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Posted: 6 years ago


For all intents and purposes, ladies and more ladies,

Hi! I've changed two usernames since but all the same, this is Savage's #7. Excuse me as I am not in mood for anything further introduction. Okay no, you need to know this. The next three months is more or less all about board examinations for me and thus, the updates around here will be small, their frequency irregular and I won't be doing any requests. Suggestions, I am not sure about my stance on them just yet. There's all of this and besides that, love of Rowling, if only I wrote as much as I PSed. Stern Smile

PS Yes, I am not following the standard protocol of opening a new thread this time.

Live long and prosper, or not,



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Posted: 6 years ago
I n d e x

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page 7
page 13
page 19
page 26
page 33
requests: pages 43, 46, 49, 51
page 55
page 65
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Posted: 6 years ago


This is an extended weekend for most of us and I have board practicals in the two weeks that follow so I decided to update this place in the following manner. You will notice I have not bothered with sectioning the items. You will also notice that I am punching holes through your possibly happy mood just by speaking. I am sore and I need some cold coffee ASAP.














Done, that's how done we are. But in my defense, I wanted to open the gallery at the earliest and all of this was made in less than a day. Right, so, the milk in the fridge awaits me; I need to make it into a coffee shake, stat. Stern Smile


Love from

The person whose been raining on your parade, in a manner of speaking



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Posted: 6 years ago
l e t ' s  g e t  s t a r t e d.

May Savage's #7 be as awesome as Dean Winchester is. Have more 30 of these galleries. *insert hand-bless emotie*

You and icons. Icons and you. My vocab suffers an instant death when I'm supposed to comment on your icons. Stern Smile Brilliance and excellence, all rolled into one. And and, how incredible are those Supernatural icons. <3 LOUUU LOUU OH MYY LOUU.


^^Masterpieces. Period. *you need to have a look at my dabba though* << That's quite remarkably done! I like how clean the background removal is, I like how their hair still looks like their hairs and I like the soft grungy BW coloring. Also, the gifs. More than anything else the speed of your gifs is perfectly-paced.

PS The banner is unbelievably gorgeous. Such a beautiful blend of black, purple and green. That brush stroke and the textures just add to the beauty of it.

Oh and congratulations! Hug

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Posted: 6 years ago
congratulations. Hug

I am going to skip the basic congratulatory post and to the update. LOL Icons, I do not know what else to add to all that I've already mentioned me in my previous comments. Your icons are brilliance, every single one of them, every single time. When it comes to icons, you are the boss. Approve Not going into the technical aspect but I really like this icon for the picture selection. It somehow has a calming effect which probably has to do with the coloring. But I love how the coloring enhances the whole mood. This looks amazing. Bright but not too bright. Although not being a yellow fan, I don't mind the yellow background. Definitely one of the best from the update. WOW. I am so using this icon one of these days. I am not aware of all the effects used on this icon but the result is brilliant. The coloring again, amazing. I am going to change my display picture to this. I love their happy selves and the cropping of this icon is amazing. A very pretty icon. Embarrassed The coloring, the texture, top notch! Also another shout out to the Dean Sam icon in the middle, third row and the black and white Kashaf icon, stunning, both of them.

Those Veer Zaara GIFs, some of the most beautiful I've seen. I love how they look a little grainish and yet so clear at the same time. The coloring, both the black and white and the colored versions looks beautiful.

Again, congratulations on this new shop, K. Your work is definitely one of my favorite here and may you have many more.Cheers!

Long live and prosper. LOL


The banner is stunning. I love how the seven blends into her dupatta. I think it looks quite cool. Cool
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Posted: 6 years ago

d u d e.

Your 7th! YAYAYAYAYA. (Trust me, I am not excited. LOL)

I don't have to tell you how awesome your editing is. But anyway. Here it is. 


^^ black and white has a certain charm, you know. SO dreamy these are.

  << My favourite icon. It oozes flawlessness and perfection. 


^^ CLASSY. Approve

The Veer Zara signature is beyond anything. Really. Idk how you end up making such awesomeness out of practically nothing. Stern Smile

The gifs are super clean. The coloring works and so does the texture. 

dbfkbg, woman. Hug

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Posted: 6 years ago

Starting from the top, the banner for thread #7 looks amazing. Blue, black and green along with the beautiful face in the centre. Ah, I love it.

Despite your urgency to have a cold coffee, I think the update length is pretty decent. And the quality is superb.

The supernatural icons and the solo Sherlock one have been amazingly done.

^This reminds me that I need to nap now.

May the Force be with you.
Posted: 6 years ago
Congozz for d new galleryParty
d banner is beautifulHeart
and fantastic stuffsClap
lovedd d srk-preity gifsSmile
and loved these iconsDay Dreaming
fabb workThumbs Up
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