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Posted: 4 years ago
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Posted: 4 years ago
I thought i will never see the day of this. Really thought you were going a long break. I gotta admit it's nice taking a break in between sometimes, much needed to go through a creative process and refining the skills a bit too. But wohoo am so happy to see that you updated. This is so much needed to boost people like me who are in need of inspiration all throughout. You know what am talking about. You're comment about "i barely made anything." is quite an understatement. You made QUITE a lot of things i see. LOL

Jennifer Winget Gotta admit, she's definitely your muse. I guess when it comes to a favorite. You give your heart and soul unknowingly in making it standout. Those icon are so bloody perfect. I saw those pictures around and i had the urge to make something out of it. Sexy photoshoot it was. I love how she kills in red and how you kept the colouring the appealing apart of the icon. Oh that edit photoshoot in BW is so AMAZING. Breathtaking. I love your edit man. I tried to make an edit and failed but yours look so classy. It was already BW and i like how you kept your colouring tones limited and not overdid it. That red border always slay on a BW edit and your text is so apt.

Dil Bole Oberoi Your blended icons are so beautiful Husna. Liking the tinge of yellow that you maintained there. Your subtle use of textures. Looks all so pretty. I've seen that picspam around. That colouring stands out so MUCH. Gosh am liking it even more. I love the style of it too. Should copy that style soon ;) ;P I should say it again. I LOVE THE COLOURING. It's hard to point a favorite from both versions because they are both pretty stuffs ;( Those gifs: you know how am crushing on your latest psd colouring? Yea i love it so much. Started using it on my stuffs. That soft yet sharpened gif is brilliantly done. And the addition of a text + font complimenting it.

Nach Baliye I don't usually follow reality shows because it's filled with more dramas than the actual performance of the contestants, but that caption of yours cracked me so bad. ROFL Am guessing that DTD is Divyanka and her husband? Are they really that annoying? What does DTD stands for anyway? ROFLI love each avis you did Husna. OMG the colouring again. :'( i keep repeating myself but seriously it's so appealing. Esp those isolated colouring one.

Jana Na Dil Se Door Oh wow, you are definitely showcasing an update with smashing colourings now. Stern Smile Your work is so neat and crisps. Even a non-fan will gawk and gush on those. Just look at these three sets of gifs man? I don't know what to say anymore but feast my eyes upon them. Oh your blending is just flawless and your way of writing down your text fonts. You're so good at gifing now. The result is so sharp yet soft again. Bless your actions and your creative hands. Approve

Beyhadh I don't know if Rida told you or not but am watching Beyhadh season 2 and occasionally watching Season 1 for a pass time. Yes yes am watching. I knew i was going to like. JW aka Maya is the reason am even watching it anyway. LOL Those gifs are SO good. Yup she is definitely your muse Day Dreaming Your brushes on them makes them stand out. I see you did a lot of blending here too. You are becoming a master at blending gif. ;) Despite ghatiya quality i see you managed to make something so breathtaking. I am digging that paint spray brush on that BW ones btw and that font + text ;| I saw those promos. The original promo gifs looks so amazing Shocked I think i already told you how i can't stop staring at the perfectness of those set. You had it in your sigbox too. Loving that textures used on the BW one. For one strange reason Beyhadh looks mind-boggling when it's in BW-Red. It gives a Beyhadhy-combo LOL But can't discredit the coloured ones too ;'( looking bloody incredible.

Requests Those DBO, BKD, Kankshita's birthday stuffs, Ri's banner & Jw's banner. WOW! They came out so gorgeous. I gotta say am in awe with your textures here.

Thank you for sharing your resources man. Probably i should follow suit sometimes and share stuffs. Though i don't make smashing colourings like you. Is that gif set 2 colouring the one you shared with me before? The beyhadh one? Oh why is my name in the credit lists :O esp in the colouring department? Shockedi don't even own a colouring psd in my folders ROFL

Kankshita time for you to update now. C'mon show us your wondrous stuffs and inspire us too. Approve I is waiting.

Posted: 4 years ago
I have no clue how many of your updates i have missed so apologies ma'am first of all. I have literally stopped blabbering about missing people's updates because people might now throw chappals for giving the same lame excuse. *facepalm* Secondly, yes i am doing realy well Husna babaay (if that your were asking everyone jeez :D) Ufff i thought i would PS stuffs but after scrolling down and watching these beauty, i'm reconsidering all the edits i've made. I'm glad you updated lady because my existence in this forum depends upon some marvelous PSers which definitely includes you :)
Jennifer Winget - Hahaha ! indeed the lady got to be your muse since you like her so much that it is visible crystal clear in your avi and dabba section always. The icons have such soothing solouring and the red is not at all pinching the eyes. This is what i call smart PSing. The colouring is sexy with the reds and blues, its making them stand out.  The signature got to be one classic editing bro. Love love love the blending and the reddish effect with b/w is one of the sexiest colouring. The lady and the signature is on fire jeez.

Dil Bole Oberoi - Is this 'the name of the show' or is it 'ishqbaaz' :S Whatever the case maybe, the colouring in the icons are so magnificent bro. I'm a huge fan of b/w colouring and these icons touched my heart. From colour tinting to blending and styling, everything is so perfect. 

Both the version of picspam are brilliant in their own way. There is so signs of khidchri as you are stating yaar. ME LIKES BOTH VERSIONS. The blending and the textures and not to forget the texts are so beautiful. The styling is very brilliant as well.

Holy shit look at the clarity. I'll die now. I love your vintage colouring Husna. Something is so sexy of vintage colouring !!!

Nach Baliye - The opening line is somehow implying me not to watch the show ROFL However, IDK how many ages ago i've left watching t.v :]] But Monaya is making me watch the show. Anyways, the gifs are just amazing. I like your sharp setting. Generally icon sized gifs tend to lose its clarity but look who just kept it intact. Amazing girl.

Jaana Na Dil se Dur : Husna ROFLROFLROFLROFL Holy Shit you wicked chick ROFL that line is making me go ROFL ROFL EFF IM JUST HEAD OVER HEALS watching the colouring. I really can't describe how i'm feeling but this set is so attractive and creamy that im lattoo over it. 
PS : the clarity of the gif jeezz !!
All versions are tabahii. I can't choose. I'm liking everything. Those gif where you merged two gifs are so cool. They just perfectly blended. 

The next sets are cool too. The colouring is so soothing. The text is what i love. Beautiful :)

Beyhadh: The show and your stuffs are altogether going hot AF. I like the sets. No issues dear quality is a bitch IKR. Screw it. But look at the text. Ahaa so intense, intimidating and sexy Blushing 
I'm huge fan of your beyhadh stuffs Period. I went speechless while i gawk at those magnificent beauty. Heart your concept bro ! The first gif got real sexy editing ! Im smitten by it. OUCH !

Requests : Oh my god when were you open for request. Maybe next time i'll bug you making me something too. Tell me you will make it for me Husna. I'm serious ROFL 
ALl the requests are so wonderful girl. But that haryali picspam is what i'm loving more. So neat and the topaz effect (if that you've used) is brilliant. The colouring is extremely sexy. I didn't had any clue that green could be sexy as well. 

Husna i really like your in between rants. LMFAO ! they were really hilarious to read ROFL a.k.a the show i watch and don't watch hahaha ! You are one wicked chick man and i like that. I hate when update ends like it should never end but you better update asap wookay girl. I'm always hungry for your updates Evil Smile ILY Husna :) 

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Posted: 4 years ago
It's been such a long time since I've commented. Good lord. Stern Smile

I didn't get to talk about my excitement of you guys opening the shop the last time as I highly doubt that I've edited my previous spot. Nonetheless, I could dance and sing with joy as you guys are back. Wohoo.

http://i.imgur.com/ZXEDBkU.png - I fail to comprehend how you guys are so good at blending. Husna, this is a masterpiece. The style has swag and man, reds.

https://extraimage.net/images/2017/02/26/c0d9bbed47827c3d998f427a2766fadf.png - Jesus Christ. Wow. 

The Jana Na Dil Se Door gifs are a work of a genius. You. YOU.

And the Beyadh gifs. HOLY HELL. Kya chaalu hai! Stern Smile

Also, the resources are amazing. Kya chaalu hai #2. 

Kankshita, behen, tum bhi thodi cheezein daala karo. 
But not complaining since Madam Husna, covers up for your absence. Blushing

A suggestion/ request (?) I don't know what to call it. 
Could you make stuff on The Office

^^This has everything. 

Aloha then.

Nach Baliye,
Posted: 4 years ago
Oh my God such gifs!
You beauty! 
Posted: 4 years ago
Husna.. ILY.. Heart

Okay, bye. Heart

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