Enchanted Ongoing G

Marriage Members Only

Published On Monday,May 09, 2022 14:07 PM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 9 months ago Chapter 4
Phenomenal update….. Terrifically written
She was indeed shocked that he accepted both her conditions
why was she frustrated that he agreed not to see her until she wishes
wonder how long this would be?
what does she want?
of cos the wedding and all the functions are done in a grand way
everything would have to be perfect and befitting of a royal marriage
as expected Maan had to also deal with Geet’s conditions
he is correct to deny anything that would hamper his family’s image
sadly Geet does not understand this
hate that she is irked with the decisions he disapproved off
at least dadima tries to explain Maan’s point of view
Geet should also think of Maan
great that Maan told dadima about Geet’s conditions
so Geet complains to dadima
great that dadima makes her understand
well Geet is behaving childishly
Maan is right that her family should not know about their deal
yet again dadima had to explain
Maan cleverly ensured that no one would know that the bride and groom are not conversing
not surprised that he did not interfere with her choice of lehengas etc
pleased that the wedding and ceremonies went off well
loved that both felt something when their hands touched during the ceremony
finally they are married
well Geet’s friends fida over Raja Saheb
Raja Saheb seems like a humble person
Geet has yet to realise that she is lucky to marry Maan and not Raja Saheb
Emotional bidaai
nice that Maan will not force this relation on her
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taahir004 10 months ago Fabulous Chapter

Geet already made her mind up
that Raja Saheb only wants everything his way
and this fact has made her angry
so she decides to stay away from him even during her wedding
while her friends try to convince her to speak to Raja Saheb
but she really is stubborn
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