Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams Completed G

Published On: Saturday,May 21, 2022 13:15 PM GMT-06:00

eye 222 star 1 book 1

Ranveer had watched every bit of himself degenerate when he found out the truth on the night of Karwa Chowth, a moment he never thought would come. Still, it did, and assaulted him unprepared. His reaction to the tragedy that befell him was entirely unlike him. For days, weeks, and months, he hadn't been himself. The unforgiving ticking of time, however, saw all. He knew he had crossed his lines, way beyond the concept of forgiveness. Despite all, does he have any hope to mend those broken dreams?
Author's Note:
Since it's a very old piece, I haven't edited it except for seeing some typos.
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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 

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