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Published On Friday,Oct 21, 2022 03:19 AM GMT-06:00

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zornitsa 21 days ago Raja Shaib to Maan sir . waiting and loved seeing this transition. now transition to maan with their nok-jhok . with their own authority and rights of each other.
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Gudiyeet 4 months ago Geet saw rajasahab was busy with phone calls she ask him want talk to him he said he don’t want force go to kalisa with him Geet admired raja sahab how treat with people old lady was happy maaneet came here maan silently wstching his wife cute antics with kids he was happy geet pended come to kalisa with him after return maan was busy with his office work geet shared her visit to Annie and dadi Geet want talk to him stopping him she reminded him try to spend time with her maan teased her and give heavy work she didn’t leave spend time with him Geet admired maan sleeping interesting update
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khwaishfan 4 months ago Chapter 21
Impressive update…. fabulously written
Geet's efforts to speak to Maan about them is commendable
Maan's response was predictable
at least Geet realises after what she did its not easy for Maan to trust her
Geet will have to win Maan's heart and trust
Admire that Raja Sahib believes in leadership by example
great that he makes a point to visit the new people of Kalsia
so Geet is lost in her dynamic husband
as expected Raja Sahib is humble and simple person
he treats his people with respect
no wonder the people of Kalsia revere him
of cos he enquires about their well being
not surprised seeing Rani Sahiba interact with the kids
Wow Raja Sahib smiled seeing her antics
Raja Sahib cannot help but appreciate how she handled the visit
liked he said that Rani Sahiba should hold the baby first as he saw her excitement
at least for those moments he forget what she did to him
glad that Geet impressed Maan in her role as Rani Sahiba
seeing Geet and her acts, Maan is confused
Maan's dilemma is well portrayed .... heart and the mind....
alas the mind won
sadly Geet is not getting time with Raja Sahib
good that she resolved that she needs to be Geet and not Geetanjali to get him to talk to her
hmm he though to avoid her but she was waiting for him
nice that she took the initiative and confronted him
his question was justified
while her response was reasonable
Maan assuming that reason she is now interested in him is understandable
she does however deny.....
will she be able to prove this to him as he wants?
Gosh he reminds her to check her work email
oh Maan sir wants her to be at the office
he has cleverly ensured that as they will be at the office there will be no personal talks between them
adore her cribbing....
how long will this carry on? will she manofy him?
Loved Geet admiring her hubby
she has correctly analysed him and now understands him
only she gets to see the naughtiness in him
pleased that she wants to be his partner in every way and share his
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