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Marriage Proposal Members Only

Published On Friday,May 06, 2022 01:07 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 9 months ago Chapter 2
Fabulous update…. Superbly written
Dadima’s annoyance with Maan is reasonable
good that she shouts at him when she sees him
of cos Maan apologises…
he loves his dadima so much
she has a point that in managing everything he has forgot to live for himself
as expected he assures her
sad that he has no time to think about himself
her concern for Maan is justified
well she makes him promise that he will do want she wants
not surprised that she wants Maan to get married
and he just laughs
agree with her that he looks nice while laughing
Maan’s response was understandable
hmm he wants a love marriage………
great that dadima already found a girl for Maan
glad Maan agreed to get married
she was correct that he should think about himself
at least she told Maan about the girl she saw and reveals what she knows…..
loved that Maan wants the girl to say yes and not marry him for his name and power
so the girl that dadima saw was Geet
her family reveals about her alliance with a royal family
her dad is overwhelmed with the proposal
Geet and her taunts lol
Geet is shocked hearing who the potential groom is
her reaction was anticipated
she does find this unbelievable
nice that they reveal more about Raja Saheb
but Geet is perturbed with the age difference
pleased that he dad tries to allay her fears
she is judging Maan without knowing him
finally she agrees but on her terms and wants to send a message to Raja Saheb
oh so she thinks his younger bro would have been better
eager to see her reaction when she meets Raja Saheb
its natural for Geet to what to know where she stands
Geet is indeed a disaster queen
now Maan gets a note from his would be wife
wonder what she wrote?
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taahir004 10 months ago Intriguing and very Curious Chapter

Geet gets Raja Saheb's proposal and her family
is very happy unlike Geet who has doubts that Raja Saheb
is old
so she decides she will give him all her conditions and then only
she will marry him
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