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Conditional Marriage Members Only

Published On Friday,May 06, 2022 01:06 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 9 months ago Chapter 3
Intriguing update…. Amazingly written
liked that Vicky can go to any extent for Raja Saheb
The siblings share a great bond
finally he read Geetanjali’s letter
loved Geet addressing him as Mr Raja Saheb brought a smile on his face
as expected Geet is honest and direct in the letter
she tells him why she agreed to marry him
great that she reveals about herself, her lifestyle and what she likes
oh so she is a social media queen… how will Maan handle this?
well she has two conditions
one – she does not want to see him before or after marriage until she is confident in this marriage and two she wants to continue to live her lifestyle until she is ready to take on the new lifestyle
glad that her letter forced Maan to think about himself
sad that he is so wrapped up in responsibilities
can understand that he expected Geet to assist him with his responsibilities
alas that’s not the case
of cos he likes that she was honest with him
she is indeed different from others
he is happy that she is unaffected by his aura and power
she is indeed a challenge to him
at least he understands her points and that she was not wrong
great that he replied to her
enjoyed Geet’s family teasing her
nice that she says she will always be Geet
hate that she has judged him and assumes he would refuse her conditions
pleased with Maan’s response to her
not surprised that he agrees to her conditions but security is will always be there
he does assure her that he will never interfere in her lifestyle till she gives him the right
so he wants her to lead a royal lifestyle for the first month of their marriage
will she agree?
wonder how they will manage all this?
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Gerli 10 months ago Was für tolles Kapitel, bin schon gespannt wie es weiter gehen wird. 😊👍
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taahir004 10 months ago Fantastic Chapter

Both Geet and Raja Saheb has wrote their letters
to each other sharing their Points and needs
I like the fact that Raja Saheb agreed to her all demands
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