
Abeer: turn to the left, then to the right, keep driving, (after sometime he sees his house) now stop

He steps down the car.

Abeer: thanks.

He says coming out of her car and stumbles, he wasn't able to walk properly. Meher comes out.

Meher: I will drop u till inside.
Abeer: OK

They go to the door of his house and he unlocks the door, they go inside together and she follows him to his room, he passes out on his bed. She pulls a bedsheet over him. She was about to go, just then something caught her attention. She saw Abeer's photographs on the wall.

Meher: is he Abeer Malhotra?

She turns to him to have a view of his face as she didn't notice his face earlier, she is surprised.
Meher: Abeer Malhotra

She goes near him, her happiness had no boundaries. She bends and kisses his cheek. He holds her hand.
Abeer: tum agai Aditi

Meher leaves his hand and runs from there out of his house, she sits inside and the driver drives off from there to her house. She steps down the car and goes inside the building towards her flat and unlocks the door, once she is inside, she closes the door again and runs to her room, her gaze went on Abeer's poster immediately.

Meher: I can't believe k main ne tumhe dekha or kiss bhi kardia, oh my God, yes! Yes! Yes!

She was jumping in joy. She takes her diary in which she wrote about how she has always loved Abeer and wished to meet him.
"I met him finally, I kissed him, it's the best day of my life."

She wrote and laid on her bed taking a pillow in her arms and slept. All this didn't go unnoticed by her mother who could do anything for her happiness, she switched off the light and went away. Next day, Meher woke up and was overjoyed. She freshened up and had a quick breakfast and decided to go to Abeer's house as she was crazy about him.

Abeer woke up with a hangover and the flashes of last night revolved in front of his eyes, his fight with Aditi, a girl taking him to his house and kissing on his cheek.
Abeer: was that Aditi? I knew she cares about me.

He calls on her number. She receives it irritatingly.
Aditi: what is it?
Abeer: was it u who dropped me to my house last night?
Aditi: why will I come? I love someone else, bye.

Call disconnects and he holds his head and decides to find out later, he gets ready, and had a quick breakfast and left for office. As soon as he left, Meher came there and rang the doorbell, but when no one opened, she went disappointed. Meher is a successful model, she always loved to be famous and so she chose to be a model.

She reached the place where she does modeling and the boss called her as soon as she came.
Boss: my business partner wants you to do an advertisement of a perfume, I told them that first I want your approval, then I will tell them.

Meher: it's my pleasure ma'am, I will do it.

Meanwhile at Meher's house, her mom Shakuntala was talking to her husband Anurag. Meher's father Anurag is the boss of Abeer, Meher is unaware of this. It's just been one year since he's his boss and so he decided that he will surprise Meher on her birthday by making her meet him as they knew she loves him, not as a fan girl but in some other way.

S: Meher loves Abeer, and she wants to marry him.
A: I will try talking to Abeer, he just had a break up with his gf Aditi

S: so that means he's single and our daughter is so beautiful that no one will reject her.

A: yes, that's true, I will talk to him and will make them meet, and if they both agree, we'll fix their marriage.

S: yes, that's a great idea

They smile.

(Hiba Nawab is playing the role of Aditi in my ff)
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Posted: 2 years ago
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Posted: 2 years ago

so this is how they meet...

he still dont know her..;.

aditi is very money thinking person
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