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Posted: 4 years ago

although dil pe patthar rakh ke muh pe makeup karlia

 . . .

The author of this post is a woman of questionable sanity, ungodly habits and may be suffering from chronic hand pain. The nice lady who refused to write the introduction is a PSD-making, icon-tutorial-giving, woman of the almighty, more pious than all the holy waters must have been before Delhi became a city. Approve

Anyhoo, if we are to come down to first person, I am Kankshita, 20, author of this post. My fellow gallery owner, Husna, would not like me to mention her age, not that I can be certain of it. Because meh, age is just a number. And we're ancient women. We are, regardless of what she says.

We share a hobby besides an excellent friendship, we like to waste time.

Okay, I kid.

We're Photoshopping ninjas and I'm not modest. Ermm

Before I leave to compile my rather meaty update for today, take a cyber hug, people of india-forums who enable our mostly unproductive hobby and keep us from killing ourselves. Toodles! Hug

Big squishy cuddles from

Husna and Kankshita

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Posted: 4 years ago

Links to recent galleries.

Husna's second

Kankshita's seventh
. . .


Kankshita's and Husna's - page 1

Kankshita's -  page 8

Husna's - page 9

Husna's - page 16

Husna's - page 24

Husna's - page 30

Kankshita's - page 35

Husna's - page 40 (suggestions #1)

Husna's - page 46 (suggestions batch #2)

Husna's - page 51 & suggestions #3

Husna's - page 55

Kankshita's - page 61

Kankshita's - page 67

Husna's - page 69
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Posted: 4 years ago

Not much of a makeup material LOL  and more of 'ae ho likhi thi sazaa meri'.

Kankshita likes to describe me like I'm an angel who descended right from Heaven. Stern Smile Although, I may be more of a 'I may be on the side of the angels but do not for a moment think that I'm one of them'. Yes, that's exaggeration which leads me to best part of my update. SherlockCool


Originally posted the entire set on my tumblr but since I'm such a nice soul, I uploaded some Sherlock individuals on imgur too for easy usage.


b/w version : https://i.imgur.com/TdH8mxd.gif

b/w version-text : https://i.imgur.com/BALrbpz.png

The full gif set can be found at my tumblr.
(www. the brightest witchs wandworks .tumblr .com)

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Posted: 4 years ago





Zulekha set stacked : https://i.imgur.com/PUbNcQ3.png
Selective OsMaya icons stacked : https://i.imgur.com/pt8kdhm.png

KRPKAB | Dev-Sona.

Feel free to get them stacked by someone if need be.




Lost the inspiration to do a complete set. Stern Smile

JNDSD | Atharv-Vividha.


Stacked : https://i.imgur.com/0KbqjNZ.gif

Osman and Maya Diva's photoshoot.

And lastly, Jennifer Winget.

Icon version : https://i.imgur.com/BYRO4xf.png
Signature version : https://i.imgur.com/4yYja49.jpg


Janaki's suggestion.

do not use.

Made these for KEmbarrassed

Version 2 : https://i.imgur.com/KjwkDFv.png

Happy 2017 folks! Thanks for sticking by us. Hug
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Posted: 4 years ago
look how much I photoshopped this holiday season



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Posted: 4 years ago
Ok, I definitely deserve a royal ignore for doing this, reserving my spot and on first pg and unreserving now and I sincerely apologize for that to you!!! To both of you Husna and Kankshita!!!
I don't have words that can do justice in appreciating the flawless work but I will try my best.

the editing,the texture use, the crispness is totally out of this world everything looks classy and beyond beautiful, my favorites:

never watched this show, but the way these have turned out
dim blue  and antique gold like sepia, deadly combo of color

Love the soft coloring hear, looking spectacular!!!!

if you want to tell someone how perfect should the siggy look
and how perfect should be the blending of pics, one should use
this as an example!!! 

it is giving a vintage kind of feel

I love all the icons but this I find really cute
cyan/turquoise toning looks super-coolDay Dreaming

their couple is fantastic
the most unique colored pic spam I have ever seen
can't take my eyes off it!!!

aah the killer queen, she's toh dangerously beautiful

the texture you have used for it is fabulous!!!

HP aaah I think of books always 
when  I look HP stuff, I think instead of movies
a 7 season series should have been made on this
to cover all the fantastic things that were never shown
in the movies, splendid this one, blue,gray and black&white
together never looked so awesome


the cutest thing ever
hedwig and harry
besties for life though hedwig diedCry
everyone in books loved the snowy white
hedwigEmbarrassedLOL I think it was padma aur alicia patel
who mentioned that she loves harry's snowy white owl!!!

ok enough about hedwig, love all the icons, so many different coloring
and it's a piece cake I Am sure for pro like you and husnaClap


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Posted: 4 years ago
H and K, a new beginning on the new year. Good luck with the endeavor.

Doston ka sahara leke, partnership Start kar di..just got in the mood, seeing the line.

Husna and Kankshita, I like the banner, and intro cos it is crisp and I can connect. Glad to see you both coming together, again with a joint venture. I like the blend of using favourite colours, Green is K's, so am assuming Husna loves pink.

Benefit for me with this JV is, I have one pm less, and a shop lesser to visit, well talking business.

Coming to the update.

Firstly, I finally saw Sherlock this weekend, and ofc it was FABULOUS. Was reminded of you both, as you update regularly on him.


The gifs are fabulously coloured, textured and crisp.Clap

https://i.imgur.com/DLwrJjc.gif : Unique concept, and love it.

Sig looks superb, hardcore blend.

Icons look decent, not quoting cos I feel, gifs are update stealers.

Devakshi gifs are GORGEOUS.

Jen spam, is super fabulous.Texture use, blend and colours, just wow.

HP one looks WOW again.


You know, it may look less, but the effort and thoughts to make a small thing is much more.
I love the fact you make std icons, cos well you know. But still std ones look the most classy.

Trust me, I have never quoted these many icons for anyone ever, so you better understand how much perfect, rustic and classy I find these. Each piece is an art in itself.

1. Beautiful and natural colouring, and way you used 2 textures, and cropping.
2. Boss stuff dude.
3. Capturing a moment, and texture use
4. This seems as those theme wedding shot, so the b/g colouring used, and that star and mountain kinda texture you used, highlights it more!

1. Well done.
2. Subtly coloured, texture use and border..enhances it. Glad to see Hedwig.
3. Kinda highlights the moods, or the personalities, clever thought of different colourings, maybe b/w is past somewhere.
4. Love this colours and texture use.

1. Texture use is creative yet tough, and you nailed it.
2. Love the focus you gave, texture use and light leak.
3. Well cropped, and captures the essence, with apt colouring.
4. Great one, love the colour highlights or colour po*n, guess it is called.

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Posted: 4 years ago
You don't send PMs for updates, right?
The icons are wonderful!
^^The colouring looks awesome!
^^This one looks gorgeous!
^^This set is just soo beautiful! <3
^^This one's a real beauty!
^^This one's plain amazing!

^^Of the icons, I liked these the best! Embarrassed

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