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Love & Trust
Love & Trust By BlurredLines eye 4242 star 47 book 2

Shot 1 description : Priya Sood had been called a Liar by Mr Kapoor few ...

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Parichay: Only The Heart Knows
Parichay: Only The Heart Knows By Rivanya eye 2528 star 1 book 16

Dreams are all I had until I met him, calm as sea yet unique consciousness, ...

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The Marriage Contract (#IFFA2020)
The Marriage Contract (#IFFA2020) By BlurredLines eye 18949 star 26 book 44

Swara and Sanskar had one thing in common their unwillingness to marry ...

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Against All Odds
Against All Odds By BlurredLines eye 2294 star 36 book 1

Priya Sood was cursed with having the worst fate in her life. So she ...

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The Destiny of love
The Destiny of love By midnight_library eye 10145 star 17 book 33

This is the story of two people who r belonging to a different world 🌎. ...

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Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams By Elvish_Hobbit eye 462 star 1 book 1

Ranveer had watched every bit of himself degenerate when he found out the ...

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A Trip to the Past #ReadersChoiceAwards
A Trip to the Past #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 7765 star 47 book 42

Sanskar Maheshwari was an man haunted by his past, He lived his life on an ...

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Agar Tum Sath Ho
Agar Tum Sath Ho By Shalini_Taarey eye 8172 star 17 book 15

Rey signed papers without reading in trust because of which he become poor ...

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Un Enredo De Relaciones (#IFFA2020)
Un Enredo De Relaciones (#IFFA2020) By Alexia eye 2586 star 10 book 1

When a relation is entangled and untangling it might lead to other ...

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Good Brother
Good Brother By BlurredLines eye 3231 star 42 book 3

A Three Shot about Sanskar Maheshwari and his sister Uttara, the plot ...

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