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Published On Monday,Nov 14, 2022 23:42 PM GMT-07:00

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zornitsa a month ago so beautifully expressed what going on in each other minds and what stopping them. And the famous dialogue "chup bilkul chup"
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khwaishfan 3 months ago Chapter 23
Extraordinary update… impressively written
Maan's thoughts and dilemma are understandable
at least he is not determined to punish her
liked that he accepted her as family
he indeed cannot see her in tears
of cos he wants a life partner
great that his heart wants to give the benefit of doubt
alas its not easy considering her actions
sad that he does not have the luxury to think about himself
glad that Geet is working and studying sincerely
wonderful that she wants to bridge the gap between them
nice that he checks her work
as expected she is happy that he is back from his work trip and is coming to Delhi
so she is determined to get speak to him
hmm Maan cannot help but admire his beautify wife
ahh they both are affected by each other
not surprised that Maan confronted Geet
he needed clarity
well she said that she loves him and only him
his response was justified
oh he finds it hard to believe her
she has awakened his desires
at least he agreed to take care for a drive
adore this shy Geet
yet again Maan analyses his actions
Gosh Geet and her naughty thoughts
finally she asked if he can their relationship a chance
so he is giving them a chance
his question was reasonable
pleased with her reply
admire that Maan was upfront with her
he is doing this for himself
good that she does understands him and is willing to do anything to make this relationship work
agree with Maan that she is crazy
loved that she proposed to him and wants to get married again
hope he agrees as they need a fresh start ....
Geet is perfect for him and fill his life with laughter and happiness
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khwaishfan 3 months ago Chapter 22
Outstanding update….. remarkably written
Adore this khadoos Maan
oh Maan treats and addresses her as Rani Sahiba and not his wife
Hmm Maan is testing Geet
great that Geet told dadima that she has to report to work
Dadima's response was predictable
as expected Maan intervened
he had a point that regarding telling the truth and blurting everything anywhere
at least she realised
Ahh Maan Sir wants his intern to report to physically to work
she is indeed taken aback and voices her shock only to be stopped by him
she also has to attend college physically
Gosh he is in Boss mode
Ha ha her thoughts.....
liked that she realised she can flirt with him as he is her hubby
he clearly cannot now morally blame her
Maan's was naturally shocked and cautions her
wonderful that she tells herself to be think positively
of cos Geet does not want to leave
she has fallen in love with her hubby
loved that Maan wants her to continue her studies and internship
glad that she got a chance to apologise to him
admire her efforts
Maan's thoughts and confusion are reasonable
Aww he cannot see in tears
its understandable that she does not want to leave
pleased that Maan will be in Delhi soon
this is just for her
Geet is relieved hearing this
nice that she is excited to go to KM
Maan's thoughts well portrayed
he cannot stay upset with her for long
not surprised with dadima, Annie and Vicky's convo
they are happy seeing the change in Maan
well Vicky knows that Maan is upset with Geet
will he get to know the reason?
agree with dadima that Geet will teach him to live his life
Geet is enamored with the beauty of KM
Omg she is already dreaming of romancing with him
she now realised what she missed out on all through her actions
Geet's thoughts are centered ion her hubby
finally Maan is in KM
Maan tries to control himself while she is lost him
yet again she missed the chance
she cannot be faulted as he has that effect on her
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