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Published On Friday,May 06, 2022 00:58 AM GMT-06:00

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taahir004 7 months ago Fabulous Start

Raja Saheb has such respect for Dadima
and his position
loved how he dealt with Vicky
Geet on the other hand enjoying her college life
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khwaishfan 10 months ago Hello Anu
Thanks a million for this story…. really appreciate it

Amazing character sketch
oh Maan is 10 years older than Geet

Chapter 1
Spectacular update….. Beautifully written
Geet is indeed popular at college
of cos she excels in everything
well she is set for an arranged marriage
at least she respects her dad’s wishes
haha all the college girls are fida over Vikrant Singh Khurana
Geet is clearly disinterested in marrying a Prince while her friends have no qualms
she does have a point that these royal families do not lead normal lives
can understand that she wants to live a free life…..
however she will never say no to her dad’s choice
why does she feels that her life will end after marriage?
Dashing entry by Raja Saheb
as expected Raja Saheb commands respect
he has done so much for his people and taken so much responsibility
liked that he will never let his dadima down
Raja Saheb knows his sister well…. wonder what she wants?
its not surprising that Raja Saheb has many enemies
so Vicky is scared of Raja Saheb
at least Vicky apologized
as anticipated he punished Vicky
seems like Raja Saheb loves his siblings
great that he has given them freedom and took restrictions on himself
he was correct to berate Vicky
his concern for Vicky justified
loved that Rajeb Saheb assures him
curious to see if MSK will be angry with Vicky as well?
adore Raja Saheb teasing Vicky
how and when will Raja Saheb aka Maan and Geet meet?
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