You & I
You & I By kashmayurfan (@kashmayurfan) eye 15103 star 33 book 49

Virat and Sai are both orphans and grew up in the same slum. They’d ...

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Serendipity By oh nakhrewaali (@oh_nakhrewaali) eye 1422 star 25 book 1

When Sai thinks she is alone, life gives her hope in the most unexpected ...

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Saiyaara- A Drabble Collection
Saiyaara- A Drabble Collection By oh nakhrewaali (@oh_nakhrewaali) eye 6206 star 18 book 5

A few drabbles I wrote on SaiYa with respect to the show, before the ship ...

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Afterglow #ReadersChoiceAwards
Afterglow #ReadersChoiceAwards By Moor278 (@Moor278) eye 15343 star 61 book 17

The story is set in the Shruti track. Sai and Virat were in a deal ...

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Some actions leave an impact on soul #ReadersChoiceAwards
Some actions leave an impact on soul #ReadersChoiceAwards By nikita05 (@nikita05) eye 5087 star 4 book 2

An impulsive decision has the ability of destroying someone's life when ...

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After the Storm
After the Storm By Pratiksha (@BlackWitch) eye 6011 star 23 book 1

A romantic reimagining of Sai and Virat's confrontation on Patralekha. Will ...

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Adhoore Hum... Adhoore Tum
Adhoore Hum... Adhoore Tum By sharamr (@sharamr) eye 11606 star 39 book 16

Story Background: The story focuses on Sai and Virat's reconciliation ...

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Kal: The Past or the Future? #ReadersChoiceAwards
Kal: The Past or the Future? #ReadersChoiceAwards By ChiaAlien (@Chir-Cute) eye 5447 star 49 book 6

Kal ! Ever wondered why the same word is used to define both, the past ...

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Destined for your love
Destined for your love By Moor278 (@Moor278) eye 10987 star 9 book 12

Sai and Virat are in a personal turmoil in their life. Sai is kidnapped and ...

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Soulful Connect #ReadersChoiceAwards
Soulful Connect #ReadersChoiceAwards By Ps143 (@Ps143) eye 1675 star 1 book 1

Sometimes two people who are meant to be, meet in unusual circumstances. ...

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At Your Service
At Your Service By ShipIsSailing (@ShipIsSailing) eye 3925 star 39 book 1

After being denied by his wife the simpler pleasures of marriage, Virat has ...

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Her Shower Alone #ReadersChoiceAwards
Her Shower Alone #ReadersChoiceAwards By ShipIsSailing (@ShipIsSailing) eye 2175 star 64 book 1

What is a better place to unravel your mind, to ponder over the tangled ...

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