Enchanted Ongoing G

Royal Training Members Only

Published On Monday,May 23, 2022 18:58 PM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 10 months ago Chapter 7
Lovely update…. Greatly written
well Raja Saheb does not come for breakfast taking Geet’s condition into consideration
good that he is watching her from afar
wow Geet is seated in Raja Saheb’s position
of cos his family is jealous seeing this
great that dadima introduces Geet to the extended family
nice that Geet is unaffected by Naintara
Geet is indeed different and is happy as she is but her confidence is high
Geet’s thoughts are reasonable
can understand why dadima did not mention that they are Maan’s step family
not surprised with Geet’s thoughts about Raja Sahib
glad that dadima showed the step family their place
oh so the step family have a clear eye on Geet and know she is the weakest link
I am sure that they will use this to their advantage
so Geet is under strict training
pleased that her image is going well thus far
as expected she is upset that keeps an eye on her and sends strict instructions
she cribs about this
liked Geet admiring her Raja Sahibunaware that he is her hubby
oh she was late and Raja Sahib punished her
Gosh they collide into each other
yet again affected by his closeness
loved that she knows that she has to one day accept her relation with Raja Sahib
sad that she dreads that day
when will she be mentally prepared to accept the relationship?
looking forward to her reaction when she meets her hubby
sad that Raja Sahib left for business
at least Geet has fallen with the people of Kalsia
she does her duties well and has learned much
Thanks to Raja Sahib, her image is shining
he does much in the background and she is clearly obvious
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PaintedSky 10 months ago Re... Reading. I'mamazed how understanding raja sahib is!
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taahir004 10 months ago Fabulous Chapter

Geet has drawn her own assumption that Raja Saheb must be
an old man while she seems attracted to the handsome stranger
that helps her from falling
wonder what she will do when she realizes the stranger is Raja Saheb
Geet's personality helps her to talk with the people of Kalsia
and she has no idea Raja Saheb had laid the ground work for her
but yes she needs to realize when it comes to her duties she needs
to take them more serious
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