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Published On Thursday,May 12, 2022 20:07 PM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 9 months ago Chapter 5
Tremendous update…. Wonderfully written
as expected dadima wants them to spend time together
of cos Geet yet again judges Raja Saheb
sad that she can never think anything good about him nor see his goodness
liked that Raja Saheb is so caring towards his people
dismayed with Geet’s thoughts and her attitude
She is certainly immature
Raja Saheb matured with the responsibilities thrust upon him
great that Geet mingled with dadima, Vikrant and Annie
at least Raja Saheb is willing to try and speak to her
Gosh Geet wants a husband who understands her and makes her feel comfortable
but she is the one that made the condition that the will not see each other until she is ready
well Geet says she will never will fall for Raja Saheb
awaiting the day that she does
glad that she has friends in Vicky and Annie
not surprised with Geet’s assumptions when she enters the room
hmm so she has the urge to see and know him
admire Raja Saheb’s efforts
but feels he is showing attitude
she indeed needs a reality check
hate how she treats Raja Saheb
now Raja Saheb will avoid her
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taahir004 10 months ago Fascinating and Magnificent Chapter

Geet felt that Raja Saheb is an oldie because he spoke
so maturely with the young boy
she has already made her mind up that he must be old
as he makes all the rules
Dadima wanted Raja Saheb to at least speak to Geet once
as its her very first time in the palace
but again she took him wrongly thinking that he wants his rights
on her
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Gerli 10 months ago Oh, ich bin gespannt wie lange sie das durch hält, sich ihn von sich fern zu halten. Freue mich schon auf die nächste Folge.🙋‍♀️😊
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