Destined for your love

Destined for your love Completed G

Published On: Monday,Feb 28, 2022 14:29 PM GMT-07:00

eye 12797 star 8 book 12

Sai and Virat are in a personal turmoil in their life. Sai is kidnapped and Virat manages to save her but gets injured himself. A chance encounter with Priya and Ram Kapoor makes her reevaluate her life decisions and she decides to move away from Virat.

Virat, post recovery is desperately searching for her and finds clue and meets Ram-Priya and their friends.

Will Sai come back in Virat's life?

This story was originally called New Beginning.
Author's Note:
Sai has always looked upto Virat and considered him as a major part of her life. But she lacks a strong female character/friend/idol to look up to. Priya Sood-Kapoor is one such individual with strong moral and ethical compass and can be a good guiding factor for young Sai.

This SS resonated from a random comment and is my first attempt at crossover.
Its primarily from Sai-Virat POV but also has Ram-Priya and their friends as catalyst.
Refine by Genre: Drama Romance
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