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Published On Tuesday,May 17, 2022 02:13 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 9 months ago Chapter 6
Riveting update…. Perfectly written
Dadima is an amazing person
she is ensuring that Geet is comfortable
dismayed how Geet always judges Raja Saheb
glad that dadima showed her the mirror
can understand Dadima’s tension
Geet’s conditions will possibly create rumors
Geet is so stubborn
instead of trying to adjust, she wants everything her way
she is already thinking about going to Delhi after one month
I am upset with Geet
she is indeed immature and responsible
she did not even make it for the aarti
hate how Raja Saheb’s extended family taunt him
at least he ignored it
Gosh Geet came down in her night suit
can she not think?
dadima has every right to be upset
she felt that Geet was perfect for Maan but alas Geet has yet to prove this
perturbed with Geet’s thoughts
she does not know Raja Saheb and does not want to get to know him but assumes he wants to rule her
she forgot how accommodating he is
he only asked her for one month alas she cannot even do that
she now has to make all the puja arrangements and lead the puja and aarti
liked how Raja Saheb handled his family
Geet is clearly their weakest link
hope he will be able to build her image as Rani Sahiba
so Geet bumped into Raja Saheb and is attracted to him
well Geet will be shocked when she sees that her hubby is not some oldie
Raja Saheb was also affected by her
however he knows he has to be in control
great that Geet managed well with dadima’s guidance and received praise
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taahir004 10 months ago Fabulous Chapter

Geet even though she thinks Raja Saheb is old
but she should realize been married
every family have their own traditions and a daughter in law must try
and abide by them
Geet going for morning prayers in her night clothes is already
disrespectful and very careless of her too
its strange that she did not realize her Raja Saheb is not old
as at morning prayer she did look at the back of him and noticed
his physique been strong still she feels
Raja Saheb is old
its also true Geet could very well be the weak link that destroys
everything Raja Saheb worked so hard for
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