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Broken Promises
Broken Promises By ShiriFictionPen 487 6 3

Abir-Mishti and Kunal-Kuhu had a fairytale love story until one day they ...

Ongoing + 9 more
¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦
¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦ By ShiriFictionPen 731 13 2

Arnav has loved Khushi since forever, but she cannot accept him in her ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Tea Date
Tea Date By BitterBerry 229 5 1

A light hearted OS on Arjun and Riya. He started liking her over the ...

After All This Time? Always
After All This Time? Always By ...Tiana... 729 12 2

Arnav and Khushi are college sweethearts. Arnav is Khushi's senior. He ...

Ongoing + 1 more
Tied to You
Tied to You By ShiriFictionPen 734 12 2

Roli falls in love with her sister's brother in law Siddhant. It was all a ...

Ongoing + 7 more
Shades of Love
Shades of Love By ShiriFictionPen 702 11 3

Arnav and Khushi have had an arranged marriage. Karthik and Naira have had ...

Ongoing + 9 more
The Princess and Me
The Princess and Me By ShiriFictionPen 293 10 1

Khushi Kumari Gupta and her cousin Manik Malhotra share a great ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Una Respuesta De Reciprocidad
Una Respuesta De Reciprocidad By Alexia_Wilson 438 4 2

What is the true meaning of love? What does Anirudh eventually say to make ...

Completed + 3 more
Obsessive Love
Obsessive Love By Manasa.G 9384 18 11

He was a cold hearted and matured-more-than-his-age kind of guy. Like an ...

Ongoing + 3 more

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Songs of Silence and A Playful Afternoon
Songs of Silence and A Playful Afternoon By nushy1995 98 0 2

This is a Two Shots on Piya and Ansh from the serial Nazar.

Tum yahin ho...
Tum yahin ho... By Poonam..../Piya 208 3 5

Love has so many definition... Just read a simple meaning of love...