Let's Know Everyone

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Let's Know Everyone

Location University of Delhi, College of Humanitarian, basketball court

“Geet” “Geet” “Geet” she came running, took the ball and there in the basket

“Heyyyyyy we won” Everyone held her up in air. She was the charm of the college. Darling of her friends and crush of most classmates. Great performer, it did not matter if she not a very great singer, sang above average but she was performer and she rocked the stage. She was great in sports, she was completely extrovert and loved to be the center of attraction. Any function in college, hosting has to be done by Geet and only Geet. She was fun loving and darling everywhere. But still the girl was without any boyfriend.

“Geet college is almost finished. Now exam sessions are starting and then we will all depart.”

“And girl like Geet Handa, passing out without a boyfriend”

“Yaar shut up you all. What’s the use of roaming around with anyone of you when I know my Papaji is all ready to fix my marriage soon. He wants to find the best one for me so I am not allowed. In short arrange marriage”?

“What? Geet Handa, arrange marriage”

While all were in mid of this serious discussion. Pooja came running

“Geet, Simran, Nands” she reached them shouting their name

“Yaar we know our name, what’s the matter”

“Yaar Khurana’s ka press conference. He is on TV”

“Poo, you could have called on cell. It would have been faster” “Yaar it’s 5 minutes to start and this is more thrilling” “Point!!” Geet agreed

All the girls ran to watch TV in college canteen. They overtook the remote. Boys on other side were so irritated “Yaar what is it about this Khurana guy.”

All girls’ eyes were hooked on the TV “Hello Everyone… Let’s welcome the face of Khurana group –  Dynamic Vikrant Khurana”

All the Girls placed their hand on their chest “Hayyyye.. Hottie”

“Hello everyone out there” said Vikrant Khurana

“Mr. Vikrant, also say hello to your admirers out there. All the young girls out there” All girls were lost in the charm. After the press conference happened

“Geet Geet… its all done”

“What a charm yaar. What a style he has”

“Really yaar. He is prince of Kalsia and from one of richest and powerful family”

“Who cares yaar. He is just Eye candy to us.” Said Geet

“Yaar won’t it be magical that one of us suddenly get proposal from such prince. I would love to be bride of a prince” said Simran

“Oyyee stop dreaming of any prince you girls. Come to reality. Tumlgon ke liye hum sab hee hain” said one of the boy

“Exactly, I will actually deny any alliance from these prince and all. We don’t even know how their life is. They have tons of rules and complex life. Sab bahar se hee achcha lagta hai” said Geet

“I will take all complication but being wife of real prince will be so exciting” said naina, other friend

“Yeah yaar, they have Kalsia, Empire estate. They internally rule that whole place and unanimous leader. MP amd MLAs from that area, all bow down to them. You have heard of Raja Saheb. He simply rules.”

“Chadd yaar, I anyways don’t like these princely types, they don’t lead normal life as ours. They just go by rules and all. Jindagi toh hum jite hain. I love freedom of my life. I will want to actually marry someone of my group, where I can lead a free life. Trust me life of these people are really dirty… pata nahi kya kya hota ai ander”

“Geet, In case such alliance come for you, are ou really going to say NO”

“Haan kyun nahi, yeh Rajkumr sare mere liye toh baithe hai that I can say no to them. Yaar, I anyways, whoever be it, I can’t say no to Papaji. Bass My life is ending after marriage” After chit chat, Geet left for home.

It was Tuesday, 6 am Palace of kalsia

Everyone is ready in front of huge temple in the Palace. Viccky comes down and pinches Annie

“Again you are late. Feel blessed Raja Saheb is not down yet”

But soon, an elegant man 31 years old, descends. Savitri Devi looks at him with pride. He is her pride

“Aayee Raja Saheb, everyone is waiting for you to start the Aarti” Everyone other than Annie and Viccky are filled with jealousy. Plus, they all have to wake up early in his honor. It’s the rule of palace. Its mercy of this man that they are staying in this huge palace, or even in this city full of affluence.

Raja Saheb, makes sure the city has all affluence and facilities. It is by respect that people bow down to him. He owns most of the land here but people are never made to feel such, plus this 31-year-old takes responsibility and care of whole city and empire as his child. But he very well knows his position and how to carry the elegance and power. It belongs to his Dadima, and he will never let her down.

Everyone, even elders have to wait for this young man to start their day.

Raja Saheb bent down and touched Dadima’s feet “Pranam Dadima” “Khush Rahiyee. Aarti suru kijiye”

Raja Saheb started the aarti, which was followed by whole palace and then after Shankh Naad, was followed by whole city.

After aarti, he looked at Viccky – “Come to my study, now”

Annie came and hugged him “Good morning Bhai”

He raised his eyebrows “What do you need. Anyways, will talk to you later. Viccky, in Study now”

Raja Saheb ordered and moved fast. How agile can anyone be, they wondered. None matched him, nowhere near but still they imagined his place, his throne, his empire and his huge business. His business which was top listed nationwide. Rather than trying to win him by their deeds all of them invested their time conspiring against Raja Saheb. If Raja Saheb is removed from way, then these two siblings of him are nothing.

Annie went running to Viccky “Viccky Bhai – please talk about my request please”

“Don’t you see, I am on verge of being slaughter. Tumhe bas apnee padee hai”

Raja Saheb was in his study, scared Viccky knocked the door “Come in”

Raja Saheb stood straight in front of viccky, his hand crossed on his broad chest “Sorry Bhai. It won’t happen again. I am really sorry Bhai”

“One week grounded in palace or one week without any digital device or digital connect. Choose one”

“Bhai please, won’t happen again, sorry”

“No, you tell me, does it suit you. You are prince here of this whole empire, people look up to us. I have already given all freedom to Annie and you. I have already taken all restrictions on me. Little I ask from you both but I am a villain, only asking that much”

Viccky keeps looking at Raja Saheb, his Bhai, just 31 years old, but his responsibilities and sacrifices has matured him since he was 17 years. He has been loaded with responsibility bigger than his shoulder at that young age. He is not only Bhai but also a single parent for him and Annie.

Viccky looks downs “You order Raja Saheb, I obey”

“Viccky do you realize how unsafe it was. Do I say don’t go to disc, but just be bit careful. If you be so careless Viccky, kal ko mujhe kuch ho jayega, how will you handle this whole empire. You know, we can’t afford these lurking eagles snatch everything” How important this empire was for Raja Saheb.

Viccky could not hold, he hugged Bhai tight “Don’t ever say such Bhai, nothing can happen to you. I will die that day”

“Shut up. Nothing will happen to me, my intelligence system and security are way beyond their pea size brain but one should never under estimate enemy Viccky” Viccky nodded in agreement

“Chalo, lets head for breakfast.”

“Ok. Bhai, will MSK in office be upset with me as well?”

“That is for your boss MSK to decide. How can I say”

Viccky left cribbing “Matlab double punishment paccki. Really can’t decide, Raja Sahib is stricter or my Boss MSK”

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Comments (2)

Fabulous Start

Raja Saheb has such respect for Dadima
and his position
loved how he dealt with Vicky
Geet on the other hand enjoying her college life

1 years ago

Hello Anu
Thanks a million for this story…. really appreciate it

Amazing character sketch
oh Maan is 10 years older than Geet

Chapter 1
Spectacular update….. Beautifully written
Geet is indeed popular at college
of cos she excels in everything
well she is set for an arranged marriage
at least she respects her dad’s wishes
haha all the college girls are fida over Vikrant Singh Khurana
Geet is clearly disinterested in marrying a Prince while her friends have no qualms
she does have a point that these royal families do not lead normal lives
can understand that she wants to live a free life…..
however she will never say no to her dad’s choice
why does she feels that her life will end after marriage?
Dashing entry by Raja Saheb
as expected Raja Saheb commands respect
he has done so much for his people and taken so much responsibility
liked that he will never let his dadima down
Raja Saheb knows his sister well…. wonder what she wants?
its not surprising that Raja Saheb has many enemies
so Vicky is scared of Raja Saheb
at least Vicky apologized
as anticipated he punished Vicky
seems like Raja Saheb loves his siblings
great that he has given them freedom and took restrictions on himself
he was correct to berate Vicky
his concern for Vicky justified
loved that Rajeb Saheb assures him
curious to see if MSK will be angry with Vicky as well?
adore Raja Saheb teasing Vicky
how and when will Raja Saheb aka Maan and Geet meet?

2 years ago