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Posted: 4 years ago
So am trying to let this page load for the 3rd time but i guess i have to wait for more. Will have to come back again.

In the meantime, bro change the page title update alright. 
Posted: 4 years ago
omg lovely update husna







these are my favs <3
Posted: 4 years ago
Aii, this is too good!
I love the NB avis, the Baarish one looks too good! <3
Also the Star Parivaar one. The coloring is tooo good!
The SPN one is gorgeous <3 *dies over and over*

Posted: 4 years ago
Pehle vrinz ki update then Husna ki update. These chikas are breaking my concentration level and my dedication towards books. How will I study if you guys give such smexie updates. Stern Smile 
Husna baby wanna kill me 
Husna gonna drill me
Husna thrills me
Husna chills me
Husna grills me
Like the heat in the month of April

I guess i should start writing poems. What am i doing with my life holy shit. Geek I discover some latent talents of mine while writing for these ladies. *does the victory dance* 
No chappals and sandals intended for wring third class poetry.

Husna yaar if your brain refuses to cooperate to find a suitable opening line then i wonder how you manage to pull off such smashing outstanding work *thinks*.

So it was you and all this time i kept wondering who made those Sarabhai gifs. They are so HD with beautiful colouring. Jeez girl you are a gem. I am so happy that the show is back because some evergreen series should be returning by hook or crook. Oh i miss Rosesh and his poems ROFL

" No clue what got into me that I made this kachra looking set. Too much exposure to Reeno, Sakeena, Mais, V, Dips and Rida's stuff does that to you. Stern Smile NO. It doesn't inspire you to make kachra, you're fooled into believing even you can produce brilliance but then you're in for a rude shock. Stern Smile ROFL "

What ROFL I can count on it too. if art doesn't drives you crazy and makes you open PS and start making a bakwass edit, toh phir us art ka kya matlab hua. But bro its an honour to see my name there (aesa mai bilkul nahi bolungi) because how can the most uninterested, demotivated, non-creative PSer inspire someone to make stuffs like pro. ErmmYeh Husna and Virina ko hi pata hai. Thats so twisted for me. I love the colouring on the gifs specially Drashti's and Arjun one which is so creamy smooth and yummy LOL. 

The Nach Baliye gifs are fantastic. The different gif sizes you used along with the colouring and borders are sheer brilliance girl. Moi likes your text style alot. But that MoNaya set OMGFJKHUFUGHJCVBHNYG *DIPS.exe has stopped working* Stern Smile Holy DAFUK. Maatey charan kahan hai aapkey. Lelo mujhe tumhare charan me Husna. This is the USP of this entire update and IKR how much hardwork and brain drain is involved to pull out a beauty like this. The colouring and the text and every bit of details are worth gawking at. The text colouing you used are so cool buddy. My mind are blew out atm. I just wanna uninstall my PS and take sanyas. Period. IDK how you manage to pull off magnificent stuffs with gifs like its equal to cook maggi. Stern Smile

The birthday stuffs are so cool. V ka birthday kab tha i still have no clue but that signature looks so sexy. Ahh Miller is a killer. I love the merging and textures on it. Green looks so intense and sexy there. The textures are love. 

Husna you better keep updating and fulfil my hawaas of checking out edits ROFL 
Love ya babaay. Until next time. Adios Cool

Posted: 4 years ago
I've realised it was an update full of gifs, that's why it was taking time to load :O Finally you got time to update and inspire some of your fellow friends around. Thank you. Let me add that you got freaking brilliant with this gif making stuffs. All your stuffs are so gorgeous. But let me comment on on each one of them instead of paragraphing it here.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: Am so looking forward to watch this cult show man. This is one of the finest tv show i've come across. Can't wait to see this crazy family back and leave in splits with their stupid but most awesome liners. Any idea when it's coming? Is a for a whole season? Or just a few? I've seen many so many people using this set around. I've stared at it for a whole of a time too just to say that it was such a treat to the eyes. The coloring and actions made it stand out. Your coloring tone is so pretty man i can't get enough of it. And ofc how crips it looks in terms of quality.

Star Parivaar: Oh Mais gave me this video link to work with. The video quality is so tempting, that i've kept it for further use LOL  Did you use two different kind of psds? I love how they all look btw. Your action is so on point. Not overdone but just the right balance.

Monaya: OMG this is the heart of the update. It's so bloody brilliant that i went on with my inspection mode and dissection this gif so carefully. How the hell did you do this? And what's totally creative here, you've used shapes/blend mode/partition styles to each one of them. That's very commendable man. Your use of colored texts is SO AWESOME. Your brush is SO AWESOME. Your texts/fonts styles are SO AWESOME. IT SCREAMS AWESOME. But the crazy f**king thing about this is the 6th gif. HOW THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE TO DESATURATE Monaya and keep the colors behind??/ HOWWW? THIS IS EFFING WITH MY BRAIN. I NEED AN ANSWER. YOU LITERALLY KILL ME HERE. But Bravooo, you need a medal 'round your neck.

AbiNam: DUDE THIS IS AN EPIC PIECE. Seen this been flaunted in many sigboxes too. First the coloring is already is so gorgeous to look at and then you do this BW thing and use one of my most fav texture that goes so bloody well with BW. Your choice video trimming is so good btw. It has to be the font styles that makes it even more outstanding though. That curlish font style always do the trick. Actually both of the fonts used are my favorite Stern Smile
And you keep getting with your gifs invention style. Am having such a hard crush on your coloring and texture here. Such a classy set. Your stack version is more gorgeous too. I normally just stack straight away but you have a knack for creativity while stacking your stuffs. Kudos bro! LOL

SPN: Dang, such a simple edit but this edit is so wooing me in weird ways i can't even explain ROFL Again your coloring Stern Smile I love how darkish it looks. Eeeks. OMG that signature-gif style is so WOW. Is it a low quality vid? Coz you did a good darn job making it look amazing here. That BW+Texture = Day Dreaming Anku must have been boucing on and off when she got this. 

Miller: OKAY THAT'S MINE!!!!! Blushing I already told you how much i love it. Ahh Miller Miller. Thank you for keeping it BW. I dig this style so much and i've been using it since you gave me man. I don't feel like removing it anytime soon too. So it kinda tells how much i love my gift so much. EVERYTHING IS LEGIT BRILLIANT ABOUT IT. I was quite touched to get a gift after so long from someone on IF actually ROFL ab toh gift nahin milte ROFL so i was surprised when you made me one Shocked Oh btw those green hues of colors looks very good on the edit. :$ THANK YOU HUSNA.

Update more...i need more inspiring stuffs from you. Hug

Posted: 4 years ago
Brilliant update Husna! Approve

All the gifs in this update are a pure treat for the eyes! Day Dreaming Seriously can't take my eyes off the gifs you've made, they're all so damn gorgeous <33

My favourites ofcourse are the Monaya ones! That was a pretty hot dance, and your gifs have intensified the hotness level here ;) The colouring is just OUTSTANDING! I cannot even put into words how much I adore the colourings you do on your gifs, and the colouring you've done on the Monaya ones is just exceptional! 

I also love the text styles, and how smartly you use text in your gifs. It hardly ever looks out of place, and blends in with the gifs smoothly :)

Other than that, the AbiNam and Star Parivaar gif sets are stunning as well! The baarish one of AbiNam is really a fantastic set, and I can imagine how hard it must be to colour a rainy dance sequence. 

Overall, a fabulous update as usual! Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Husna, well I have already told you inspiring and fantastic is this update.

Sarabhhai, well who isn't? The gifs are ust superb, so damn classy with text.
SPA ones, I love kartik-naira ones, cos creamy they look, and drashti-arjun ones, pinks look beauty, love your colourings,aslo these 2 couples have executed their scenes quite naturally.

All NB gifs are exceptional, gifs is your forte, and way that abinam set is stacked, you RULE/

The signature for Virina is Splendid, love the smooth blending, and textures, gives a whole new feel and then greens at few places.Textures used are great.

Thank you for psd, and your detailed tips, you are a Gem as I say, cos you share so much and help.
Reminds me, the Questions thread is quite inactive nowadays.


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