PreRish Fan Fictions

Beneath the White Coat
Beneath the White Coat By PeachyPisces (@PeachyPisces) eye 664 star 1 book 2

Armaan, devastated by Riddhima's request for him to leave Sanjeevni and her ...

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Purity Of Souls
Purity Of Souls By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 14537 star 55 book 9

Rishab needs a child as per his father's condition for being his heir ...

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The Mother Of My Child
The Mother Of My Child By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 11447 star 37 book 11

Mother, the lifeline of child and child, the apple of her eyes for whom she ...

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Love is a Savior
Love is a Savior By aawaaradill (@aawaaradill) eye 14766 star 14 book 9

Prerna Sharma gets more than she bargained for when she is offered work by ...

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Vignettes By aawaaradill (@aawaaradill) eye 6733 star 9 book 6

Prompts turned vignettes. Small scenes. All related to Karan Singh ...

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And She Came Back #ReadersChoiceAwards
And She Came Back #ReadersChoiceAwards By Kriti Arora (@Grey-licious) eye 13053 star 111 book 4

Prerna blamed Mr. Bajaj for Anurag's Accident

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Tum Dena Saath Mera #ReadersChoiceAwards
Tum Dena Saath Mera #ReadersChoiceAwards By Kriti Arora (@Grey-licious) eye 3260 star 3 book 1

PreRish One Shot based on #khoonselatpatbajaj

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A Hasty Kiss (#IFFA2020) #ReadersChoiceAwards
A Hasty Kiss (#IFFA2020) #ReadersChoiceAwards By Koeli (@Koeli) eye 9406 star 57 book 2

Inspired from the KZK2 track when Prerna receives Business woman of the ...

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One Shot Collection
One Shot Collection By Rucha (@frnd.of.frndz) eye 9861 star 68 book 6

This is the collection of my One Shots..

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Eternity and Beyond
Eternity and Beyond By aawaaradill (@aawaaradill) eye 2689 star 3 book 1

A mysterious woman who is not human. A sailor hardened by tragedies of ...

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Deals and Ice-creams
Deals and Ice-creams By aawaaradill (@aawaaradill) eye 4522 star 10 book 1

Rishabh Bajaj has just won a deal, his only problem is, the boy-man making ...

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Aisa Ho Sakta Hain
Aisa Ho Sakta Hain By Tvfanatic85 (@Tvfanatic85) eye 7055 star 35 book 4

The story brief and idea is by @WaqtZaya. 8 years ago Prerna Sharma lost ...

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Journey that made them (#IFFA2020)
Journey that made them (#IFFA2020) By Tvfanatic85 (@Tvfanatic85) eye 91997 star 132 book 55

This is the story of Prerna Sharma and Rishab Bajaj. Prerna Sharma a young ...

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Melodious Night
Melodious Night By Arziya (@Arziya) eye 4678 star 4 book 1

PreRish One Shot

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The Lost Moments
The Lost Moments By Tvfanatic85 (@Tvfanatic85) eye 15669 star 83 book 11

This is the absolute start of all the fan fiction I have written on ...

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{Piece of My Heart}
{Piece of My Heart} By BlueEyes (@GulaabiAakhein.) eye 9411 star 44 book 15

This is an original story based on the characters of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2. ...

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Revelation and a New Intimacy!
Revelation and a New Intimacy! By Wistfulness (@Wistfulness) eye 6126 star 63 book 1

An agonizing past emerging to melt the ice between the two individuals.

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Latest Stories

Silent Whisper
Silent Whisper By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 27484 star 88 book 2

Life Journey of two people poles apart in career, status and style. One is the ...

Divine Whispers of Ramayana
Divine Whispers of Ramayana By Shirisha (@ExoticDisaster) eye 398 star 1 book 4

Drabbles for Shrimad Ramayana Contest

Tu hi Wajah
Tu hi Wajah By Mg13 (@Mg13) eye 9436 star 48 book 2

Geet stood rooted on the spot as her shivering fingers touched he forehead, ...

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